Here Are 5 Bra Solutions for Properly Wearing a Backless Dress

best bra for low back dresses

Here Are 5 Bra Solutions for Properly Wearing a Backless Dress

Have a dinner party coming up soon and want to support the girls without the bra showing? Wondering what  bras for low back dresses to wear? Here are 5 bra solutions for backless dress that you should consider.

low back dress

Do you love wearing low back dresses but have large breasts? If so, you probably know the issues that people like us have with low back dresses.

For me, most of the time, I usually pull a low cut dress from the back, admire it and then put it back as I continue searching for a more practical option.

However, sometimes you may want to attend occasions where wearing a low back dress is necessary. How can you pull this stunt off when you are an E cup or bigger?

I’ve found various options for bigger sizes that can help you pull of wearing a low back dress. These include the D-UP Cup, low back bra converters, and more.

Lady Up Low Back Bra Converter
Lady Up Low Back Bra Converter


Bra alternatives such as the Instant Breast Lift Tape, Braza Backless Freedom Bustier, and NuBra will comfortably accommodate your breasts up to a D cup. These alternatives work well, especially if you have sagging breasts or are full on top.

However, when it comes to heavy lifting, the NuBra chicken cutlets will just not work.

If you want to wear a backless dress but have large melons, here are four practical options you can consider.

Best Bras for Backless Dress

  • 1. Longline Bra

Difficulty Level: Low

Cost: High

Longline Bra

A longline bra is a great option for wearing a low back dress. The bra offers excellent support, thanks to its long bodice. Moreover, the shaping would make everyone stare at you.

If you want to purchase a longline bra, there are various options you can consider:

Go for a long bra that has a very low back or a “backless” option. I recommend the Va Bien Backless Strapless Molded Long Line bustier

Strapless Molded Long Line bustier

If you already have a longline bra, fold it in. Let’s use the Dominique Satin Torsette as an example. Simply undo a few hooks and fold the bra until it reaches the coverage that you want.

Dominique Satin Torsette

If you will be wearing the longline bra a lot, get the eye hooks reinforced towards the bottom. This way, the bra will strain the hooks and may end up pulling and damaging your dress.


  • 2. Low Back Bra Converter

Difficulty Level: Low

Cost: Low

You can also use a low back bra to extend the current bras you have for a good fit. With this converter, you can potentially get many looks depending on the type of bra you want to wear.

How a Low Back Bra Converter Works

low back bra converter instructions coco

Normally, you would secure the two ends of the bra straps together. However, with a converter, you need to clip the extender on one of the straps and pull it around your front before finally hooking it to the other end on the other side.

Some low back bra converters come in pairs. These converters work in the same way. However, an attachment in the front connects the two together.

Basically, you will be hooking the extenders up to the hook-and-eye closure on the back of the bra. Therefore, make sure that your bra has the same number of hooks as the extender you’ll want to use.

Best Low Back Bra Extenders

Best Low Back Bra Extenders

If you are looking for a 20hook extender, get Coco’s Low Back Bra Converter. This converter is adjustable and easy to get around you. However, it can be a little snug. If this is the case, you can fix the issues with a bra extender.

Coco’s Low Back Bra Converter

For those who prefer 3 or 4 -hook bras, the best option is Maidenform’s Wide Low Back Converter. This converter has two straps, a sliding adjuster, and another adjustable hook closure in the front.

I’ve not been able to find a good plus size low back bra converter. However, the Maidenform seems to work just fine, even though it’s not marketed as a plus size option. I did not have to use an extender with this converter.

I also love the wide band, which is more heavy-duty than what the Coco has.

  • 3. Taping Your Boobs

Difficulty Level: Medium

Cost: Low

 Bra Solutions for Backless Dress - Taping Your Boobs

If you are not afraid of hard work and have a lot of determination, you can tape the melons. Popularized by Kim Kardashian, taping your melons can help to create lift, hold them in place, and avoid VBL. You have to credit Kim K for making a halter-neck sling with tape and the melons stayed in place!

Taping your melons is easy if you know what to do. First off, you will need some tape, clean skin (avoid moisturizing the skin or applying anything that would make it difficult for the tape to stick), and something to keep your nipples from getting taped (I recommend cotton make-up remover pads). With all the equipment in place, all you have to do is be patient.

Here is a great YouTube video on how to tape your melons:

I’ve tapped my melons in the past and personally, I prefer gaffer tape over duct tape. I find gaffer tape to the less sticky and easier to peel off. I’ve also come across women who use athletic tape for big melons. However, I don’t think the tape will have enough power to keep your breasts up there.


You do not want the gaffe tape adhesive touching all of your skin. Therefore, cover the breast as much as you can with a later of medical tape or athletic tape. You can use other types of tape but since the boob skin is sensitive, I suggest you use either of these two.

When taping the melons, the gaffer tape will have to touch your bare skin and go over your shoulders a couple of times. Some parts of the breasts may also have to be held for the tape to stick really well.

  • 4. Sew in Your Bra Cups

Difficulty: High

Cost: Low (unless you pay someone to do it for you)

Sew in Your Bra Cups

This may not be a practical option for most people. However, if there is a particular backless dress that you wear a lot, you may want to sew in cups into the front to get some support.

How successful you’ll be with this option will depend on the shape of the front of the dress. The best outfits that for this option would be an empire waist dress or a halter. However, you may find it difficult to fit in cups if the dress does not have a lot of structure up top.

  • 5. D-Up Cups

D-Up Cups

Okay, this is my last option and for good reason; you may end up looking odd.

While researching for options for wearing a low back dress for plus size, I came across the D-Up Cup.

If you have fuller breasts, I think this is an option for you. However, if your breasts sag, then this would be a No! No!

The D-Cup creates a big gap between the melons and makes them butt out. However, it does not give them any lift.

The D-Cup may not work for all looks. However, if you are looking for options for wearing a low back dress, you can try it as well.

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