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Is there a 30C Bra Size? If so, What is it in Inches?

30c bra size

What is 30C Bra Size?

If you are a 30C bra size woman, this means that your band measures 30 inches while the bust measures 33 inches.

C cup does not fall under small breasts. However, women with C cups generally have a slender frame but relatively larger melons. The bra size is average but it is not common.

What You Should Know About 30C Bra Size

Bras sizes are usually named with an alphabet and a number. The alphabet denotes the cup size while the number denotes the band size.

While the cup size may be C and the band size may be different, e.g. 30C, 32C, 34C, this does not mean that the cups in these bras are the same. The depth of the cup may be similar but the width is usually different. This is because the C cup size covers both women with small and large body frames.

With that said, a 30C cup size is not the same in terms of volume as a 28C or a 32C. However, the 30C is the same as a 34A, 32B, and 28D in terms of cup volume. This phenomenon is referred to as sister sizing. We wrote about sister sizes here.

Knowing your bra sister sizes is important to getting a fitting undergarment since not many manufacturers have bras with 30 band sizes.

How to Buy a 30C Bra Size

Before buying a bra, it is important to measure yourself properly. Failing to measure yourself can leave you wearing the wrong bra, which can lead to various problems.

Watch this video guide to learn how to measure your breast size correctly.

If you prefer to read, here is a guide on how to measure your bra size.

Not many manufacturers produce small-sized bras. Therefore, most petite women struggle to find fitting bras. One of the companies that are dedicated to bras for petite women is The Little Bra Company. Here are other brands that cater to small cup sizes.

You can also find 30C bras on various online stores. If you are sure about your size, then you can purchase the bras online. On the other hand, you can visit your nearby lingerie store to get fitted before buying a bra.

Learn More About Each Size

Best 30C Bras

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