Bravado Essential Embrace Nursing Bra: Finally, A Decent Daytime DD+ Wireless Nursing Bra!

bravado essential embrace nursing bra

Bravado Essential Embrace Nursing Bra: Finally, A Decent Daytime DD+ Wireless Nursing Bra!

Looking for a review of the Bravado Essential Embrace Nursing Bra? Read on for one of our reader’s experience with the nursing bra. Take it away Shannon!

So, yeah, after 2 and a half years pregnant or nursing, I’ve tried on so many nursing bras. And most of them make me feel bummed out.

For a while, when there were like 3 options out there in my cup size, I put up with Freya Kelly Bra (currently discontinued). But this go-around? UNH-UH. What is up with this shape?

From my first pregnancy about halfway through. That oh-so-pretty downward pointy look? It just got more pronounced the bigger my melons got.

The Panache Sophie bra? The cups are way, way too shallow for me. 

And I can’t even go there with the Royce:

Royce Sadie from first pregnancy…just. no.

At this point, I’ve realized that my super full-on-top nursing melons just don’t get the right shaping or support from most wireless nursing bras.

However!  I found the Bravado Essential Embrace to be my exception. 

Bravado Essentials Embrace Nursing Bra Review


Bravado 2
Bravado Essential Embrace, 32 J/K, in Chai Almond

This bra is supportive, super comfortable and — here’s the clincher — my chest still looks normal.

Boobs not falling down to knees? Check.



Boobs still…round looking? CHECK!


For the first 6 weeks or so after my latest kiddo arrived, I threw on this bra and then, you know, got dressed.

 I worried about figuring out what clothes fit my post baby pooch and my new extra large nursing melons, not how to cover up that said extra large nursing melons were strangely contorted from a wireless bra.

Would I have liked my melons “up there” a smidge more? Yeah.

But honestly, it felt like such a small quibble to me: the shape, support and comfort seem worth the tradeoff of a teensy bit more lift that I don’t think I’ll ever get without wires, anyway.

The fabric on this is very stretchy and accommodated me when I was engorged as well as cup fluctuations between feedings. Right after the baby, measuring 31″ underbust and 41-42″ overbust, the 32 J/K in Chai Almond (i.e. beige) fit perfectly (the black did not; that weird sometimes black fabric = smaller fit thing happened for me with this one). However, as my ribcage has gone down to about 30″ now, I’m on the tightest hook and hoping this will hang in there a bit longer.

This does have a bit of what I *think* is flexible wire in the side seams of the bra. I feel like it gives the bra some stabilization. I definitely don’t notice it when I have it on.


For me, I use this as just a daytime bra because it holds me in more snugly, sort of sports bra like. For sleeping, I prefer the really relaxed fit and breathable cotton of the Bravado Original nursing bra I reviewed earlier.

Between these two bras, I felt like my chest was manageable the first several weeks after the baby–such a change from my experience two years ago, and something I wanted to help share with other nursing mamas looking for good wireless options.

FYI: this bra comes in one additional cup size, an L/M, in the 34 and 36 bands, too!


32, 38 B/C – J/K; 34 – 36 B/C – L/M; 40 – 42 D/DD – H/I; 44 D/DD – F/G


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