Elderly Women Say these Are the Most Comfortable & Easy-to-Wear Bras

Best Bras for Elderly

Elderly Women Say these Are the Most Comfortable & Easy-to-Wear Bras

Which are the best bras for elderly women? What type of bra would be ideal for them? Find out the answers to these questions in the guide below.

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Ideal bras for seniors should offer high-level support, convenience, and support. They additionally should come in handy, especially to older women with back pains, poor eyesight, and arthritis. Currently, the lingerie industry floods with underwire, lace, and bras with dense padding. Some don’t feel comfortable even for young women.

However, you can get several ideal bras for the elderly, who are also comfortable. But it can be a bit time-consuming. For this reason, we did come up with a list of bras suitable for older adults.

Which are the Best Bras for Elderly?

As we all know, when you grow old, the body often would need a bra for support and lift only. The bra has to be super comfortable as well. The bras in the list are equally beautiful just in case you worry about having to look quite boring and dull.

#1. Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Wireless Comfort Bra

Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Wireless Comfort Bra

Available on Amazon

The Carole Martin Front Closure Wireless Bra happens to be a blend of nylon and spandex. The spandex does offer stretch at every angle, while nylon presents a silky and smooth feel. The bra has no padding and is also underwire free. And this makes the bra super comfortable.

Carole Martin is among the ideal bras for older women since the support in this bra is slightly light to medium. Regardless of the cup size whether B, C or D. The bra also has a front closure which makes it perfect for older adults as they won’t have to strain to clasp and unclasping the hooks.

The bra also features broad straps, meaning that they can stay in place throughout the day and doesn’t cause any back pains. As you would expect, this bra is perfect for casual, leisure, and formal outfits. It’s the best bra for the elderly since you can also wear it to bed if you please.

It’s not easy to get an all-round bra which offers high-level support. The bra doesn’t fit snugly, and neither does it make any visible bulges at the back. Carole Martin bra is comfy, supportive, and has a beautiful structure. The closure that features at the front is both secure and convenient.

The Carole Martin Bra will meet your expectations, save for one little thing. The underband of the bra! It’s not as broad as you would expect, and it, therefore, exerts pressure below the breasts.


  • No unnecessary breast compression
  • Accurate sizing
  • The cups stretch conforming to the shape of the breasts


  • The underband of the bra is quite narrow

#2.  Playtex Women’s Front- Closure Full Coverage Bra – Offers Complete Coverage at The Front, Back, Top, and Sides

Playtex Women’s Front- Closure Full Coverage Bra – Offers Complete Coverage at The Front, Back, Top, and Sides

Available on Amazon

When you talk of functionality, frilly bras aren’t the best. But the good ones aren’t quite beautiful. You can, therefore, get the best of all possible worlds. The Playtex Front-Close Bra is the perfect alternative in terms of both appearance and personality.

The sides that are higher provide full coverage. The straps are quite broad, preventing any digs and prods on the skin. The cups of the bra are perfectly round, and this helps to avoid any boob spillage from the sides. The back has smoothing effects, and the unique design adds stability.

Additionally, the back is elastic and can comfortably flex. With this, you can achieve a terrific fit with the bra, and you can also move freely.

What’s more, the straps have a cushioning, and you, therefore, won’t feel any pain or pressure on the shoulders. Moreover, the hooks which feature at the front are large enough, and this makes fastening effortless.

In conclusion, the bra does fit women with bigger breasts too. Playtex Front-Close Full Coverage Bra can also be ideal for younger women.

You can achieve full support from the cups without an underwire. The large hook closure is perfect for older women making it the best front closure bra. However, cup sizes tend to run big, and the band size smaller.


  • The bra has a microfiber material appears extra smooth
  • The cups offer full coverage and are the best for big breasts
  • The bra’s back band helps in improving posture and also provides support


  • The band sizes are the cups sizes aren’t quite in sync

#3.  Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Full Coverage Bra – Ideal for Seamless Fit

Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Full Coverage Bra – Ideal for Seamless Fit

Available on Amazon

If you want to enjoy the seamless shaping of this bra, then Playtex Seamless Smoothing bra comes in handy. The bra features double-ply cups which are very smooth. And, to add on that, the cups also have an exquisite moisture-wicking capability.

Additionally, the straps have a cushioning that helps relieve the pressure a great deal. You can even feel the actual support on the shoulders.

You will also fall in love with the Fusion Fabric technology. It helps banish any bulges, and it does this by smoothing the sides and back.

In the same breath, the bra also includes a spandex fabric as well. The material does add 360 degrees stretch. And this means that the bra can flex and adjust by itself when you are in motion. It will give a super comfortable seamless feeling ever!

How the bra supports the breasts is the primary focus on this bra. And this includes the flexible, stretchy fit, bulge-reducing back, supportive straps, and seamless cups. The Playtex Seamless Smoothing Bra will pamper you regardless of your breasts size.

However, the bra tends to open and close at the back which may come off as a drawback, especially for the elderly. But not all comfortable bras have front closures, and this happens to be an exception.


  • Side spillage isn’t quite a bother
  • Even though the cups are light, they are modest enough
  • The bra has a thick back which shapes the back fat properly


  • The bra has a back closure

#4.  Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Wonder Wire Front Closure Bra – Perfect for Bigger Breasts

Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Wonder Wire Front Closure Bra – Perfect for Bigger Breasts

Available on Amazon

Glamorise Women’s Wonder Wire Front Close bra specially caters to plus size women, those with more massive breasts. Whether you are old or young, you need to pay attention to your breasts needs. Glamorise bra will do just that for you!

The Glamorise Wonder Wire lingerie comprises of a supportive band with proper cushioning as well. And this helps in preventing digs on the skin while supporting and shaping the breasts.

When you carefully look at the bra, you will notice that the underwire features a hidden padding channel. The component is essential for providing additional support. Most bras with underwires don’t feel quite as comfortable as this bra.

For convenience, the clasp is at the front of the bra. The designer did use a moisture-wicking fabric as well. The straps of the bra at the shoulder is thick, adjustable, and has a cushioning. The bra also features some lace detailing at the top of the cups which offers an optimal stretch. The bra does cover significant factors when it comes to catering to the breasts.

Glamorise Wonder wire bra is unique since it offers a hidden comfort. It does conform to the shape of the thick band right below the bra’s cups. It ensures the underwire of the bra doesn’t come in contact with the skin at all.

The durability of the bra is somewhat disappointing. The stretch tends to wear out faster, and replacing a bra severally within a short time can be costly.


  • The straps have padding which helps the bra stay in place all through
  • The shaping enhancers on the sides smooth the breast tissues on the outside
  • The Cushioned underband helps to keep the underwire away


  • The bra wears out too soon due to stretching

#5.  Leading Lady Women’s Plus Size Sleep Leisure Cotton Bra – Ideal Cotton Bra for Older Women

Leading Lady Women’s Plus Size Sleep Leisure Cotton Bra – Ideal Cotton Bra for Older Women

Available on Amazon

Most cotton bras are super comfortable, and this is so because they feel soft on the skin and are also breathable. The bra has very little spandex in it, which ensures the bra has a flexible fit, especially when you move around.

Leading Lady Plus Size Cotton Bra can also double up as a nursing bra. So, comfortability is not a subject to debate when it comes to this bra.

Besides, the bra has broad straps, which means that they don’t slide off the shoulders. It also offers full coverage, has an elastic underband which also stretches, giving you high-level support that you can ever imagine.

What makes this bra stand out is the stretchable cups. They fit even two cup sizes, and this is how the manufacturer did prioritize comfort. In the form of proper fit! It, therefore, means that you will not only buy this bra because of the fabric but other features as well. Leading Lady Cotton Bra is the best bra for seniors since you wear it throughout the day and night.

However, the bra’s cups don’t have padding, which can make the nipples protrude underneath tops, dresses, and shirts.


  • The bra is entirely cotton which means you can go to bed in it if you want
  • It has a leotard back which offers support similar to sports bras
  • Front closure always stays flat between the breasts


  • The cups of the bra are not molded and have no lining

#6.  Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Front Close Bra – Ideal Convertible Bra for Elderly Women

Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Front Close Bra – Ideal Convertible Bra for Elderly Women

Available on Amazon

Vanity Fair Illumination Front Close Bra is one of its kind since you can convert it in three ways. First is the traditional way, halter, and crisscross. The bra features a front closure and also offers full coverage.

The bra has a satin lining on the inside. And this helps in giving you a luxurious, super-soft feel throughout the day. If you want to feel super comfortable, the cups have padding that will come in handy. The underwire of this bra doesn’t poke or pinch the skin; hence, you won’t experience any discomfort.

When it comes to the straps, a satin lining does cover them and a lot of plush. But what’s essential is the straps always remain flat on the shoulders. You can easily adjust the straps at the back, or convert them into a halter or crisscross, which is the best thing about this bra.

The fabric and lining combination is quite appealing. It does pair up perfectly well with the flexible, full-coverage cups with padding. Vanity Fair Illumination Front Close Bra is the most versatile compared to other bras that cater to older women.

However, it also has a drawback. The front-close clasp is seemingly flimsy.


  • The cups of the bra are round, and not pointy thereby offering full coverage
  • The straps are long enough for convertibility
  • The sizing of the bra is unmistakable


  • The front close isn’t quite solid

#7.  Just My Size Women’s Super-Sleek Front Close Bra – Ideal Wireless Bra for Elderly Women

Just My Size Women’s Super-Sleek Front Close Bra – Ideal Wireless Bra for Elderly Women

Available on Amazon

Just My Size Super-Sleek Front Close Bra is perfect for older adults. The bra has several good qualities and benefits.

Firstly, the bra has double-ply seamless cups. The cups help create a great shape of the curves with minimal visibility. The side panels provide high-level support, lift, and does some containing as well.

The back of the bra is built using a power mesh and is wide enough, making it more pleasant. The power mesh helps in providing cooling comfort and a flexible fit. The design at the back also conceals any bulges.

The front closure makes wearing and taking off the bra super comfortable and secure. The straps have padding with a broader structure which goes a long way when it comes to easing pressure on the shoulders.

Just My Size Super-Sleek Bra is custom fit, wire-free, and has molded cups. The fabric of the bra does stretch enough to fall back. It is an excellent alternative for women who suffer arthritis.

However, the cups have some loose materials in them. You, therefore, have to go down a cup size when buying.


  • The bra has no underwire yet offers high-level support
  • Thick straps are comfortable on the shoulders
  • Ideal bra for women with loss of dexterity and post-mastectomy


  • The cup sizes of the bra tend to run large

#8.  Champion Women’s Zip Sports Bra – Ideal Sports Bra for Elderly

Champion Women’s Zip Sports Bra – Ideal Sports Bra for Elderly

Available on Amazon

You can also get some great bras for older women in sports designs. The bra features modesty cups and is more comfortable to wear and take off.

The zip at the front is a convenient detail of the bra. There’s also some material under the zip which keeps it from rubbing on the skin.

Champion Women’s Zip Sports Bra has molded cups which offer superior comfort and hands over any neutral shaping.

When you check carefully, you will notice the mesh panels responsible for ventilation. The straps are also great! You can easily adjust them at the back to enjoy its customized fit.

If you cannot clasp the hooks at the back, then this bra is the perfect alternative.

However, if your body and breasts aren’t proportional, this bra might not be suitable for you. It’s because the manufacturer offers a limited size range, which is small to extra-large only.


  • The zip closure of the bra is entirely secure
  • The bra has removable pads
  • It’s ideal for sports activities that involve some bouncy movements


  • Not ideal for women with big breasts

#9.  Easycomforts Women’s Snap Front Closure Luxury – Ideal Breast Control Bra for Oder Women

Easycomforts Women’s Snap Front Closure Luxury – Ideal Breast Control Bra for Oder Women

Available on Amazon

The EasyComforts Snap Front Closure can also double up as a minimizer bra. It comes in handy, especially for women with big breasts who prefer them to look smaller in a bra.

The bra is super comfortable since it’s underwire free and doesn’t have padding. The fabric is cotton and is also breathable. The bra does feature a snap closure at the front. And then we have the soft cups and thick straps combination as well.

Therefore, if you are dealing with Alzheimer’s or even arthritis, you can use this bra, putting the bra on is easy and fast and offers high-level support. Besides, you can machine-wash the bra.

However, the bra cups are very baggy you, therefore, need to go down a size when buying.


  • The bra has soft cups and is also wire-free
  • The full-back provides enough stretch
  • Highly recommendable for people with mental and physical incapacities


  • The cups sizes are big
  • You can’t adjust the straps

#10.  Glamorise Women’s Plus Size Sports Bra – Ideal Full-Figure Bra for Older Women

Glamorise Women’s Plus Size Sports Bra – Ideal Full-Figure Bra for Older Women

Available on Amazon

Glamorise Women’s Sports Bra is the best bra for the elderly. It features a front closure zipper, double-ply cups which controls bounce when taking on high-impact activities. And for a smooth appearance, the bra has seamless cups that also offer full coverage and maximum support.

The zipper on the bra is quite sturdy, and this means that it doesn’t loosen up even during movements. The underwire of the bra also doesn’t cause any irritation.

Breast support is exquisite since it’s a sports bra. The bra is lightweight and airy to featuring adjustable straps, which offer a snug fit while maintaining the comfort level.

However, the stretch of this bra is disappointing since it doesn’t offer much.


  • The bra has a stiff zipper which keeps in place throughout the day
  • It features double-ply cups that provide high-level support
  • It’s ideal for any movement; Bend, twist, stretch and even bounce


  • The bra doesn’t stretch enough

Watch the video below for other comfortable bras for seniors:

Buying Guide of the Best Bras for Seniors


Here’s how to get the best bras for seniors and what to look for when buying these bras. Shopping for a bra can be challenging even for younger women.

Keep these pointers in mind whenever you go shopping for a bra:

a)      Size

The bra needs to have a proper fit, regardless of the wearer’s age. The cup and band sizes are crucial too.

The size of the band is essential since the underband does the most in terms of breast support. The bra should rest flat on the skin without riding up or even pressing on the breasts, ensure the band doesn’t fit snugly.

When it comes to the cup size, check for the following;

  • Wear the bra
  • Lean forward
  • You should try a different cup size if your breasts are spilling out or if they appear as though they join together
  • Cups need to offer full coverage and do so comfortably and effortlessly. It, therefore, means no pulling or leaving gaps

In conclusion, always ensure the bra has a perfect fit before leaving the store.

b)     Adjustable front thick straps

The straps tend to cover up for the remaining support if the underband and cups offer the most in terms of comfort.

We are talking about the wider front-adjustable straps here. The straps are broad enough so that they don’t hurt the shoulders. The front closure is ideal for older women or anyone who has trouble reaching the back.

c)      Back support

Breasts differ from one person to another. With age, breasts tend to sag and become less firm. And this could also mean that the spine and the shoulders change too.

Hunching is quite common during this age. In cases like this, the body will require a bra that would help improve posture and also prevent any back pains. Only bras with a crossover structure can achieve this function in the right way. When you put on this bra, the breasts and the back will also feel the support from the bra.

d)     Front closure


You may be dealing with issues that relate to old age, such as reduced dexterity or arthritis, meaning that even getting to move your hands can be difficult. Let alone fastening and unfastening the bra hooks or clasps.

Bras with front closures come in handy in such situations and have currently become popular in the market. It’s effortless to put them on and even take off, and you won’t need any help. You can embrace front closure bras in the form of zipper or Velcro.

e)     Comfort relating to the bra’s fabric

Comfort in bras can come in the form of ample padding on the cups, bands, or straps. It would help in keeping you free from skin irritation.

Always go for cotton since it feels incredibly breathable and is equally soft. Breathable fabric has a moisture-wicking effect hence keeping you fresh all through the day.

If you love some lace detailing on your bras, then ensure it’s on the outer part. It should have a cotton layer.

f)       Dull colors

Most ideal bras for seniors come in dull colors. It’s because darker shades are highly tolerant of dirt and stains.

In the same breath, you shouldn’t pick several whites and creams. You might find trouble maintain the bra’s original color. You can choose blue, red, gray, and black variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      Why Should I wear the best bras for older women?


Most people wonder why they can’t wear regular bras out there, and why they should get suitable ones for the elderly. These bras are the best since;

  • Support

With age, tendons, skin, and muscles get weaker. So, during this period, the only bra with enough support can prevent chest and shoulder pain.

When the breasts’ stability and support are not enough, the shoulder often hurts. To solve this, you need to wear a bra which can eliminate this possibility and saggy breasts too.

  • Shape

It’s logical to assume the best bras for the elderly only lifts the breasts. As much as you would wish they did, and this doesn’t depend on the outfit you wear.

You will be disappointed if you expect your regular bras to transform your breasts’ natural shape.

  • Protection

Ideal bras for older women reduce friction while adding insulation. It helps in keeping the nipples warm.

2.       What are other bra types suitable for older women?

Every older woman should have these types of bras in their collection.

  • A bra with minimal padding and seamless cups for comfort and breathability
  • For shape and lift, you need at least need to have a push-up bra
  • Sports bra
  • Soft cup wireless bra for maximum support and minimal support

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    Can you recommend a bra with a front Velcro closure and posture support?

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