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These 6 Back Smoothing Bras for Plus Size Completely Eliminate Bulges!

back smoothing bra

Worried about back bulges when wearing a bra? You need a back smoothing bra to eliminate the ugly bulges. Which is the best back smoothing bra for plus size? Read our guide to find out.

You’ve found a great bra at just the right price. The gore sits well between the breasts, the cup fits, and the coverage and support are what you want. Then you look at the bra from behind and see the back bulge. Everything falls apart.

Does this sound familiar?

When your ideal bra has a back bulge, you may want to look for a  back smoothing bra. This is especially important if you are planning to wear a sheer outfit.

In this guide, we’ll look at the best back smoothing bras for full figured.

Best Back Smoothing Bra

The best back smoothing bras for large cups are:

Bra Bali Women’s Flower Underwire Bra Soma Vanishing Back Full Coverage Lace Trim Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Full Figure Underwire Bra Chantelle: C Magnifique Minimizer Bra Elomi Women’s Plus Size Smoothing Seam Free Bra Olga Women’s No Side Effects Underwire Contour Bra
Cup Not padded  Not padded Slightly padded Double-layer fabric unlined  Slightly padded
Style Molded, T-shirt bra Molded, T-shirt bra Molded, T-shirt bra Minimizer Minimizer Molded, T-shirt bra
Fit True to size  Runs small True to size  Convert your size!  Cup runs large True to size
Best Attribute  Very supportive Lightweight Very supportive  Comfort  Wide, padded straps  Side support
Eliminates back fat  High  High High  High High Medium
Rating 4/5 3/5 4/5 3.5/5  3.5/5  3/5
Sizes B-DDD, band sizes 32-50 C-DD, band sizes 34-38 B-DDD, band sizes 36-44 C-I, band sizes 32-44 D-G, band sizes 34-48  C-DD, band sizes 36-44
Price/Availability  Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon Amazon

What Causes Bra Bulge?

A bra will bulge when the area around the part of the band that sits on your back does not lie smoothly against your back. There are various reasons why this can happen:

With the latter, there is nothing you can do since the bulging results from the way the bra is made.

When going to buy a bra, choose one with a more toned back. Such a bra is less likely to experience bulging.

Moreover, you can work on your back. However, this is a longer-term solution.

How to Choose the Best Back Smoothing Bra

When looking for back smoothing bras, you want those with wide wings at the back. Basically, go for those with a wide band, usually made of stretchy material (e.g., a combination of spandex and nylon).

You can take things even further by getting bras that fully cover the back.

Also, check for higher-cut side panels. Make sure the parts that come under your arms are wide enough to keep the band from rolling.

Below is an overview of the best back smoothing bras for plus size.

6 Best Back Smoothing Bras for Plus Size.


The Olga No Side Effects bra comes in different colors and reduces both back fat and side bulge.


The bra is cut relatively low. Therefore, you can wear it with tops that have backs.

The bra’s material and cut help to reduce bulging lines. However, I would have loved it to have a thicker band and 4 hooks to support bigger melons.


The bra shines in terms of side coverage. It is soft, thanks to its spandex/nylon mix, and the side panels are just under the armpit.


The No Side Effects bra is thinner than most full coverage bras. Therefore, it is not very sturdy. However, it is still comfortable.

The straps are set wide. Therefore, there are chances of the bra slipping when it ages or if you have narrow shoulders.

Cup, Gore and Underwire

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The Olga Women’s bra has a molded cup that protects the breasts without adding a lot of volume to them. Personally, I’m all about comfort and do not have an issue wearing a molded bra.  If you are looking for a modest look without using any padding, this bra is not for you.

One feature I like is that the bra does not show your nipples.

Coming to the gore, the bra doesn’t sit as snugly as I think it should. This did not come as a surprise for me because of my narrow-set breast. However, I think you are bound to have the same problem if you have wide-set breasts.

The bra’s underwire is quite comfortable. You will not have a problem wearing this bra even if you dislike underwires.

Comfort and Look

Generally, the back smoothing bra is comfortable. While its cup is not as wide as that of other bras, it still fits well. I love the fact that the cup gives the breasts a nice, rounded look.

When Should You Wear It?

I’d recommend wearing this bra to work or when doing light activities.

Does No Side Effects Bra Eliminate Back Fat?

If you want to eliminate back fat, only you have the power to accomplish that goal. This bra will smooth out and minimize the appearance of back fat. However, it does not shed those pounds for you.

With that said, I wouldn’t say this is the best bra for smoothing back fat because of its slightly thinner band. Also, the bra stops at a 44D. I would have loved to see more sizes of it.

However, at the price point, the bra is definitely a good bargain.

Available on Soma

The Soma back full coverage bra is another back smoothing bra you can purchase. If you usually shop at Amazon or BareNecessities, you may not be aware of it.

However, it is one of my favorite picks.

Back and Strap

The bra has wide wings that go quite high along the back. This is what makes it perfect for smoothing out back fat. Its straps are made from comfortable material and. Therefore, you can wear it for a long time.

However, the straps cannot be adjusted at the back. From the looks of things, this compromise may have been made to ensure maximum back smoothing. However, it also means that the bra will start becoming limited when the material starts to stretch due to aging.

For a bra to offer maximum support or lift, the straps should form a center-pull and U-shape where they meet the band. With this Soma bra, things have been taken a notch higher. The back of the bra is set so high that the straps form a V-shape where they meet the band.

Cup Gore & Underwire

The trim along the sides of the cup and gore of the bra is great. The underwire width is adequate and my breasts fill out the bottom of the cup properly. On the sides, the bra fits snugly to control any bulges I normally feel.

Comfort & Look

The bra is made of very light material. This is why it does a great job of smoothing the back. Moreover, it is sewn in such a way that you won’t see any stitches or seams on the back. This goes a long way in eliminating the bulk as much as possible.

What is this Bra Best For?

You can wear this bra all day and when engaging in light activities, for example, walking.

Does the Bra Eliminate Back Fat?

I’m confident to say that the Soma bra eliminates back fat! If you are mainly looking for something that has the smoothing effect, the Soma is definitely the best back smoothing bra to buy.


The only thing that I’m concerned about is that the Soma bra is made with a large amount of spandex (about 23 percent). Therefore, I’m not sure whether the bra will last as long as the other bras I have.

The Soma is a comfortable bra and if your main goal is to get a smooth back without any ripples, it does the job perfectly.

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I’m not a big fan of Vanity Fair bras but this one came as a complete surprise. The Beauty Back fits well and does a good job of smoothing out back bulge.

Back and Strap

The bra’s straps are made of smooth material and are nice and wide. You’ll love the way the bra feels on your skin.

When worn, the bra veers slightly at the back and the straps are taut enough; they won’t slip. The bras are also fully-adjustable to ensure a proper fit.

Like is the case with most back smoothing bras for plus size, this Vanity Fair bra has a wide band. The standard bras come with three hooks, while the larger sizes have four hooks.

Cup, Gore & Underwire

The bra’s cups are high enough. Therefore, you won’t have to worry that a quadraboob will form when you are moving around. To keep things contained, the cups do not come quite high on the sides.

I love the V-shape that the bra creates at the front. You can wear the bra with moderate V-necks without it showing through.

The cups are padded well and. Therefore, your nipples won’t show. Moreover, the cups are also thin enough not to add any bulk to your breasts.

If there is something negative to say about this bra is that the cups are a bit shallow on the sides. If you are full on the bottom or have projected breasts, this bra will not tack well.

Coming to support, the bra’s underwires come up high on the sides to hold the breasts in place and make the walls sturdier. The underwire does not come up high in the middle of the bra. Therefore, there isn’t a lot going on.

Comfort & Look

I love the way the bra looks at the front for me. It provides a modest, almost minimalist style with no extra lacy bits on it. The only decoration available is the lacy-ish flower design at the center of the gore.

When Should the Bra Be Worn?

You can wear the bra all day. While the material is not the best on the market, it holds the breasts in place if you have to move around.

Does it Eliminate Back Fat?

The Beauty Back eliminates back fat. While it lags behind the Soma Vanish in terms of smoothing features, the bra does an excellent job of holding the back and sides without bulging.


When it comes to back smoothing, the Soma Vanishing bra takes the crown. However, the Vanity Fair bra is a better overall bra. If you don’t like underwire, there is a wirefree version of the bra. I reviewed the bra in my post covering the best wireless bras.

Available on Amazon

This Bali bra is quite cheap but provides a lot of support. I love the retro look and the benefits that the bra offers. However, it has a pointy shape.


On the back, the bra comes with 2 to 5 hooks, depending on the size. The straps form a U-shape for smoothing and its band is wide and supportive.

The bra’s clasps are not bulky and seem to have been particularly designed to encourage smoothing.


On the side, the bra has some boning that keeps the melons pointing forward while supporting their structure. This makes the bra feel solid and supportive without trying to distribute the weight of the breasts outside, unlike is the case with many bras.


The bra’s straps are not stretchy, as is expected of back smoothing bras for plus size. The back of the bra and the cup are well-constructed and don’t rely on the straps to do a lot of the work. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about pain resulting from the shoulder being dug into by the straps.

However, looking at the shape of the straps and the outward angle at which it meets the band, I feel like they will slip over time.

Cup, Gore & Underwire

Available on Amazon

The Bali back smoothing bra has comfortable cups. The underwire comes up high but is still comfortable. Moreover, the cups feel full without feeling roomy.

Bali has paid a lot of attention to side construction. You won’t have to worry about the underwire jumping into your armpit like is typical of bras that are not reinforced properly.

This full cup bra does not flatten the breasts. Instead, it showcases them by putting them at the center and front. If your first choice when choosing a bra is support, this Bali is an excellent choice.

If you are looking for a rounded look, the melons will be projected upwards in a rounded way, similar to how Madonna’s melons look.

From the V-cut on top of the bra, it is obvious that the gore will not lie flat on everyone’s chest. However, you can be sure that it won’t stick out to the point of looking awkward. Moreover, the bra will not prevent you from wearing any type of neckline

Make sure you check out Bali’s fit guide to ensure you get a fitting bra.

Comfort & Look

I suggest that you wash this bra before wearing it. When still new, the fabric is a little bit scratchy. Moreover, you will have it tougher if you have sensitive skin. However, after washing it a few times, the fabric calms down and you’ll be ready to rock the bra without any issues.

The Bali women’s back smoothing bra is supportive, lifting and comfortable. Moreover, it pushes your breasts in front of your torso to give it a more elongated look. However, this also means that the breasts will end up being pointy.

When Should this Bra Be Worn?

You can wear the Bali Back Smoothing Bra all day. The bra is supportive and will keep your breasts in place when you are moving around.

Does it Eliminate Back Fat?

Yes! The bra does the job right. You will get a seamless look from the back.


I love the Bali back smoothing bra for various reasons. First off, it has a pointy look, which I don’t mind. Moreover, it does what it’s cut for.

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Most women with big melons tend to fear wearing minimizer bras. There are various assumptions about the bras that have been proven untrue time and again. One of the assumptions is that minimizers often ditch aesthetics in their quest for functionality.

While the Magnifique Minimizer Bra is no La Perla, it does its jobs well. The bra minimizes well, eliminates back fat, and will not make you feel matronly.


This bra excels when it comes to smoothing. Its U-shape reduces the appearance of any bunching or rolls and the band sits on the low point of the back.

However, the band is not as thick as that of other brands I’ve reviewed above. The largest band only has two hooks.


The side is where I feel the bra should have been made better. They are are not reinforced and neither do they come up very high. As a result. The sides do not offer a lot of support.


The straps of the Magnifique Minimizer bras are a little wide and tend to want to slip. However, you can avoid this by adjusting them to hold snugly.

Cup, Gore and Underwire

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The Chantelle C Magnifique Minimizer is a lightly-lined soft cup bra. Therefore, you won’t feel any additional bulkiness on your chest. This is quite important for women with larger breasts.

The Chantelle minimizer bras for bigger melons also have extra fabric or “inner slings” in them. The linings work together with the underwire to support the breasts from the bottom of the bra.

This bra is marketed as a full coverage. However, when wearing it, I felt it was more like a ¾ coverage.

The inner slings make the underwire comfortable. Therefore, if you usually have an issue with underwire bras, the Chantelle will be a good pick.

The bra is cut low enough such that you can wear it with low-cut tops without worrying about anything showing. Moreover, the gore sits flat on the chest and does not pop out.

However, like is the case with all Chantelle bras, it is important to measure yourself according to their conversion guide to find a fitting bra.

Comfort & Look

The Chantelle minimizer bra is well-made and supportive. The cups are well-separated and minimize the breasts without making them look flattened out. I also love the nice rounded look of the bra from the front.

When to Wear this Bra

The Chantelle minimizer bra for fuller busts is perfect for wearing all day.

Does it Reduce the Appearance of Back Fat?

Yes, the Chantelle is one of the best bras of back smoothing. The U-shape of the bra’s back reduces the appearance of bulging by creating a smooth look. You can wear this bra with tank tops.


The Chantelle is marketed as a minimizer bra and stays true to its word. However, it is not perfect.

The bra is also marketed as a T-shirt bra but does not have a thick lining. Therefore, if you have prominent nipples, they are likely to show through in cold situations.

However, the bra delivers well on smoothing. Its sides may not be as supportive but I was comfortable wearing the bra under light outfits.

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The Elomi Seamless Smoothing bra is simple but versatile enough to be worn under nearly any type of clothing. The plainly-designed bra does a good job of minimizing back fat. Since the Elomi is a British bra, make sure you convert your size up to get the perfect fit.

My past experience with Elomi bras is that their cups tend to run big for me. When the cups are big, fitting issues arise.


The Elomi Plus Size smoothing bra has the common U-shaped back style. The band is quite wide, which is helpful in smoothing out back fat.

The back features a sheer meshy material (leotard) that is nice and breathable. You can wear this bra during the summer without worrying about sweating.

Depending on the bra size you pick, there are 2-3 hooks on the back.


The bra’s siding cup goes up high and nice to keep the breasts from spreading out to the sides too much. However, there is no boning for reinforcement. Therefore, you won’t feel like the sides of the melons are truly controlled.


This bra gets more points on the straps, which are wide and narrowly set to avoid slippage. They are also soft and don’t dig into your shoulders. However, the straps are not adjustable.

Cup, Gore and Underwire

Buy on AmazonHerRoom | Walmart

The Elomi minimizer bra is molded and unlined. Therefore, you won’t feel too hot when wearing it. Moreover, it adapts to your natural shape, ensuring the breasts fill out naturally and get that coveted rounded shape.

If you are worried that your nipples may show on the bra, just get some nipple covers.

The underwire sits comfortably on the chest and you can wear the bra with different cuts of shirts. This is a plus for the Elomi bra since most full coverage bras tend to have high centerpieces, which tend to restrict wearing different clothes.

The underwire is comfortable However, like is the case with most full coverage bras, it comes up higher under the arms. This could be irritating for petite women.

Comfort & Look

The bra has soft cups, which work together with the straps to provide a supportive experience. The breasts are well lifted and the shape of the cup separates them well.

While this Elomi bra is not marketed as a minimizer bra, it has some minimizing effect and will send your breasts a little bit to the side. If the sides were reinforced, I’m sure this problem would not be there.

When Should You Wear this Bra?

This bra is an excellent garment to wear all day or when going to work.

Does it Eliminate Back Fat?

The Elomi women’s minimizer bra eliminates the appearance of back fat. The bra is seamless and smooth and can be worn with fitted shirts.


This Elomi bra gets rid of back bulge. The bra is a simple all-rounder and can be worn with nearly all types of clothing.

Takeaway About Back Smoothing Bras

From my research, the most important thing I’ve found out is that the best bra for smoothing out back fat can come in different styles. One thing you may have noticed is that while all the bras above have different terms, they feature the signature U-shape and have wide bands.

When shopping, look for bras that offer good support from boning or some other type of reinforcement. Also, you want the bras to have high cut fabric (but not too high) under the arm.

I hope that this post has helped you see the various types of back smoothing bras on the market and what you should be looking for to find one that fits you properly.

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