20+Types Bras for Different Occasions that Every Woman Needs!

different types of bra for different occasions

20+Types Bras for Different Occasions that Every Woman Needs!

Do you have different types of bra for different occasions? After reading this guide, you will never be at a loss of what bra to wear for any event.

Choosing the right bra to wear is like choosing the right shoe. Usually, the occasion helps to determine the type of shoe to wear. This also applies to bras.

Wearing the appropriate bra at events, house parties, and different occasions doesn’t just show how confident you are but also keeps the breasts firm and healthy.

However, most women don’t know how to measure their bra size and which types of bras best suit their frames. Knowing your body type is crucial if you want an excellently fitting bra.

Did you know that there are different types of bras for different occasions? Just like you wear slippers around the house or pair up formal shoes for formal wear, there are particular bras you should wear to various occasions.

Different Types of Bra for Different Occasions

In this article, we cover different types of bra for different occasions. We’ll provide an overview of the bras and where you can find them, if you are interested in buying.

Let’s get started.

  • #1.  Push-Up Bras

Push-Up Bras

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Just like the name suggests, a push-up bra lifts the breasts and enhances their shape, creating a gorgeous cleavage. A push-up bra is recommended for people with small melons.

Push up bras comes in different push levels. The bras begin from a gentle push, which is level 1, and go up to level 3, offering some cleavage boost. The cup padding is what pushes up and shapes the breasts. You can remove or add the pads accordingly.

Push up bras are usually made of satin, cotton and polyester.

If you want to buy a push up bra, get one with a comfortable underwire and that sits firmly under the breasts. The bras are typically available from sizes A to E.

Here are some of the best push up bra for both small and large chests:

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  • #2.  T-shirt Bras

T-shirt Bras

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T-shirt bras usually have smooth cups and are perfect for women with shallow, uneven or thin breasts. The seamless bra cups help to keep the girls virtually invisible underneath, while enhancing their shape with the soft padding and underwire.

T-shirt bras are usually made of polyamide, cotton, and nylon. You can wear the bras under form-fitting dresses as they give a smooth, seamless look.

See the best T-shirt bras on the market:

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  • #3.  Convertible Bras

Convertible Bras

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Convertible bras are multi-way 4-in-1 bras with removable straps. Since the straps are detachable, you can put them back as you wish and wear the bra in different styles.

You can wear a convertible bra to different occasions since they are all-purpose. The bras come in satin, cotton, and polyester fabrics.

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  • #4.  Strapless Bras

Strapless Bras

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Strapless bras are the best option for women who find straps a bit uncomfortable. Usually, strapless bras are worn under off-shoulder tops and dresses. However, since the bras haves no straps, they offer less support compared to regular bras.

When choosing a strapless bra, always go for one with a thick band and underwire for better support.

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  • #5.  Balconette Bras

Balconette Bras

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A balconette bra is suitable for women with both small and more massive breasts. You can wear this bra under low-cut dresses. Single-piece dresses and tops that expose half of your breasts can also be worn with a balconette bra.

Balconette bras are usually made of satin, cotton, and polyester.

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  • #6.  Sports Bras

Sports Bras

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Sports bras come in different sizes and designs. These bras are designed to be worn when working out or during sports activities. The bras are padded and offer a natural shoulder movement, reducing bounce that comes with high-impact exercises. Sports bras also help keep the breasts firmly in place during workout sessions.

Sports bras are colorful and classy. However, you can wear them underneath t-shirts or on their own.

See the top sports bra in the video below:

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  • #7.  Halter Bras

Halter Bras

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Halter bras are stylish and usually have one strap, which can be worn either at the back or around the neck. You can wear these bras to the gym or while working out at home. You can also wear them underneath low-back tops and dresses.

Halter bras are typically made of polyester, satin and cotton fabric.

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  • #8.  Stick-On Bras

Stick-On Bras

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A stick-on bra is also known as an adhesive bra. The bra is self-supportive and has no straps.

Stick-on bras typically stick to the breasts with some paper pads and adhesive, supporting them fully. The bras come in different sizes to fit different body types and use elastane and silicone fabrics.

You can wear adhesive bras under strapless and backless outfits.

Here is a video with some of the best stick on bras for small busts:

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  • #9.  Shelf Bras

Shelf Bras

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Shelf bras fall under lingerie. Therefore, they are not suitable for everyday wear.

The bras have no pads and only features a frame line, exposing the better part of the breasts. A shelf bra would be ideal for those romantic nights.

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  • #10.  Longline Bras

Longline Bras

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Longline bras offer full breast coverage and extend right to the belly button. The are dual-purpose bras that adequately cover the breasts while defining the waistline area.

Longline bras are ideal for special occasions and every day wear too. You can get them in blended materials. The bras are perfect for women with medium to massive breasts.

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  • #11.  Sheer Bras

Sheer Bras

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Sheer bras usually fall in the lingerie department since they are more stylish and glamourous. These bras are transparent, have nets and laces around the cups and come in different sizes.

Sheer bras are usually made of satin, nets, and laces. The bras are perfect for all women, regardless of their breast shape and size.

Sheer bras come in different styles and can be worn under nightgowns in a romantic setting.

  • #12.  Racerback Bras

Racerback Bras

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A racerback bra usually falls under fitness and sports underwears. The bra is a single piece, has no hooks at the back but fits perfectly well without the hook-and-straps hassle. Its straps form a Y-shape at the back.

Racerback bras are perfect for women with narrow shoulders and those who don’t like visible straps underneath their t-shirts and tops. The bras come in different colors and designs, and are usually made from a blend of nylon and cotton.

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  • #13.   Underwire Bras

Underwire Bras

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Bras with underwire are designed to support the breasts. The bras offer support through the wires that are right below the bra cups and around the pads. The underwire also enhances the shape of the breasts, making them look rounder and hiding any bulges.

Underwire bras come in different sizes. The bras are usually made of satin, polyester and cotton, and are great for everyday wear under any outfit.

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  • #14.  Front Closure Bras

Front Closure Bras

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For women who want to achieve a seamless back, a front closure bra would be perfect for. The bras have hooks between the pads rather than the back. Clasping the hooks at the front is more comfortable and convenient. Their cups are padded with some soft pads and underwire to enhance the shape of the breasts.

Front closure bras are perfect for women with wide-set, teardrop, and round shape breasts. You can wear the bras under a dress that fits snugly.  The bras are available in satin, polyester, and cotton in different sizes.

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  • #15.  Plunge Bras

Plunge Bras

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Plunge bras have separated cups, joins at the low end and usually keep low necklines visible. These bras are also known as V-plunge or U-plunge bras. This means they meet at the lower end of the bra, creating a V or U shape.

A plunge bra is generally worn under dresses with low-cut or plunging necklines. The bra does give deep visibility of the breasts.

These bras come in different sizes. However, they are suitable women with perfectly-toned breasts since they make the sister look great underneath clothes.

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  • #16.  Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy Bras

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Mastectomy bras are mainly designed for patients who have undergone a mastectomy reconstruction procedure. The bras are available in different sizes  and are usually made of polyester, cotton or satin.

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  • #17.   Maternity Bras

Maternity Bras

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Maternity bras are meant for pregnant women. The bras usually offer full coverage and feature thick straps with additional support to minimize the bouncing of the breasts and keep you comfortable. Since the size of the breasts tends to change at different stages, you can comfortably adjust the straps for an excellent and supportive fit.

Maternity bras come in different sizes, don’t have pads and are wireless. This is important to give the breasts some breathing space during the different pregnancy stages. You can wear the bras under any maternity clothing.

See the best maternity bras:

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  • #18.  Bralettes


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A bralette is a bra with light padding, laces, and flimsy things all around that make it look sexy. Most women love bralettes since they are not only comfortable but also stylish.

Some bralettes have no padding, hooks or wires. This makes them quite easy to wear and take off.

Bralettes don’t enhance the shape of your breasts. However, they look great under loose-fitting clothes. The bras come in different sizes and are perfect for leisure and other non-physical activities.

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  • #19.   Cami Bras

Cami Bras

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Cami bras offer both coverage and style. The bras have a high neckline and full coverage cups to keep the breasts virtually invisible underneath clothes.

Cami bras are available in different designs for different occasions. For instance, there are those with underwires and padded cups that will give your breasts a rounder look. The pads of cami bras are detachable.

Cami bras are ideal everyday bras. You can wear them underneath sheer tops and open sweaters.

  • #20.   Beginner Bras (Training Bras)

Beginner Bras

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Just like the name suggests, a beginner bra (or training bra) is meant for young girls whose breasts are still growing. The bra has essential clothing that covers up the cleavage. The bra’s baseline can either be wireless or have a wire. Some beginner bras have soft pads.

For both healthy growth and shaping of the breasts, a beginner bra is a must-have for all teenage girls.

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  • #21. Full Figure

Full Figure

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A full-figure bra is a tank top that has some pads. The pads have an underwire that flatters the shape of your breasts while providing full coverage of the cleavage. The bra is perfect to wear for leisure activities since it comes at full length. You can wear it at the beach or when lounging at home.

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  • #22.  Cage Bras

Cage Bras

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A cage bra offers full breast coverage in a cage design with straps that cross over. The bras have large pads that reduce any nipple bulge.

You can wear a cage bra to showcase our naughty side during summer. You can also pair the bra with open-back shirts, loose-fitting tank tops, outfits with low-cut and sheer back for a sexy look.

The above are the different types of bra for different occasions.

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