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Freya Sports Bra Review

Freya Sports Bra Review

Looking for a new sports bra? Try the Freya collection. You only need to read one Freya sports bra review to know what to expect of all the bras. Here is our experience with the bras.

Sports bra manufacturers have been moving forward to address the needs of women with large melons. Back in the days, majority of us would wear two sports bras hoping that they will provide the support they need at the gym as well as prevent bounce.

Today, plus size women have plenty of sports bras to choose from, thanks to an influx of bra brands that cater to their sizes. One of these brands in Freya.

Freya Active Epic Molded Sports Bra Crop Top Freya Women’s Active Soft Cup Sports Bra Freya Women’s Active Underwire Sports Bra
Underwire: Yes Underwire: No Underwire: Yes
Reduces Bounce: Excellent Reduces Bounce: Good Reduces Bounce: Fair
Uniboob: No Uniboob: A little Uniboob: No
Compression: Medium-High Compression: Medium Compression: Medium-High
Shape: Natural Shape: A little pointy Shape: A little pointy
Overall : 5/5 Overall : 3.5/5 Overall : 3/5
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Why Buy Freya Sports Bras

If you run to catch the bus in your regular bra, you know why you need a sports bra.

Big breasts tend to bounce as you move. The bouncing can be quite uncomfortable and also embarrassing. You definitely don’t want to wear a bra that leaves you embarrassed or makes you feel uncomfortable.

The lack of proper breasts support from regular bras shouldn’t be a reason for you to fail to exercises. Instead of a regular bra, you need a sports bra.

The perfect sports bra minimizes bounce and, thereby, boosts your confidence. The bra also helps to reduce physical strains that may result from undertaking high-impact activities like running.

Check out on these Freya offerings below.

Freya Sports Bras Review

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The Freya Active Epic sports bra is versatile in all aspects. For example, you can change the conventional strap look into a racerback or anything close, thanks to the robust look at the back. You can also wear different designs of exercise tops without having to worry about the straps showing.

The sports bra has a molded cup and offers full coverage. It also compresses the breasts, hence creating the impression of a smaller cleavage. The bra’s underwire ensures there is no uniboob, while also providing high-level support to the breasts.

With this bra, you can adjust the straps though not entirely. You can only adjust the part that sits on the back.

When it comes to the band’s closure, the bra has only four hooks. This ensures quite a sturdy support.

The Freya Active Sports Bra is made from nylon, polyester, and elastane. The bra is made in odor-free technology, which helps in getting rid of bacteria responsible for the growth of odor. The benefit of the technology would be evident if you clean your bra regularly – hand washing does the magic.

The bra costs a penny. However, its benefits are worthwhile.

You can check out the range of colors available and prices on Amazon.

Available on Amazon

The Freya Active Soft Cup Bra doesn’t have an underwire. However,  it does its job perfectly.

The bra’s band fits well and the cups, which have partial lines, provide some definition when wearing. However, the definition is not as much as that of an underwire sports bra.

The Freya Women’s Bra features a soft cup. However, the lines are not entirely on the cups. The bra is lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

The bra’s construction provides a minimizing effect, even though it may appear small on the tapered sides.

The Freya sports bra has four hooks at the back that complement the band. The straps are partially adjustable and have a comfortable padding at the front half.

The Freya Active Soft Cup Sports bra can reduce bounce. Moreover, since it has a full-coverage cup, it sits right on the chest, ensuring nothing will pop out from the top.

Available on Amazon

This bra is discontinued. However, you can still get it in some stores.

Just like its underwire-free counterpart, the bra is made of soft fabric, with a breathable Coolmax material.

The Freya Active Underwire Sports bra has similar features as those of the soft cup bra. For example, it also has  half-adjustable straps with padding and a hook-and-eye closure.

The cups of this bra are not full coverage. Therefore, the breasts tend to slip out at the top when you are engaging in  high-impact exercises. For this reason, this bra is only ideal for low-impact workouts or activities.

The bra has seams sewn at the center of the cup. Therefore, it can give you that conical appearance.

Most women believe that the right sports bra should have an underwire. However, the underwire may dig on the sides, leaving you uncomfortable.

Our Verdict

So, which is the best Freya sports bra to buy?

Choose the Active Epic Sports Bra. You will feel great on wearing since it offers an excellent balance in terms of coverage, comfort, and style. These make it one of the best sports bras for plus size women.  Check reviews of what other people are saying.

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