About Us

Our Mission

Every woman’s body size and shape is different. Therefore, the bra that will fit you may not necessarily be the one you want. Our mission is to help you find fitting and comfortable bras, regardless of your body size or shape.

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Our Approach

Comfort and fit are our guiding principles for any underclothes we recommend. We review bras and other underclothes and recommend them to our audience based on their fit and comfort.

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Our Stories

Most retailers carry limited bra sizes, making it hard to find a bra that fits in stores. Brabbly aims to fill the gap by being the go-to resource for women looking for fitting bras and other underclothes. Our online shop is steadily growing with unique collections.

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Our Philosophy

We believe women should be free to express themselves through comfortable and fitting underclothes. We aim to help you celebrate your womanhood through unique, fitting, and sexy, underclothes.

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Meet the Team

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Laura R. (Founder & Strategy)

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Jeanette H (Plus Size Writer)

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Katie O. (Small Cups Writer)



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Ashley M. (Seniors’ Writer)

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Mary S. (Customer Service)

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Jerry E. (Database Management)

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We help you find the best bras for your unique shape.

We believe that a properly-fitting bra does miracles.

You feel better. You look better. You conquer your day in confidence.

Our goal is to curate the best bras for your shape, with an emphasis on extended sizes.

Click here to learn how to properly measure yourself and find your true size.

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