These 4 Minimizer Bras Reduce Breast Size By More than 2 Inches!

Best Minimizer Bra for Full Figured

These 4 Minimizer Bras Reduce Breast Size By More than 2 Inches!

Want to make large breasts look a little bit smaller? You should wear a minimizer bra. But which is the best minimizer bra for full figured? Check our top 4 recommendations.

What images come to your mind when you think of a minimizer bra?

If you are a little bit advanced in age, you may remember the dowdy-looking undergarments marketed as minimizer bras, which flattened the breasts and made your bustline look less than “youthful”.

The good news is that today’s minimizer bras are more attractive, even those meant for people with large breasts. Here is my take of the best plus size minimizer bras on the market.

Best Minimizer Bra for Full Figured

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Bra Name Lilyette Enchantment Bra Lilyette Comfort Minimizer Keyhole Embellished Bra Wacoal Elegance Hidden Wire Minimizer Bra Glamorise Magiclift Seamless Support T-Shirt Soft-Cup Bra
Best For Side Support Looks Lift and Minimization T-Shirts
Cup Type Seamed Smooth Seamed Smooth
Underwire Yes Yes Yes No
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Why Wear a Minimizer Bra?

Like the name alludes, minimizer bras are meant to reduce or minimize how much your breast appear to stick in front of you. In other words, the bras reduce the projection of the breasts.

So, why would you want to wear a minimizer bra? To answer this question, look at the picture below:

button gapping

Have you seen those nice shirts that you wish you can wear every day but whenever you do, the breast nipples tend to point forwards, leaving you embarrassed?

Minimizer bras make the melons appear smaller and will reduce the button gapping in shirts.

Wearing a minimizer bra also makes it easier for you to squeeze into dresses that fit perfectly everywhere else apart from the front. The bras also prevent tops from getting the horizontal pull that comes about when the fabric is stretched around the bust line.

There are also minimizer bras for full figured that are great for wearing under T-shirts. These bras provide a smooth look and are an excellent option if you have pendulous breasts, which usually have gaps when you wear the traditional T-shirt bra.

How Does a Minimizer Bra Work?

A minimizer bra reduces your breast size by distributing the tissue differently. The flatter chest is achieved by pushing the breast tissue downwards, more to the sides, and towards the center where they meet.

minimizing effect

Your chest can end up looking very different depending on the way that the breast tissue is moved. If you have bought minimizer bras before, you probably know that different models usually create different levels of lift as well as shape.

Find out more about how a minimizer bra works.

Should You Wear a Minimizer Bra?

A minimizer bra is not an everyday wear bra. The bra can be beneficial for women with large melons. However, if you have a small frame, they can be a little bit difficult.

Generally, minimizer bras tend to push the breast tissue out to the sides. Therefore, they can make you appear to have a wider chest, especially if you have narrow shoulders.

Best Minimizer Bras for Large Breasts

Below is an overview of the best minimizer bras for full figured. These four bras come up tops in particular areas, will make your breasts look smaller, and are very supportive.

  • 1. Lilyette Enchantment Bra (Best Breast Minimizer with Side Support)

Lilyette Enchantment Bra (Best Breast Minimizer with Side Support)

I really like this bra and have even reviewed it before. However, I’m including it here because it just deserves to be.


The Lilyette offers excellent side support. Its sides panels are reinforced to prevent the breast from spilling outwards. Your breast will keep pointing forward when you wear the bra.

Lilyette Minimizer back

The bra has been minimized in the same way like the Wacoal bra, i.e. by pushing the breasts a little bit to the sides and pulling them towards the chest wall.

It also has angled seaming that shape and lift the breasts, without making them pointed like the Wacoal does.

The top of the cup is lined with lace fabric. Therefore, the bra looks pretty but does not feel over-decorated nor does it show through shirts.



The bra is quite big but only has two hooks. Moreover, while it has a thick band under the arms and on the outer part of the back, it would have been better if it had more support here.

The Lilyette’s gore is not as flat as that of the Wacoal bra. However, it comes pretty close. If you have a large gap between your melons, the gore is likely to lie flatter on you.

The bra’s seam is prominent and will show through thin material during the first days. However, as the material softens, the seam will stop showing through.


  • 2. Lilyette Women’s Comfort Minimizer Keyhole Embellished Bra (Prettiest Minimizing Bra)

Lilyette Women’s Comfort Minimizer Keyhole Embellished Bra (Prettiest Minimizing Bra)

There are dozens of popular minimizers from Lilyette. The Keyhole Embellished bra is one of the options I love.


The Lilyette Keyhole Embellished bra will make your breasts a nice round shape. However, it does not flatten them like most minimizers.

I usually avoid buying smooth cup bra because they don’t offer as much lift as cut-and-sew bras. However, this bra’s cups feature sling fabric lining and underwire, which provide more lift to the breasts than is expected.

The minimizer bra for full figure has stretch lace over the cup. You will love the beautiful aesthetics of the lace without having to worry about the fabric being scratchy. If you have sensitive skin, you want to have this bra.

blilyette best minimizer bras

The bra’s gore does not come up tall. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any weird bulging in the middle under your clothes. On the center, the bra lies pretty close to the sternum.

The bra has good side support, thanks to its tall siding, which also provides a good level of control where the cup ends. I like it that the underwire does not come up too high on the sides. This means petite women will also be comfortable with this bra.


Generally, the Lilyette Keyhole Embellished bra does most of the minimizing by pushing the melons out to the sides. Therefore, I would not recommend it for women with narrow shoulders as it will widen them a bit.

I also felt that the straps are a bit thin. The band offers 2 -3 hooks that provide adequate support. However, the darts may end up digging into your shoulder if you happen to wear the bra the whole day.

The Lilyette Keyhole has molded cups. This means your breasts will be smooth under the clothes and be well rounding. However, the bra does not seem to offer adequate support if you are looking for lift and your breasts are not self-supporting.

If you want a better option that is just as pretty but more supporting, get the Lilyette Enchantment bra.


  • 3. Wacoal Women’s Elegance Hidden Wire Minimizer Bra with Embroidery (Best Lift and Best Minimization)

Wacoal Women’s Elegance Hidden Wire Minimizer Bra with Embroidery (Best Lift and Best Minimization)

The Wacoal Women’s Elegance Hidden Wire Minimizer Bra may seem to be overdone with its lace. However, as a full figured woman, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of support that the minimizer bra offers.


The Wacoal minimizer bra for plus size has a wide back that will smoothen your back fat. The back comes with 2-4 hooks, depending on the band and cup size. Best of all, the back stays in place and does not go up when you are wearing the bra.

The straps are made of satin fabric, are comfortable, and fully adjustable. This is something I love since my breasts need all the lift they can get.

While I am narrow set, the Wacoal bra still stays flat on my sternum in the middle. Most minimize bras for full figured women struggle to achieve this feat.

The “French darts” on the bra help to lift my breast and give them a well-rounded shape.

back wacoal best minimizer bras

One thing that makes the Wacoal minimizer bra different is the way it works. The bra minimizes the melons in two ways:

  • First, the melons are dispersed out to the sides a little bit, just like other minimizer bras usually do.
  • Secondly, the breasts are pulled towards the chest wall. This happens because of the full cups and some assistance from the darting.

Because of the two ways that the bra minimizes, you will not end up with oval breasts, like you may have experienced with most minimizer bras. For this reason, the Wacoal minimizer bra is a great option for full-figured women of all body shapes.


If you don’t like pointiness, this bra has some little bit of it due to the darting. However, after washing the bra a couple of times, the effect will go down but not completely.

Moreover, since this bra is a complete full coverage option, you can’t wear it with low-cut necklines.

The bra is available in different colors. However, it seems that the naturally nude is the one that Wacoal has been concentrating on. If you are fine with the color, you should get this bra ASAP!


  • 4. Glamorise Women’s MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Soft-Cup Bra (Best Minimizing T-Shirt Bra)

Glamorise Women’s MagicLift Seamless Support T-Shirt Soft-Cup Bra (Best Minimizing T-Shirt Bra)

The Glamorise MagicLift is not really a minimizer and neither is it marketed as one. The MagicLift is a collection of decent bras from Glamorise that offer a decent mix of comfort and support.

The minimizer option from the collection is the Full Figure Minimizer Support Bra. However, I picked the Seamless Support Soft Cup bra over the Minimizer Support bra for its more rounded look, which many women would want, especially when wearing T-shirts.

Fit: Usually, true to size. However, the bra can run a little small and I’d recommend you go up in cup if you straddle sizes.


This Glamorise bra is super comfortable, breathable, and wirefree. The MagicLift band and the inner slings support the underbust and ensure your breasts are properly lifted.

The bra has wide, semi-adjustable straps that have been padded lightly for comfort. The padding prevents the straps from digging into your shoulders.

back glamorize best minimizer bras

I love the wide band, which does a great job of smoothing the back and providing support. The band comes with up to 5 hooks in the largest sizes.

Thanks to the wide band, you won’t have an unsightly bulge on your back, which may be the case with most minimizer bras.

The bra does most of the minimizing by pushing the breasts together.

When it comes to comfort, the Glamorize MagicLift Seamless Support Sot-Cup bra is easily the most comfortable on the list. The bra does not have an underwire. Therefore, the breast separation may not be the best. However, it still manages to give you some cleavage.


Since the bra is not supported by an underwire, your breasts will not be fully self-supporting. As a result, you may not get the lift you that you want.

Moreover, the bra minimizes the melons by pushing them together without an underwire. The result? You may end up with some degree of uniboob. From what I could see, the bra shapes the breast in a similar fashion like the Freya soft cup sports bra.

The bra is also unlined. Therefore, if you don’t like your nipples showing through, you might want to get pasties for this bra.

I love this minimizer support bra for the minimization and support it offers. I also don’t mind its slightly pointed look.

The plus size minimize bra has a 2-part cut-and-sew seam that will lift up the breasts properly, even if you are a small cup size.


Here are other minimizer bras for full figured that you may want to check out.

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