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Best Racerback Bras for Large Breasts (Plus Size)

racerback bras for plus size

Looking for the best racerback bra for large breasts? Read on for the top recommendations by women all over the US.

During summer, you must have a couple of racerback bras in your wardrobe. You do not want the bra straps peeking from your clothing when it’s hot and sticky outside and are rocking a summer dress.

Ladies with small chests may be able to go braless or get away with built-in shelf bras. However, for most of us who are D+, we’ll need something that offers more substantial support.

You can wear a bra and let the straps show. However, what if you want to be discreet?

Well, you could wear a multiway with clear straps, go braless, or wear racerback bras for large breasts.

Racerback style bras are a great option for women with large sisters because their straps offer support by pulling to the center. This keep the breasts lifted while enhancing cleavage. You can also wear racerback bras if you have issues with slipping bras.

Since the straps come close together on the back, racerback bras are an excellent option when wearing shirts or sleeveless dresses.

You might be familiar with the racerback design from sports bras. However, over the past couple of years, manufacturers have started designing racerback bras for daily wear. Ain’t this a good thing?

There are two main styles of racerback bras:

In this guide, we’ll look at both types of bras. However, the main area of focus will be purpose-built racerbacks.

You can easily find a fitting convertible bra from brands such as Elomi, Goddess, and Freya. However, finding purpose-built racerback bras for large breasts can be a little bit difficult.

Does Your J-Hook Hurt?

When it comes to buying bras, most of us simply try on one with the straps. However, we fail to check the fit in the J-hook. Here’s one piece of advice I’ll give you: when buying a convertible bra, try it on with the straps and by fastening it with the J-hook.

If your convertible bra J-hook is not working as expected, here are some things you can try to improve the fit:

With that said, let’s look at some of the best racerbacks for big bust.

Best Racerback Bra for Large Breasts (Plus Size)

#1. Leading Lady Women’s Plus Size Racerback Bra (Wirefree Option)

Available sizes: Cup sizes B – D and band size 36 – 46

Coming in limited cup sizing, the Leading Lady’s Racer Back Leisure Bra has a unique front closure. This wirefree bra has six fit settings, which is not something you would find on a front-opening bra.

Since it’s marketed as a leisure bra (which usually means that the bra does not provide lift), you may not want to wear the Leading Lady’s bra under a flirty dress. However, it would be great as a casual option when you are wearing a tank top.


#2. Simply Wire Free Lightly Lined Racerback T-Shirt Bra

Available sizes: Cup sizes B – H and band sizes 26

For a wirefree racerback bra for big bust that offers adequate support and is comfortable to wear outside the house, check the T-Shirt Bra by Lane Bryant.

To create shape and provide lift, the bra uses gel lining instead of an underwire in the underbust part of the cup. Therefore, I would recommend the bra for those who hate wires.

The bra also provides some bit of oomph, which would make FOB (full on bottom) women or those with loose tissue look great.

The bra back band is nice and wide while the two straps are sewn with a beautiful lace. I love the way the bra band has been done to look nice in case you wear a translucent sheer fabric. The only issue I have with the band is that it’s not leotard and does not provide as much smoothing as I would have wanted.


#3. Leading Lady’s Front Closure Racer Back Underwire Bra (Bigger Band Option)

Available sizes: Cup sizes A – G and band sizes 36 – 48

The Front Closure Racerback by Leading Lady comes with all sorts of goodies, including padded straps, multiple fun colors, side smoothing, and a solid leotard back. The bra reaches band size 48 and does a great job of supporting plus size women, especially those that are on the lower side of the alphabet.

The bra cups are quite wide and, from their shape, would be suitable for women with wide roots or even fullness.


#4. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Front-Close Lace T-Back Wonderwire Bra

Available sizes: Cup size B – G and band size 34 – 48

If you are looking for a fashionable racerback bra for full figure, get the T-back by Glamorise. The top half of the bra is lined with a pretty lace that will keep the sister from jiggling on top. The stretch lace also makes the bra more versatile as it can also accommodate women that are not full on top.

At the back, the bra is cut wide to ensure smoothing. I also love the nice design at the center of the back, which you may want to show under your clothing.


#5. Paramour Women’s Plus Size Carolina Seamless Plunge (Back Closing Option)

Available sizes: Cup size C – H and band size 32 – 42

Majority of purpose-built racerback bras are closed at the front. This can lead to some fit and style issues, including inability to lift the melons properly.

However, Paramour’s bra is different from other purpose-built racerbacks as it’s designed with a back-closing band. Therefore, the bra provides great lift and a nice shape as you would expect from a plunge bra.

At the back of the bra, a lace is sewn for aesthetic purposes. While you can hide the bra straps under skimpily-cut tops, the lace makes them look stylish such that you may want to let them be seen.

Away from everything good about this bra from Paramour, wearing it can be a little tricky. You have to clasp the bra from behind to wear it. If you are dexterously-challenged, this might be something to think about. Moreover, if you are not full on top (FOT), there may be some degree of gapping between your breasts.

If you’d like a different option, the Passionatta by Chantelle’s Starlight Plunge bra would be worth checking.


6. #Wacoal Women’s Front Close T-Back Bra (Best FOB Racerback Bra)

Available sizes: Cup size C – DD and band size 32 – 38

This Wacoal bra also makes it on this list of the best racerback bras for large breasts. I wish this bra was available in my size. This bra stands out for its front-closing option and smooth cup. The bra is also suitable for full on bottom shapes but only goes up to a DD.

One thing you should know about purpose-built T-back bras is that their straps are usually too close to the neck in the front. Therefore, the straps end up peeking under your dress not because they are too wide, but because they are too narrow.

The Front Closure T-Back bra straps are medium-spaced. Therefore, you can wear the bra under various styles.


#7. Chantelle Rive Gauche T-Back Bra (Splurge Bra)

Available sizes: Cup sizes A – E and band sizes 32 – 28

This French bra stands out for its great craftsmanship and attention to detail. The spacer t-back bra has molded cups that will easily keep your boobs hidden. I love the beautiful lace detailing that lines the whole band.

While you may be looking for a racerback bra that will stay hidden under your clothes, the T-Back Rive Gauche is just too beautiful and should be flaunted.


#8. Sculptresse by Panache Women’s Plus Size Sasha Molded Plunge T-Shirt Bra

Available sizes: Cup sizes D – H (UK) and band sizes 24 – 46

The Sasha Molded Plunge T-Shirt Bra by Panache is a great molded cup bra for full on bottom breasts. The bra has a full-coverage cup laced with gore and band that gives it a delicate look. However, don’t let this fool you; the bra provides a lot of coverage.

When wearing the Sasha plunge bra, you will not get as much cleavage as a cut and sew plunge would without the racerback. However, the bra is a comfortable option that will sufficiently lift up the sisters when you fasten the J-hook.


#9. Freya Women’s Deco Vibe Underwire Molded Plunge Bra With J-Hook (Molded Cup Plunge Option)

Available sizes: Cup size B – GG and band sizes 28 – 38

A no J-hook bra list would not be complete if we don’t review the Freya Deco Plunge bra. This molded cup bra will make your breasts look beautiful and reduce the gap between them. The bra offers awesome support in the normal configuration. However, if you want even more lift, you can fasten the J-hook.

The Freya Women’s Deco was one of my favorite bras for a long time. However, when it comes to J-hook plunge, the Molded plunge bra easily outbeats it. This everyday bra is a great alternative to a t-shirt bra for women that are full on the bottom.


#10. Elomi Women’s Plus Size Matilda Underwire Plunge Bra (Cut and Sew Plunge Option)

Available sizes: Cup sizes DD – JJ and band sizes 32 – 46

The Elomi gets high points among racerbacks for large breasts.

I love the Elomi as I can wear it multiple times during the week. The bra separates the breasts and lifts them up properly. When wearing the cut and sew bra, your breasts will be shaped nicely. I enjoyed wearing the straps vertically. Sometimes, depending on the type of outfit I’m wearing, I will wear it as a J-hook.


#11. Elomi Women’s Bijou Underwire Banded Molded Bra (Molded Cup Wide Underwire Option)

Available sizes: Cup sizes E – H and band sizes 34 – 44

From the looks of things, the Bijous bra is similar to the Deco in many ways. This bra features a supportive, molded shape that can style different types of breasts.

If you like the shape and overall look of the Freya Deco, the Bijou bra is a great alternative. However, it has a wider underwire and band than the Freya Deco.


#12. Curvy Couture Women’s Plus Size Tulip Smooth Push Up Bra (Push Up Option)

Available sizes: Cup sizes C – H and 34 – 44

This Curvy Couture bra is not technically a racerback. However, it is fitting and does wonders for the breasts. Featuring graduated padding inside the cups, the bra will easily lift your boobs and make them look full.

This bra also comes with a racerback version. You won’t find many manufacturers making push-up bras with wide underwires in a H-cup. Given that it reaches H cup, the Tulip is one of the best picks.


The above are the best racerback bras for plus size.


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