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Finally Settled: This is the Difference Between A Cups and B Cups

A Cups Vs B Cups

What is the different between A cup and B cup? Read on to find out.

We decided to write an article about A Cup vs B Cup from a question asked by one of our readers. The question was:

What is the Difference between A and B Cups?

A cup vs B cup have different cup volumes even if they have a similar band size. However, both the A and B cups can have the same cup volume if there is a slight variance in the band size.

Many women out there can find the difference between A and B cups. The few who know the difference are conversant with the bra sizing chart. It’s quite reasonable for a woman to wear an ill-fitting bra since some bra sizes fall closer together like the A cup vs B cup. Besides, you might find that you fit perfectly well in more than just a size which is okay. All the different bra sizes could have a perfect fit, depending on the bra brand.

It, therefore, seems like A cup is smaller than B cup. However, it’s not quite simple when it comes to bra sizing. A slight change in the measurements can change the entire bra size.

A Cup vs B Cup: Which One is Smaller?

A cup vs B cup means: You might be wearing a bra size 75A when in real sense you need a sister size which is 80AAA, 80AA, 75B, or 75AA. The point is who close the sizes are together; therefore, you might find all these sizes fit just fine. As earlier said, a slight difference can result in a different bra size altogether.

Additionally, when you want a different band size but looking to maintain the cup volume, you would be going for a sister size. For instance: 36A, 32C, and 34B all have a similar cup volume.

How to Know If You Are Either a B or A Cup

Here are some tips that will help you:

If you did answer the above questions, then you know how well your bra fits. It would be wise to get professionally fitted if you are not happy or don’t love your bras as much.

It could be your bra’s fibre has lost elasticity hence not strong enough. And this means that your bra size could be accurate and you only need to get new bras. Also, check out the guide on how to handwash your bras to make them last longer.

Many women who visit professional bra fitters seem not surprised when they get to learn they have been wearing the wrong size. Women check themselves in the mirror every day and feel their bras throughout the day. Changing to a different bra size isn’t something to do overnight, especially if you wore a particular size for the longest time. Sometimes, you can get that someone else got you to pick that size!

Just like their counterparts with more massive breasts, women with small breasts equally need to check out the size chart, which includes all smaller sizes. Or better still, they can as well use the bra calculator as it works perfectly. Play around with the measurements a little bit to get accurate results. It also helps to show you if you fit in more than just one bra size.

You will get to know the alternatives you have depending on the models and the different bra brands. In the long run, you should know which sizes have a comfortable fit. A bra with a great fit will make you forget you even wearing one are remains virtually invisible underneath clothes.

Examples of A and B Cup Bras

Here are some bras available in both A and B cup sizes:

Dobreva Floral Lace Everyday Lightly Padded Underwire Bra

This bra is available in AA to DD cups

Available on Amazon

Lily of France Women’s Extreme Ego Boost Push Up Bra

This bra comes in cup sizes A to D.

Available on Amazon

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