Full Figured Women Say These Are the Most Supportive & Comfortable Bras

Best Support Bra for Full Figured Women

Full Figured Women Say These Are the Most Supportive & Comfortable Bras

Well-endowed and looking for a supportive bra? There are many options you can go for. But first, you need to know what to look for in a bra. Read on for recommendations of the best support bra for full figured women.

Today, women that are well-endowed have a wide range of bras to choose from. Most of the top bra brands offer support bras for plus size. However, finding the best support bra for full figured can be quite tricky.

First off, the ‘plus size’ term is not standard across all manufacturers. Some manufacturers classify their bras as plus size based on either the band or cup size. Very few manufacturers specifically make plus size bras based on both the band and cup size.

Moreover, some bras marketed as full-figured bras don’t fit the bill when you consider their cup or band size.

Best Support Bra for Full Figured

Wearing a bra that doesn’t offer enough support can leave you with back pains. This is why it’s important to know your size before choosing a bra.

You can measure yourself at home and use our online bra calculator to determine your cup size.

From there, you need to find a bra that offers enough support.

The full figured bras we’ve reviewed below are not only supportive but also comfortable. These bras are also available in a wide range of cup sizes.

Without further ado, here are the best support bras for full figured.

#1.  Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-shirt Bra

Fantasie Women's Smoothing Molded T-shirt Bra

Available on Amazon

The Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-shirt Bra is one of the best bras for plus size.

Here are some highlights about the bra:

  • The beautiful lingerie piece has an arched panel at the center. This makes it perfect for women with high and large tummies.
  • The bra offers high-level support for plus size women. Its non-stretchy middle gore supports the girls.
  • The cups project and give the breasts a nice, rounded shape.

The bra is available in UK standard sizes DD, FF, and GG among others. To find out the US sizing equivalent, check out this table.

Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-shirt Bra is suitable for everyday wear. The bra offers full coverage for large breasts and comes in a wide range of sizes. This is the best T shirt bra for plus size.

However, the bra shows a bit on the underarms. Therefore, it’s not ideal for wearing under sleeveless outfits. Moreover, its straps are also wide.


  • Has an adjustable hook-and-eye closure for a tight, comfortable fit
  • The cups shape the breasts nicely thanks to their lining and underwire
  • The fabric is silky, smooth and does not make you sweat


  • Straps are extra thick
  • The bra shows on the sides when worn under sleeveless outfits

#2.  Panache Women’s Underwire

Panache Women's Underwire – Best Support Sports Bra For Plus Size

Available on Amazon

The Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra is made of elastane, polyimide, and polyester. The elastane makes it stretchy.

Here are some highlights of the sports bra:

  • Has a standard hook-and-eye closure that offers a snug but comfortable fit
  • Has wide adjustable and convertible straps that have some cushioning for comfort
  • The bra has smooth, flat seams
  • Made of moisture-wicking fabric that helps in breathability

The bra’s fit is incredible; the breasts are encapsulated without being compressed. Moreover, the bra is comfortable despite having an underwire.

The Panache goes up to 40GG and is the best sports bra for plus size.

However, the cups have some extra fabric, which can make the breasts appear pointy.


  • The bra has a mesh panel on the shoulders and bust for ventilation
  • Its flat seams make it perfect to wear even under tight-fitting clothes
  • The bra has smooth, molded cups that minimize friction


  • The breasts may appear pointy
  • Adjusting the straps while wearing the bra can be difficult

#3.  Panache Women’s Envy Stretch Lace Full-Cup

Panache Women's Envy Stretch Lace Full-Cup – Best Support Bra For Plus Size With Lace

Available on Amazon

The Panache Women’s Envy Stretch Lace Full-Cup Bra has a number of features that we love:

  • The lace detailing comes with 4-sectioned textured cups and an underwire. The cups lifts the girls.
  • Has mesh wings for high-level support
  • Has an elastic underband that supports the breasts well, even for cup size GG.
  • Has an elegant satin bow that makes it look unique.

The Panache Women’s Envy Stretch Bra is the best lace support bra for full figured. The bra lifts and supports the breasts properly. We also love the adjustable straps, underwire cups, and side slings.

However, the bra has seams. Therefore, it can be visible when worn under thin clothing.


  • The floral lace on the jacquard cups give the bra a feminine touch
  • The center gore keeps the sisters in place
  • The reinforced underband can accommodate large cup sizes, up to GG.


  • The seams are visible
  • The underwire rubs against the skin at the center

#4.  Freya Women’s Active

Freya Women's Active – Best Support Bra For Plus Size

Available on Amazon

The Freya Women’s Active Underwire Molded Sports Bra also makes it on our list of the best support bra for full figured.

The affordable bra has various features we love, including:

  • Has molded that minimize friction to ensure you are comfortable
  • Has mesh panels that make it breathable
  • Has a double lining for maximum support.
  • The fabric has antibacterial properties that make the bra odor-resistant
  • Made of Coolmax fabric, which wicks moisture to keep the bra dry

The Freya Women’s Active Underwire Molded Sports Bra has everything you need in a support bra for full figured: substantial support, incredible comfort, and perfect shape. The molded cups encapsulate the breasts without compressing them, while the straps are padded for comfort and support.

The Freya Underwire Sports Bra lifts and separates the breasts to prevent uniboob. We also love the wide straps, thick underwire, and foamed cups.

However, the bra has a racerback closure design. This makes hooking it almost impossible.


  • Has a flat and firm band at the bottom for optimum anchorage
  • Reduces bounce, even when engaging in high-impact exercises like horse riding and running
  • The fabric of the bra holds up well, even after several washes


  • You can’t fasten the hooks on your own
  • The nipple coverage material is not thick

#5.  Cleo By Panache Marcie Balconette

Cleo By Panache Marcie Balconette – Best Support Bra For Plus Size With Lace

Available on Amazon

The Cleo by Panache Marcie Balconette Bra for the full-figured offers high-level support. Here are some highlights of the balconette:

  • Has power mesh in its wings for a secure fit, regardless of the size of the breasts
  • Goes up to cup size J
  • Has an elastic underband and a satin bow at the center
  • The straps are fully adjustable

The Cleo by Panache Marcie Balconette bra offers full coverage and adequate support. The bra is available in a range of colors and its cups offer excellent support.

This is one of the best balconettes for plus size. However, after wearing the bra for a long time, its underwire becomes uncomfortable because it slightly shifts upwards towards the sternum.


  • The lace isn’t visible, even on thin clothing
  • The cups have a flattering, neutral shape
  • Can be worn every day, even in hot weather


  • Lacks coverage at the top
  • The underwire tends to ride up

#6.  Wacoal Women’s Awareness

Wacoal Women's Awareness – Best Support Bra For Plus Size Natural Shaping

Available on Amazon

We love Wacoal’s Women’s Underwire Bra for various reasons:

  • Its cups are seamless and have double-ply fabric that shapes the breasts nicely
  • Has a hidden sling on the inside that offers excellent support
  • The underwire stay hidden and does not irritate
  • The straps are adjustable at the back

The Wacoal bra for plus size women is made of pretty smooth jacquard material. This makes it the best support bra for full-figured.

The bra is heavy-duty, has an invisible underwire, and the sling on the inside is comfortable and supportive.

However, the bra does not have molded cups.


  • Has remarkable shaping and lift capacity
  • The straps are cushioned and the wires padded
  • The cups have a microfiber lining that helps to wick sweat


  • The cups of the bra aren’t molded

#7.  Cleo Women’s Lucy Balconette

Cleo Women's Lucy Balconette – Perfect Support Bra For Plus Size

Available on Amazon

The Cleo Lucy Balconette bra also supports big breasts. This bra has a classic look and features the following:

  • Has 3-section cups that offer excellent support
  • The mesh on the wings of the bra makes it breathable
  • Goes up to cup size J
  • The floral lace and satin bow make the bra attractive
  • The double lining at the bottom of the cups provides support

The bra does not bulge when worn. The cups offer great coverage and maximum support. The cups also provide full coverage below the nipples.

The Cleo Lucy Balconette bra is beautiful, comfortable, and holds the breasts in place throughout the day.

However, like is the case with most bras, the Clea has a period to break-in. Sometimes, the bra pokee on the sides, which isn’t unusual.


  • Makes the breasts appear smaller than their actual size
  • High-quality bra that fits well
  • The sectioned cups provide support and lift


  • The lace is visible through clothes with light colors
  • You may take some time to get acclimatized to the bra

#8.  Elomi Women’s Plus Size

Elomi Women's Plus Size – Best Plunge Support Bra For Women With Large Breasts

Available on Amazon

The Elomi Women’s Plus Size Bra provides excellent support to women with large breasts. Here are some highlights of the bra:

  • Has a moveable J-hook closure and a flexible racerback that make adjustments easy
  • Has a lower plunge at the center that is comfortable
  • Has three-section cups that encapsulate the breasts

The Elomi Women’s Plus Size Bra is comfortable and has an elastic neck edge, which makes fitting convenient. This is the best plunge support bra for plus size.


  • It’s ideal for narrow shoulders
  • Made of lightweight and flexible fabric
  • Offers some round shaping and lifting


  • The bra’s underband isn’t very firm

#9.  Elila Women’s Plus Size Bra

Elila Women's Plus Size – Perfect Support Bra With Four Hook And Eye Closures For Full-Figured

Available on Amazon

The Elila Women’s Plus Size Support Bra has also been voted as the best support bra for full-figured. This bra has no underwire. If you can’t stand underwires, this is the bra for you.

The bra has four hook-and-eye closures that provide a snug fit and exceptional support. The bra also has seamed cups that are non-stretchy and its sling is padded for additional lift and support.

The bra’s thick straps are not stretchable. However, they are adjustable at the front.

Straps that stretch tend to wear out pretty fast, especially when adjusted regularly. So, the non-stretching straps are quite a relief!

The bra offers full coverage and its soft cups prevent the breasts from flopping and drooping all over the place. The cups also hold the breasts up effortlessly.

Since the cups are not stretchable, it will be good to go a size up so that you don’t end up with a small bra.


  • If you get the appropriate size, the bra fits quite comfortable
  • The bra shapes and provides support throughout the day


  • The sizes tend to run small
  • The bra has some plastic on the sides that digs in the skin

#10.  Freya Women’s Fancies

Freya Women's Fancies – Best Support Bra For Plus Size With A Thick Underband

Available on Amazon

The Freya’s Women’s Fancies Bra has a thick underband that provides excellent support.

Here are some highlights of the bra:

  • The large underband and more hook-and-eye closures offer additional support
  • Has a scalloped trim that provides more coverage

The cups are padded with soft foam that shapes the breasts and lifts them properly.

However, the bra doesn’t prevent bounce.


  • Has a delicate lace and beautiful bow
  • Has a proper fit since it has multiple hook-and-eye closures
  • The padded cups lift and shape the breasts nicely


  • The cups are quite small
  • The bra has no bounce support

Need recommendations of other support bras for full figured? Watch the video below:

Buying Guide for Plus Size Support Bras

Best Support Bra for Plus Size Buying Guide

Read our guide on how to choose the best support bra for plus size

1.  Seek help from a professional

Seek help from a professional

Get a professional to measure your band size and cup size.

When you know what size you are, you are likely to find a properly fitting bra in any style.

The size of the breasts changes regularly due to weight issues, health issues, pregnancies and so on. Regardless of your size, you need a supportive and comfortable bra.

2.  Check the straps and band

Check the straps and torso band

Check the bra straps; they should not dig in the shoulders.

Also, the bra should have a large band to support the breasts’ weight. Otherwise, if the band is small, the weight will be supported by the straps alone, which will make them dig into the skin.

Finally, ensure that the bra has three or four hook-and-eye closures for additional support/

The band provides majority of the support in a bra. Therefore, the band should fit snugly.

The straps also provide support while stabilizing the breasts.

You should also go for bras with full cups for additional and to reduce breast movement.

Most bras with thicker straps are comfortable and provide high-level support.

3.  Get Technical

Get Technical

Lace bras are beautiful but are not as comfortable as bras made of spacer fabric, which is breathable and soft.

For big breasts, casual t-shirt bras made of spacer fabric offer both support and opacity. Moreover, they don’t make the breasts pointy.

For sports bras, check whether they are made of moisture-wicking material so that you can stay cool during your workouts. Also, decide whether to go for a compression sports bra or one with a multi-seam design.

4.  Check the underwire

Make the underwire your friend

Underwires help to lift and support large breasts. However, they can also pinch the breasts.

If you want a bra that offers support on the sides and lifts the breasts, go for one with an underwire. You might come across some bras that have a proper fit, are comfortable with a wire-free design.

5. Ensure the bra fits snugly

Look for a bra that fits snugly. The middle part of the bra should lie flat on the sternum, and not float at the center of the breasts. The underwire should cover the entire breast tissue and not dig in the outer parts of the underarm.

The best bra will provide a smooth, seamless fit. Therefore, don’t hesitate to go a cup size up, especially if the current cups leave you with spilla

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  Should I go for plus size or full figure bra?

Should I go for plus size or full figure

There’s a difference between plus size and full figure.

Plus size bras refers to bras with a thicker band size. These band sizes of these bras start at 40.

On the other hand, full figure or full bust bra refers to bras based on their cup size.

If you have big breasts and are a DD or higher, you can either go for a plus size or full figure bra. Ideally, you want to go for a full figure bra rather than a plus-size one.

However, if you are a 42F or above, you can go for either type of bra.

2.  Why is it difficult to find bras for full figure?

Some bra manufacturers don’t cater to sizes above the D cup. Most mainstream brands don’t offer a lot of alternatives to women with large breasts.


It’s all about cost. Manufacturing plus size bras isn’t cost-effective. These companies are only interested in their profits.

Many women with large breasts settle for small fitting bras because they have no option.

However, of late, some manufacturers have started making bras for full figure. Check our recommendations of the best bra brands for plus size.

Which is the Best Support Bra for Full Figure?

This is a tough call but we love the Fantasie Women’s Smoothing Molded T-shirt Bra.

The bra has molded cups, comes in a wide variety of cup sizes, offers full coverage, and is perfect for everyday wear.

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