5 Best Bras for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Bra for Neck and Shoulder Pain

5 Best Bras for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Looking for the best bra for neck and shoulder pain? See the top bras that have comfortable straps and will ensure you are comfortable throughout the day.

At some point in our lives, we have to struggle with severe back and neck pains. The pains can be as a result of weird sleep postures at night or something more severe. But did you know that the pain can get worse depending on the undergarments you wear?.

Meg Macpherson Morine is a certified physiotherapist. She came out to offer a professional fix to neck and back problems most people commonly experience, but they tend to ignore.

Meg chose these best bras and underwear for improving posture. The bras also help to relieve pains at the back and neck.

Shoulder Struggles

Some of the things that make women decide to get rid of a bra include pokiness, the inflexibility of the bra straps, and wrongly-placed adjustment clip on the shoulders.

When the bra straps sit on the outer part of the shoulder blade, they tend to increase tension through the girdle, and then pull it downwards. This causes the neck to strain.

Doctor’s recommendation: MIRITY Padded Sports Bras 


The MIRITY Padded Sports Bra is one of the best bras for shoulder pain, thanks to its thick straps. The straps reduce the load of the heavy breasts by offering high-level support. This bra can also be configured in two ways to fit your shoulders perfectly.

Gnarly Necks

Most people experience severe aches and pains. For women, the problem can get worse if the chest isn’t well-supported.

When the breasts aren’t well supported, they tend to pull the shoulders forward and this forces the chin to poke at the front. As a result, the chin will have to contend with a heavy load

Doctor’s recommendation: Warner’s Cloud 9 Wire-Free Contour Bra

Warner's womens Cloud 9 Wire-Free Contour Bra


 To relieve neck strains, you should wear the Warner’s Cloud 9 Wire-Free Contour Bra. The bra offers high-level support, has adjustable straps, and the cups are lightly padded to help with contouring, shaping and lifting the breasts. The bra also supports the breasts at the bottom.

If the breasts have started sagging, you can adjust the straps for more lift and to take some weight off the neck. You can even cross the straps to support the neck and head better.

Mid-back Misery

Nine out of ten people are likely to experience some discomfort or stiffness at their mid-back. The mid-back is a standard part that tends to generate pain, and this causes the muscles along the spine to become sensitive and tense. When suffering from this condition, even the slightest touch on the back can make you feell uncomfortable. The heightened sensation is known as allodynia.

Doctor’s recommendation: Deep V-Neck Padded Bralette Racerback


This bra has a seamless construction and its mid-line architecture allows the spinal muscles to be free. This is one of the best bras for relieving pain and discomfort at the back.

Restriction at The Rib Cage

Clothes that are too tight around the rib cage can cause various problems. For example, tight sports bras and underwires can make it difficult to breathe.

Doctor’s recommendation: Core 10 Longline Sports Bra

Core 10 Longline Sports Bra


The Core 10 Longline Sports bra is the perfect alternative for a sports bra. The bra features a long-line cut and offers adequate support underneath the breasts.  The supportive nature of the bra helps to reduce the pressure that results from traditional thin bands.

The bra is made using a flexible and breathable material.

Lamenting Low Back

Most people suffering from low-back pains share one thing in common: their core control is poor. A good set of underwear won’t magically get the muscles strong. However, the muscles can respond to the pressure.

On the same note, tired or overactive muscles need support. Therefore, wearing an undergarment that supports muscles could be incredibly beneficial and comforting.

Doctor’s recommendation: Wirarpa Women’s Cotton High Waist Full Coverage Panty

Wirarpa Women's Cotton High Waist Full Coverage Panty


The waistband of this underwear is soft and doesn’t dig in. The underwear’s panels provide support both at the back and front. The mesh panels are also breathable on the sides.

Here is a video with other bra options you can wear when you have shoulder pains:

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