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Are Bralettes Good for Large Breasts? Are They Worth It?

Leonisa Full Coverage Plunge Lace Bralette

Are bralettes good for large breasts? Should you wear them? Read on to find out.

With just about everyone spending more time at home than anywhere else, bralettes are emerging as the go-to underthings for ladies who want comfort and support. This is especially for women with big breasts.

Bralettes are often associated with women who have small chests mainly because of their low support levels. Moreover, the underthings are often worn not because of the support they can provide, but for the stylish looks they represent. However, did you know that a bralette can also be used as an undergarment?

And, this brings us to the following question: Are bralettes good for large breasts? Are they worth a try for heavy-chested girls or are they best left for ladies with small bust sizes?

Read on for the answer to this question and much more.

Are Bralettes Good for Large Breasts

Yes, bralettes are good for large breasts. The undergarments provide full coverage and come in stylish designs that you will want to show off. However, if you have sagging breasts or your breasts are heavy, you will want to go with a bralette that has a firmer underband or wide straps. Wide-strapped bralettes are more supportive than their regular-size strap counterparts.

Of late, bralettes have been making a comeback in the fashion scene. Almost anyone who’s hip has bralettes in their wardrobe closet. These stylish bras have become famous as outerwear, and are often paired with high-waist skirts, shorts, and pants.

What makes these stylish garments stand out is they often don’t look like bras at all.

Bralettes often come without an underwire while some have paddings. For instance, some of the bralettes sold at come with paddings.

The good thing about bralettes is that they provide full coverage for your breasts. Also, because of the demand for fashionable clothes that inspire the work-from-home culture, the fashion industry has repurposed bralettes and made them trendier.

Generally, bralettes are made from lace, cotton, mesh, and lycra. Moreover, they come in attractive straps, colors, and styles that are a pity not to showcase.

Choosing a Plus Size Bralette

While bralettes are fashionable, they can still function as basic bras. Many women prefer the feeling of not having wires under their breasts, especially when performing their daily activities. And this is where bralettes come in.

When looking for a plus sized bralette, check for the following attributes:

Whether planning to use the bralette as an undergarment or outerwear, getting accurate bra size measurements is important.  With bralettes, you don’t have to worry if you’ve got double Ds or bigger as manufacturers offer a wide array of plus size bralettes.

A poorly-fitting bralette can be uncomfortable to wear. For this reason, curvy or not, every woman should go for the right-fitting bra.

If you want comfort, look for a bralette made from naturally cool fibers or temperature-regulating fabrics. That way, you won’t get all sticky and sweaty while working or doing your daily runs.

Women’s Merino Wool Bralette


Often, having big chests is both a blessing and a curse. Curvy ladies are sexier because of their full breasts. On the flip side, the twins can become a burden, quite literally, causing back pains and other issues. This is especially if you’re wearing the wrong type of bra.

A bralette may be wireless, but it should still be able to support your heavy boobs. To compensate for this, look for a bralette with wide straps and bands. These two do the main work of providing support and heavy lifting. Besides wide straps and bands, look for a bralette with adjustable straps, full back support, and seamless style for comfort.

Mae Wide Strap Crop Top Bralettes


Finally, you also want a full cup bralette for supporting and shaping the breasts.

The traditional bralette style featured a triangle-shaped cup. However, this style is not good for big chests. Women usually remedy this by wearing an additional fabric just the get the ideal coverage.

One of the most common issues that women with large breasts face is side boob spillage. To prevent spillage, choose a bralette with full cup support or wide coverage.

Leonisa Full Coverage Plunge Lace Bralette


Even with wide and full cups, bralettes can still look sexy and comfortable as ever. For example, bralettes made of mesh and lace look sexy.

Why Buy a Plus Size Bralette

Besides versatility, a bralette for big breasts is worth buying for the following reasons:

Bralette Styles  

Bralettes come in all shapes and sizes, and can be worn by women of all sizes. Below are some of the most popular bralette styles:

Should You Wear a Bralette?

As is evident from this article, bralettes can be great outerwear depending on their designs and materials. This is one garment that you shouldn’t hesitate to buy for yourself.

But, are bralettes good for women with large breasts?  The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’

However, before purchasing a bralette for big breasts, check the support, comfort, and coverage levels. That way, it’ll be easier to wear this trendy underwear without sacrificing your needs.

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