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How to Choose a Bra Style

How to Choose a Bra Style

Finding the right bra has never been easy. Wearing ideal lingerie can also make your outfit to look perfect.


If your breasts are full and all over naturally, then they are round. You are also conversant with spillage more than other breast types. Since your breasts are full at the top, several bra necklines tend to cut into the chest, causing a bulge over the bra. Therefore, this type of breasts deserves lingerie that will help enhance your form.

Consequently, it means that high coverage bras would be ideal. Many women who fall in this category often claim that they only get boring bras. However, with the current innovative designs in the market, you can get exquisite bras which are both functional and fun.


The teardrop-shaped breasts are naturally denser at the bottom and fuller on top. Most of the women in this category have saggy breasts which are quite common. You would, therefore, need the right bra which will hug the bust gently and also offer firm support. Underwire bras with no padding would be ideal since the padded ones would make the breasts have an awkward shape. You can shop for no-sag super support bras which are equally cute and practical.


Oval shaped breasts are full and firm and would look amazing in any bra. If you fall into this category, then you will only have trouble picking bras from all types of alternatives. From underwire, padded, non-padded, full coverage, to low coverage, you will have a variety to pick from. From the 500+ styles in the market, you only have to choose those that you prefer.


Conical breasts are shallow at the top but firm. You won’t need any enhancement since the shape of the breasts is beautifully natural. However, you should stay away from high, full, and three-quarter coverage cups since they might cause gaping. You should instead go for low coverage bras.

Choosing the Right Bra Style

However, you should bear in mind that something can work for several people and still not suit you, and it’s okay. It’s not your body’s flaw or the bra’s. You should always be patient and give yourself some time to try what is available. Currently, there are more brands, designs, and sizes, which makes it easier to get an ideal bra.

#1.  Don’t shy away from floating around with different sizes

It’s okay to have more than one correct measurement, but this would depend on the bra. Women who wear two different sizes are normal. The size you wear in a plunge might not be similar to that of a strapless bra. Sizes also differ depending on the brand. Ad this means that you have to pay attention to how the bra would feel on the body.

#2.  Most of the support should come from the band

Playtex Secrets Perfectly Smooth Wire-Free Bra

Available on Amazon

The bra is available from cup sizes 36B up to 44DD. The band has to be level and also parallel to the floor. It shouldn’t hitch upon the sides, in an arch-like shape, or lift on the back. If you experience all those mentioned above, then it means that the bra isn’t giving you enough support.

Bras with thicker bands offer high-level support as compared to those with narrow bands. Playtex Perfectly Smooth Bra has an extra-wide multiple-lined band which is designed to sit correctly to provide support around the torso area with no prods and pokes.

#3.  Check on the middle part of the fabric

If you notice a bra isn’t working perfectly well for you, ensure the gore lies flat against the sternum. It’s also known as tacking and also helps in anchoring the bra. If the gore tends to float off your body or moves around, you will experience a lot of wiggling and shifting in the bra cups. Wire-free bras don’t have gores that tack.

#4.  If the underwire fits wrong, chances are you got the wrong style or size

If the underwires don’t sit where they should; then it’s an indication that the bra is ill-fitting. The underwires should always enclose the breast tissues fully. If the wires rest on the breasts, they tend to dig into the sides. When you discover that the underwire doesn’t fully enclose the chest, you are likely wearing the wrong size.

#5.  Try anything else besides contour cups

Simone Perele Women’s Amour Demi-Cup Bra

Available on Amazon

The bra is available from cup sizes 30D up to 38E. Contour cups are the rage in America currently. It can be quite challenging for soft and saggy breasts to fill the bra cups. Women who wear large cup sizes beyond G may notice that molded cups don’t offer much support.

You can instead try out a different design such as the Simone Perele Women’s Amour Bra. As opposed to contour cups, this bra has a supportive underwire, lace detailing, and seams which help to enhance the breasts’ shape naturally. The features additionally adjust easily to different cup sizes.

#6.  Don’t stick to t-shirt bras if you want support

Amoena Karla Underwire Cut and Sew Bra

Available on Amazon

The bra comes in cup sizes 32B up to 42B. Most women often default to t-shirt bras; they, however, might not be an ideal alternative if you want high-level support. Bras that offer a lot of support have seams or cut and sew bras.

And this is because these bras are made from lace and mesh, and several women look risqué, and they are perfect for supporting and shaping the breasts as well. Amoena Karla Underwire Bra offers maximum support with its tulle pockets and different stitching.

#7.  Women with small breasts shouldn’t rule out petite bra sizes

The Little Bra Company Lucia Bra

Available on Amazon

It available in cup sizes 28A up to 38A. The Little Bra Company deals with petite frames and also offers small cup and band sizes with shallow cups, tight bands, and some close-set build. It provides both shape and support that women with a petite frame might not get from bras with large cups.

#8.  Fuller breasts should incorporate new technology in the bras

Chantelle Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra

Available on Amazon

The bra is available from cup sizes 32C up to 44H. Chantelle Rive Gauche offers plenty of support, especially for women with big breasts. Some innovative features, such as full coverage cups, side panels, and U-back power mesh, help to support the breasts completely. The bra is also high-quality and super comfortable.

#9.  Get a Powernet back and stretch elastic if you wear band size over 38

Goddess Plus Size Kayla Soft Cup Bra

Available on Amazon

The bra is available from cup sizes 36DDD up to 56G. Goddess Plus Size Kayla Bra features a Powernet back, side bones, and elastic stretch all over for extra support with no pads. Instead, the bra has soft cups and some shaping stitches which comfortably give you natural curves.

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