Full Figure Bras with Underwire (5 Best Bras for Overweight Women)

Best Bras for Overweight Women

Full Figure Bras with Underwire (5 Best Bras for Overweight Women)

Which are the best full figure bras with underwire? Read on to find out.

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Currently, there are several bra alternatives in the market for women with large breasts compared to the past years. However, in reality, getting the right bra is quite hard. Ideal supportive bras for the plus size should make you feel comfortable when you have it on.

Often, you will find bras for plus size that either fits appropriately at the band or the cups but not both. Many people find managing their weight quite challenging. According to research, 70% of adults in the US are overweight.

Being overweight puts you at a higher risk of developing severe conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. For women, especially older adults being obese does increase the risk of breast cancer.

Having excessive fat tissues can increase the chance of developing breast cancer since it will raise estrogen levels. Additionally, overweight women tend to have high insulin levels, which are also another hormone. High insulin levels link to some cancers, including breast cancer.

The connection between breast cancer and weight is complicated. The risk appears to be high for women who gain weight in their adulthood and not those who have been overweight since childhood. Besides, having fat around the waist might raise the risk as opposed to other areas in your body.

Although gaining weight can increase cancer risk, scientists aren’t sure if losing weight can reduce the risk. It’s also helpful to avoid adding some weight regardless of you are overweight or not. Doing some exercises can help in lowering the risk of breast cancer. Studies show that practices are a healthy way of keeping breasts healthy.

Choosing a Bra for Obese Women

Accept that you wear the wrong bra size, which is a common problem for almost every woman. Obese women try to squeeze in smaller bras or those that are not supportive enough. These signs include the bra’s underwire digging into the skin, falling straps, and cups that tend to gape. Then you can go for a sister size.


Scrutinize the band of the bra. Most of the bra’s support should always come from the band. The band should fit perfectly well on the chest and shouldn’t shift or move when you raise your hands. If it moves, then that means the bra is too big, since the breasts weight tends to pull it up. Wear the bra on the loosest hook, so that when the band does stretch out, you can tighten it.


You should know how a proper fit feels. The bra cups should fit smoothly on the breasts with no gaps, digging, or any overflow. If you see any bulge, then probably the straps are tight, or the cups are small. The gore should lie on the chest flatly and hit the middle chest bone. The underwire has to follow the breast tissue perimeter and rest perfectly well on the rib cage. Besides, the straps shouldn’t slip off or dig into the shoulders.

Breast Shape

Put the shape of your breasts into consideration. When shopping for bras, you should not only pay attention to the breast size but the shape as well. For instance, if you have pear-shaped melons, a balconette or demi style would be ideal.


Check the bra’s fabric. Currently, several brands are experimenting with different materials such as mesh and lace without compromising on the comfort and support level. Regardless of the structure of the bra, it should provide ideal wing support – the material on the side panels should be durable to hold massive breast sizes. You should also look at the bra’s underwire or the padded cups, which enhances the shape of the breasts. Side boning helps in stabilizing the band, and padding on the straps manages the larger volume cups and provides a comfortable lift.

Best Full Figure Bras With Underwire

Here are some of the best bras for overweight women when it comes to comfort and support;

#1.  Elila Women’s Plus Size – Perfect Support Bra with Four Hook and Eye Closures for Overweight Women

Elila Women's Plus Size – Perfect Support Bra with Four Hook and Eye Closures for Overweight Women

Available on Amazon

Elila Women’s Plus Size Support Bra is the best support bra for overweight women, yet it has no underwire. It’s ideal for people who can’t stand underwires.

  • The bra has four hook and eye closures, unlike the usual three, which is common in most bras. I guess this was to make up for the bra being wire-free. The closures are perfect, especially in providing a snug fit, and exceptional support.
  • Additionally, the bra features unique cups that have seams and are also non-stretchy. The sling has padding responsible for additional lift and support.
  • The thick straps don’t stretch as well, but you can easily adjust them at the front.

Straps that stretch tend to wear out pretty fast, especially when you adjust them regularly. So, the straps in this bra not stretching is quite a relief! If you are looking to get the best support bra for overweight women that has no underwire, then the Elila Women’s Plus-size bra is what you should get.

The bra offers full coverage, has soft cups, and non-stretchy straps, which help in preventing flopping and drooping all over the place. It also holds the breasts up effortlessly.

In such instances, it will be good to go a size up so that you don’t end up with a small bra.


  • If you get the appropriate size, the fit is quite comfortable
  • The bra provides ideal support and shape throughout the day


  • The sizes tend to run small
  • The bra features some plastic on the sides which digs in the skin

If you are interested in other full coverage bras, check out the video below:

#2.  Warner’s No Side Effects Full-Coverage Underwire Bra

Warner's No Side Effects Full-Coverage Underwire Bra

Available on Amazon

The bra has innovative side panels that are a bit higher and also features an underwire. The side panels offer additional support while maintaining its comfort level since the fabric is 20% elastane and 80% nylon. The material is breathable and also moves along with you. Warner’s full-coverage bra does feature adjustable straps at the front and is available in a range of colors print, from gray leopard to classic black. It’s highly recommendable to hand wash the bra for longevity.

The bra is comfortable for high impact activities as the sides don’t ride up; hence, no adjustments throughout the day. It also smooths out the underarms on the sides perfectly well.

You can get the bra from sizes 34B to 44DD.

#3.  Playtex Original Comfort Strap Full-Coverage Bra

Playtex Original Comfort Strap Full-Coverage Bra

Available on Amazon

If you prefer wireless bra but still desire extra support, you should consider the best-selling bras from Playtex. The bra features thick straps and offers full coverage at the front and additionally lifts the breasts perfectly well without an underwire. The bra also has high sides, which are smoothing and a thicker band for stability and comfort with no digs on the skin. However, you can only hand-wash the bra.

The bra is super comfortable as it doesn’t chafe or curl. It’s also quite high on the underarms, and this ensures the breasts stay in position without rubbing. The bra offers flawless coverage, especially around the cleavage.

The bra is available from sizes 34D to 54DDD.

#4.  Panache Women’s Envy Stretch Lace Full-Cup – Best Support Bra with Lace for Overweight Women

Panache Women's Envy Stretch Lace Full-Cup – Best Support Bra with Lace for Overweight Women

Available on Amazon

Panache Women’s Envy Stretch Lace Full-Cup Bra will attract your attention.

  • The lace detailing comes with 4-sectioned cups that are textured and an underwire.
  • For high-level support, the designer did add some mesh wings. But the 4-sectioned cups with lining that will capture your attention since they feature side slings offering a lift to the breasts. The reason as to why the bra is incredibly supportive naturally.
  • Just like the fit of the bra, looks are also quite important, especially when it comes to Panache brands. The bra features an under band which is elastic and offers high-level support even for cup size GG. To add on that, it also has an elegant satin bow which makes it look unique.

You can choose to invest in this bra since it’s worthwhile. Panache Women’s Envy Stretch Bra has a reasonable price tag. It also offers lift and support to the breasts. The adjustable straps, underwire cups, and side slings will catch your attention in this bra.

However, the bra has seams meaning that it is visible underneath clothing with thin layers.


  • The floral lace featuring on the jacquard cups gives the bra a feminine touch
  • The center gore is durable providing outstanding control and additional comfort
  • The reinforced under band tends to accommodate large cup sizes up to GG.


  • Seams are visible
  • Underwire rubs against the skin at the center

#5.  Elomi Women’s Plus Size Underwire Banded Bra – Best Plunge Support Bra for Women with Large Breasts

Elomi Women's Plus Size Underwire Banded Bra – Best Plunge Support Bra for Women with Large Breasts

Available on Amazon

The current selection is an improvisation of the well-known Betty frame. The bra features many practical and functional elements which major in providing high-level support for big cups sizes.

  • The bra has a spectacular construction with two components. The moveable J-hook closure and the flexible racerback alternative which makes room for easy adjustments.
  • The show’s star has to be the lower plunge at the center. The bra’s front design comes in a plunge style, with no discomfort that comes with wearing a push-up bra.
  • The bra has an additional three-section cups, and this makes things better, besides the side panels. Resulting in encapsulated feel and look.

The Elomi Women’s Plus Size Bra also has an elastic neck edge, which makes fitting convenient as well. The brand caters for every aspect of the breasts. The bra is quite comfortable, unlike most bras with a plunge design.

However, the straps of this bra keep falling off from the shoulders. You can do away with this problem by going for one with a close-set.


  • It’s ideal for narrow shoulders and poor posture
  • The designer did use a lightweight and flexible fabric in the construction
  • Offers some round shaping and heavy lifting


  • Straps fall off the shoulders
  • The bra’s under band isn’t substantial

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