Bravado Original Nursing Bra Reviews: DD+ Night/Sleep Nursing Bra for Even Larger Cup Sizes (and a Smaller or Bigger Band!)

bravado original nursing bra reviews

Bravado Original Nursing Bra Reviews: DD+ Night/Sleep Nursing Bra for Even Larger Cup Sizes (and a Smaller or Bigger Band!)

SO … I went and got pregnant and had another baby. She’s 10 weeks old already. How did that happen??

Bravado Original Nursing Bra Review

Doing this whole nursing thing the second time around, I thought I knew what to expect bra-wise. BUT. When I went to stock up on a few new nursing bras–my last bunch from Baby #1 were wrecked–I found some new options in my size range and was stoked.

Here’s what I’m digging for that first postpartum period when you’re breasts are like, “HEY! And you thought these were big before? Mwahahaha.”

First up: the sleep bra. You’re engorged, you’re leaking, you gotta keep those nursing pads in place — I never really wore a bra to bed before kids, but nursing? Yeah, I’m pretty much in the YOU MUST HAVE ONE camp. My go-to sleep bra is the same one we wrote about here: the Bravado Original Nursing Bra.

Bravado Original Nursing Bra via Bravado
Bravado Original Nursing Bra via Bravado

But here’s the exciting part: there’s a “custom” version that goes up even higher in cup size and smaller in band size! I wore the S with Baby #1 but was really just kinda fudging it with the cup fit. The size chart is super generic and the S is supposed to fit a 32-36 band in cups E-G.

bravado original full cup bra size chart
Bravado Original Full Cup Bra Size Chart


The “Custom” version Bravado has? It lets you specify a 30-32 band size (yes!) if you need a smaller band fit. AND you can order cup sizes F-G and H-I in a 30-32 band (double yes!).

Also? They carry more cup sizes in the S-XL band sizes, too — up to an L cup in 32-36 or 36-40 band sizes, a K in 38-42, and an I in 42-46 — and have a bigger band option than the XL; a 46-50 in F-G cup.

Cup Sizes

Yes, these are US cup sizes, so on first glance it seems to only accommodate up to the equivalent to a UK G (30-32 band) or HH (32-40 band), but honestly? The cup sizing on this bra runs *very* large and even with an 11″ difference between my band and cup size (a US K cup), I still have a bit of room.

If you want some fit advice, email customer service at Bravado. I did before I ordered to confirm if these were returnable if they didn’t fit (the “custom” part threw me off; YES, they are returnable) and if the 30-32 H-I had any chance of fitting. I gave them my measurements and the bra size/make I was currently wearing and they told me it would be no problem at all. They were right on!

What I Don’t Like

Now, the downside — the custom bra sizes are $49.50 versus the regular $35. UGH. However! Bravado does free shipping and, if you’re a returning customer, you get your own discount code worth 15% off. (Note: I’m not affiliated with Bravado and am not receiving anything from them for this post–I just totally dig that they carry this custom option!)

Should You Buy?

Is the fit on this bra perfect? No. It’s still a little loose in the band and I look a bit, how shall we put this…saggy.

But for a sleep bra? It’s comfortable, supportive for sleep, and keeps everything (including those super important nursing pads) where it should be. I’ll call that a WIN.

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