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Here Are the Best Bras with Longer Shoulder Straps

Here Are the Best Bras with Longer Shoulder Straps

Are you looking for bras with longer shoulder straps? Read our guide for the top recommendations available on the market.

Tall women’s bras can be quite challenging to find since regular straps are usually not long enough. It may not matter as much if most of the height is in the legs. On the flip side, if the height falls around the torso area, you’ll need to go for bras with longer shoulder straps for proper adjustment.

You can deal with this issue in different ways and get a bra with a perfect fit if you are tall with a longer torso. First, you need to find that has longer straps than those of a standard one. Just like everything else that entails bra sizing, manufacturers and designs are also quite different.

Secondly, you can go for bras that have fully adjustable straps. In this case, you can make use of the strap’s full length and not just an incorporated part.

The last alternative is to get bras with a crisscross strap design. These are typically longer since you need more length to connect the straps at the back. Besides, if you don’t like wearing them in crisscross design, the traditional way works perfectly well.

Best Bras with Longer Shoulder Straps

Here are some of the best bras with longer shoulder straps in the market for different breast sizes and shapes.

Bras for Tall Women with Fuller Breasts

·        Panache Tango Underwired Balconette Bra


Panache Tango is the best-selling collection. The cradle framed fabric cups offer ultimate breast support while the double seamed part shapes and lifts. The seams are responsible for the rounder shape and lift.

The bra features high sides and back, smoothing preventing unwanted bulges. It’s true to size with a perfect fit and still serves looks. The bra is narrow at the center, ideal for women with close-set breasts. However, the straps set widely apart not so perfect on narrow shoulders.

The bra additionally has longer straps and an underwire perfect for tall people. There’s no additional bulk on the breasts since it’s not padded but lined. It comes in different UK sizes ranging from band sizes 28 to 40 and cup sizes A to FF. The bra is available in colors blush, black, navy, and beige.

·        Empreinte Melody Underwired Seamless Bra


Empreinte Melody is made of sheer and beautiful lace that remains virtually invisible underneath thin tops. It features satin on the straps and cups with a bow and little tulle in the middle for a more feminine touch.

The bra is incredibly smooth and super supportive with no padding and seams. It’s equally lightweight and comfortable, feeling like a second skin on the body even for larger cup sizes. Empreinte Melody Seamless Bra will give you worth for your money since it’s also durable with long enough straps for tall women.

The bra’s back and sides have additional the capacity to prevent it from rolling up and keeping the breasts securely in place. Empreinte Melody bra has deep and full cups ideal for rounded breast shapes as opposed to shallow.

However, this bra tends to run small. It’s therefore advisable to go up a cup size. It’s made of exquisite lace and satin trim in ice blue, caramel, gold, black, and pink.

·        Wacoal La Femme Underwire Bra


Wacoal La Femme Bra is your best bet if you prefer smooth cups. It’s perfectly contoured to conceal your nipples and the lace remains virtually invisible underneath clothes but an embroidered band along the band. The embroidery is quite beautiful and offers more stability while lifting and supporting the breasts. (

The bra features a leotard back that prevents the fully adjustable straps from slipping off the shoulders. They additionally have slight ridges that help keep the slider in place. The bra is available in different sizes and colors, beige, lilac, fawn, and black.

·        Chantelle Revele Moi Bra


Bras from this brand usually exquisite and this particular one is no different. The bra cups are transparent at the top and decorated with embroidery at below. The bra has seams that remain virtually invisible underneath and lie flat on the chest.

The extra support on the sides and back gives the breasts great projection and prevents unwanted bulges. The bra straps are super long ideal for taller women since they are fully adjustable.

The bra is available in different sizes and comes in the colors pink, white, beige, brown, black, pale, and denim blue.

·        Chantelle Rive Gauche 3-Part Cup Underwire Bra


Chantelle Rive Gauche Bra is incredibly soft, beautiful, and perfectly shapes the breasts with no padding. The upper edge is elastic to keep the breasts in place all day long. Besides, this bra has been in the market for some time now, so you don’t have to worry about the manufacturers ceasing their production. It features a smooth lace that doesn’t show through clothes.

The tilted seams on the cups give generous support and also lifts the breasts. The bra also has super supportive side panels and lightly lined cups at the top for modesty. It’s super light and comfortable without heavy padding and bulk.

The bra is available in different sizes and colors black, light blue, cappuccino, milky way, magenta, hazelnut, lagoon, and lavender.

Bras for Tall Women with Average Breasts

·        Warner’s Play It Cool Wire-Free Bra


Warner’s Wire-Free Bra is made of a unique cooling fabric that keeps you fresh all day long, even in hot temperatures. It has fully adjustable straps that you can wear in crisscross or traditionally. This typically means extra length ideal for tall people.

The straps detach and adjust at the front, making reaching the sliders easy for a perfect fit. The bra has a little bump at the base of the bra cups for that extra lift. However, this bra doesn’t enhance cleavage. The bra is perfect for women with droopy breasts.

The bra doesn’t rub against the chest since it’s wire-free. It’s not meant to function as a sports bra and still can work well for low impact exercises such as yoga and walking. The bra comes in sizes 30C to 40C and colors magenta, almond, butterscotch, dark gray, white, pale, and medium blue.

·        B. Tempt’d Modern Method Lace Bra


Tempt’d Method Lace Bra features knit cups that are incredibly soft and cosy saving you the hassle of fussing with it all day. The fabric stretches a bit, so it adjusts to your breasts’ shape better compared to non-stretch bras. The bra offers a more customized fit.

The bra has a wide and corded center and works well for women with wide-set breasts. The curved design at the center increases its comfortability especially if you have a bigger stomach. It comes in different sizes and colors, beige, blue, black.

The straps are convertible as you can hook at the back to fasten them together. It’s advisable to go up a size since B. Tempt’d Modern Bra tends to run small.

Bras for Tall Women with Smaller Breasts

Not all tall women are busty. Here are some of the best bras with longer straps for smaller busts. The bras can enhance the size of breasts or not.

·        Lily of France Ego Boost Bra


Lily of France Boost Bra features convertible straps, which means supplemental length for taller women. It also has padding to enhance the size of the breasts, great for loosely-fitting tops and dresses. It’s seamless, soft, and smooth; hence doesn’t show through clothing.

The bra has a plunging neckline, excellent for low-cut necklines, and the center is broad works well for women with wide-set breasts. The bra comes in different colors, prints, and sizes.

·        OnGossamer Mesh T-shirt Convertible Bra


OnGossamer T-shirt Bra features a simple design with decorative stretch lace on the cup edges for a perfect fit and crisscross detail at the front. It has a wide center panel ideal for wide-set breasts. It’s easy to adjust the convertible straps as they come off both at the front and back.

Since the straps are convertible, they are a bit longer than the standard ones. Besides, you can also don this bra in halter, regular, or crisscross design. The bra comes in different US sizes and is available in red, raspberry, aqua, mocha, champagne, Cosmo, and azalea pink.

Bras for Tall Women with Massive Breasts

·        Wacoal Retro Chic Underwire Bra


This bra is the best bet for women with east/west breasts as it works well in making them look forward. It features side boning that helps push the bust at the center as it should. Plus, it perfectly holds you up securely even for women who fall on the larger side.

The straps are fully adjustable for a more customized fit. The bra’s centre is broad and positioned higher, decorated with a gem within the cups adding a feminine touch. It also has seams featuring a beautiful Chantilly lace for additional breast support.  Remember, since this bra is retro, it’s not extra-rounded.

The bra is available in violet, hollyhock, toast, ivory, cappuccino, white, and black in different US sizes.

·        Vanity Fair Women’s Body Caress Full Coverage Contour Bra


Vanity Fair Full Coverage Bra has convertible straps, which takes care of the height issue. The bra straps are a bit longer than the regular-sized ones meaning you can comfortably crisscross them as there’s enough space. Tall women can take advantage of the extra length.

What’s more, this bra has boning on the sides and back for additional support and minimizes underarm spillage and back fat. The bra has enough padding to cover the nipples without adding bulk and preventing them from showing through clothes.

The bra comes in different sizes and colors pink, ivory, navy, beige, black, white, turquoise, raisin, and gray-violet with trim lace.

·        Chantelle C Magnifique Molded Minimizer Bra


Chantelle C Magnifique Minimizer Bra is not ideal for women with petite frames. The bra straps are fully adjustable for a more customized fit and offer full breast coverage. The bra additionally works well for tall women with longer torsos.

The bra is incredibly soft and smooth, with no lace or seams. It, therefore, remains virtually invisible underneath clothing, skinny tops. Since the bra doesn’t have a band, it would be more comfortable for individuals with bigger stomachs. The bra cups stretch offering a more secure fit.

Chantelle C Magnifique Molded Bra typically minimizes the breasts’ size without squashing or flattening them and also enhancing their shape. The bra features a set of hooks at the back that feel like having in-built extenders or reducers. This bra is ideal for women who fall in between sizes. It’s available in colors pink, pale rose, hazelnut, navy, black, lilac, powder blue, beige, and ivory.


The above bra recommendations cover nearly all tall women with different breast sizes and shapes. Get the best bra with longer straps to keep you comfortable and save you the hassle that comes with wearing the wrong size.

Also, get the right bra style to suits your needs.

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