Number of bras a woman Should Own

How Many Bras Should a Woman Own?


According to an article on Glamour, the answer should be 16! It was in 2009, but when the same question was asked again in 2016, the number had gone down to 8!

Honestly, that number took me by surprise. When it comes to clothing, I consider myself a minimalist. On checking my collection of bras, I had about twenty of them. However, I rarely wear some of them.


The number of bras a woman should have depended on how long you want them to last. If you wear one bra daily and handle it with care by regular handwashing, you could surely squeak by close to six months before the bra becomes non-functional as it would have lost its elasticity. The bras mileage also depends on its construction.

When we decide to take on that logic, we can work with a formula, let’s assume you wear each of the bars equally. For every bra that is new in your rotation, add six months to it.

Mathematics on bra is not quite easy. Not a soul gets to wear each bra equally, and also, we barely throw out the bra when its time.

To use your bras to the maximum, have enough so that every bra can get a day or so to rest and also hand wash them. Hand washing allows the bra’s fabric to reset and prevents it from over taxation.

You obviously cannot put on one bra for every occasion. In as much as I get maximum support from my sports bra, I wouldn’t wear it under every outfit. Every woman has different needs, and this would depend on their lifestyle and fashion sense.

Bra Capsule Collection

An ideal capsule bar would fit in something like this:

full cup bra Prima Donna Deauville front

3× Everyday Bra

The shape of your boobs and style that gives you comfort will determine what you come up with as your everyday bra. I find my ideal bras to be either full cups or balconette bras. These two bras have a high cut that enhances their level of support, and I could wear them with several outfits comfortably. Some women will get the urge to add a t-shirt bra on this list since it offers that round smoothness but they have molded cups which would be unfit for those with saggy breasts.

I find the Panache Tango II balconette bra ideal, and when it comes to full cup alternatives, I prefer Elomi Caitlyn and Prima Donna Deauville.

2× Sports Bra

When I get on a gym streak, I usually go about four times a week, and I tend to sweat a lot, this, therefore, would mean washing the bra daily. The absolute minimum is two. Panache and Freya come in handy.

1× minimizer bras

People tend to wear a minimizer bra only when the outfit fits perfectly well everywhere else save for the chest. I don’t get to wear a minimizer bra most of the times, but when I do, the Lilyette Enchantment bra is what I would choose.

1× Strapless bra

Elila molded strapless

This bra has a great longline. The only limitation the bras have is that you cannot wear it with just any outfit.

I’ll choose an exquisite strapless bra since these bras are convertible. It, therefore, means that you get to attach the straps only when you want for extra support. Currently, I find the Elila’s Microfiber Molded Strapless Bra ideal. It can come off as a t-shirt bra when you add the straps on, and it’s also super comfortable.

1× Lounging Bra

Every woman out there should at least have that to go to bra for unwinding in the house. It should offer little support and should also be comfortable.

To maximize on the options, I try to choose bras that are cross-functional. Choosing the sexiest balconette bra means that I can get to wear it throughout the day and dress it either up or down. Get a one in a nude color to increase the number of times you can wear it.

Total Bras – 8

When you have a total of eight bras in your collection, the chances of washing your sports bras will come at 2 to 3 times on the average weekly. And you can wash your regular bra twice every week. The number of washes could either rise or fall, depending on how often you do your laundry.

Try it out! How many bras do you have? How many do you get to wear? And how many of the bras you are willing to throw away.

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