Cosmopolitan’s 21 Problems Only Women With Big Breasts Can Relate To Is BS!

Problems Only Women With Big Breasts Can Relate

Cosmopolitan’s 21 Problems Only Women With Big Breasts Can Relate To Is BS!

Got big melons? Well, let’s discuss big boob problems!

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When you Google problems relating to big breasts, you’ll expect to find severe and challenging issues such as back pain, stretch marks, and sagging. Instead, you will come across a Cosmopolitan list that looks like it ought to have been in existence from long ago.

I tend to think we are way past the dark age, where large breasts were an impossible burden.  The most significant cup size available with a reasonable price during that time was a C. It, therefore, means that you can solve a majority of the problems on this list.

However, large breasts are not that easy to handle compared to breasts which fall within the range that most companies tend to consider. But things aren’t as bad as the article portrays them.

large breasts

Let’s looks at the items on Cosmo’s list and get to see the actual struggles, and how many are just mere fodder for clickbait.

#1.   You can’t wear button-down shirts since the buttons gape open and you might look semi-naked

It’s evident that having big breasts contribute to it, but it also depends on the cut and how well the shirt fits plus your bra choice as opposed to the size of the breasts.

With the appropriate bra, maybe a minimizer and shirt, this would certainly be a non-issue. You can use a safety pin in case you still worry about the buttons even after getting the best minimizer bra.

#2.    It’s impossible to get pretty bra which fit perfectly

Women who wear bras cup sizes G to H and band size 38-40 can get lovely bras in all designs and colors. Click  here to check them out to clear your doubts.

perfect fit

#3.   No Bathing suit does fit

You will only have difficulties when it comes to fitness for bathing suits from Victoria’s Secret and H & M stores. The companies which make bras have been making some swimwear too. You will find tankinis, bikinis, cute one-pieces, and sports bras which offer lift and high-level support for the breasts. Check out this one and also this other one which comes in handy for lounging. Prioritize cup size swimwear, and you will have no regrets.

#4.   Most people (even those you’ve never met before) keep asking you if you’ve ever thought of reducing the size of your breasts

Oops! You can’t get a product when it gets to such. It’s quite annoying, but you can get them to understand your point of view if you want. Just develop a strategy and keep rolling with it.

#5.   People tend to ask if your back does hurt

If your friends ask you this kind of questions, then you should consider changing your circle. Most people with big breasts encounter these questions several times but not as much to irk you.

#6.   It’s not possible to undertake exercises daily

When you get a good sports bra, your breasts cannot get in the way when you want to take on any activities. You will be too busy to realize that even if the breasts are touching the surface.

#7.   You need to wear at least two sports bras when you want to workout

It is quite simple, especially if you don’t prefer Nike or Lululemon sports bras. Get the right sports bra with encapsulation, or the perfect compression bra. The bras will not get rid of the bounce completely, but you will surely get several great bras to get you through any of those workout sessions without the need of doubling up.

#8.   Anything you wear makes you look sexual

You need to dress according to the shape of your body. Just like the H&M bras, maybe the outfits with American V-necks aren’t quite proper for you. Unlike most people, you will have to think of pairing your bra, but this is certainly not entirely of an issue.

Additionally, it doesn’t only apply to women with big breasts. It’s all about someone, if they want to sexualize you, then nothing can stop them, and that is so unfortunate.

#9.   You look more sexual in bathing suits

Refer to the statement above. You can find swimsuits in different designs in the market currently. You can choose one that minimizes if you have any worries. Take your time to get a swimsuit that suits your preference as you can get a variety.

#10.  People often ask your bra size

Okay, seriously? Who does that?

#11.   Guys pay a lot of attention to your breasts while in bed. It isn’t true.

According to Cosmo, some women’s breasts are quite sensitive. But it is different for everyone. And you can always tell someone if that boob thing doesn’t work for you.

#12. People continuously bother you with some dressing advice for plus size women since most of the time it’s just bullshit

Belting works so does other information from Google. Some won’t work for you but referring to all of the advice as bullshit is being dismissive. The author is of the school of thought that one style suits everyone, and it’s not just right. Once you get past it, you will notice there’s a lot you can wear.

#13.   You can’t wear any backless outfit

Of course, you can! You only need to be creative.  From in-built cups, sew-in cups, to taping. Then it’s is possible. If Kardashian can do it, then you too can.

#14.   You cannot wear any bridesmaids’ dresses since they are strapless most of the times

You can check out on Google for bridesmaids’ dresses. It has all the answers to this statement.

bridesmaids' dresses

#15.     You cannot put on blazers

You can get great blazers from all price points. And you can get one that fits perfectly well without any gaping at the bottom. Go for lower buttons and get to pick the correct fabric. You won’t need a minimizer to pull this look off.

#16.    You can only get to wear bib necklaces

It comes off a bit outdated just like having to wear white after Labor Day. You can do it but with a little consideration. You can consult any style guide or experiment and find out what would work for you.

#17.  Cross-body bags snuggle awkwardly up to the armpit

You can choose to go for over the shoulder bags. You know this is not entirely true if you own any cross-body bag. And it’s not as awkward when you wear them. The bag can either detract or call attention to the breasts, but this would solely depend on its size. You need to know what it is that you want to achieve.

#18.  You will look positively beastly when cutting off mid-boob in any pic

No matter how you take a photo, there are always the good and the bad in equal measure. Anyway, the definition of beauty is in the beholder’s eyes. But then again, you can choose to ignore this fact. Go through your pictures and get to decide if you find them any beastly.

#19.   You tend to feel some special kinship with Kate Upton

How is this even an issue? Not everybody with big breasts has this kind of relationship.

#20.  Most of the times you keep wondering what Christina Hendricks has underneath her clothes

Again, a non-issue. Most people tend to notice how stylish she is and how well she rocks the designs.

#21.  Your breasts are big enough, so you panic at the thought of getting pregnant

Since you can get a variety of supportive nursing bras that cater specifically for the plus size, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

It’s always all in mind, whether you see your breasts as part of the body or a burden. Deal with it!

All the time, we have unrealistic expectations thrown at us, be it social comparisons with people you see on the media, or just friends. Always remember, what works for you might not necessarily work for me.

You can try to find ways of working with big breasts instead of hating on them. It will involve exclusive stores and a lot of creativity, but having a large bust isn’t a sentence. And if you think it is, then why are people still getting their breasts augmented? You can get several resources out there from clothing guides, communities, bra-fitting guides, to forums with women who have big melons sharing their experiences and also tips to help others.

Wear anything you want as long as you feel comfortable in it!

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