How to Choose Bra for a Big Bust

How to Choose Bra for a Big Bust

Wondering how to choose bra for big bust? Read our guide for the important things to keep in mind to find a comfortable and fitting bra for large breasts.

Women with large breasts usually have a difficult time finding a bra that works for them. When you have a big bust, you need a bra with adequate overages. Moreover, the bras need to provide an excellent level of support.

There are various aspects that you have to consider to find the right bra. These include the color, shape, and the size of the bra. You also need to check whether the bra is comfortable.

Guide: How to Choose Bras for Big Bust

If you have large breasts and are looking for the best bra for you, here are some guidelines that will help you.

1. Get a Professional Bra Fitter

Bra Fitter

Before you start pilling bras into your lingerie wardrobe, you have to know your actual breast size. A bra fitter can help you to determine your bra band size and cup size.

Many women wear the wrong size bra due to different reasons. The most common is that some of us just buy any bras that we find attractive.

Wearing an ill-fitting bra will keep you uncomfortable and may lead to breast-related health issues. Therefore, it pays to know your breast size. Follow the steps below to determine your bra size:

  • Stand in front of a mirror and measure the bra band.
  • Using a tape measure, get the measurement of the area around your chest at the lower side of the arm. Ensure the tape is firm on your body. Note down the measurement. The amount you get is your band size. Round off to the next number if you get an odd number.
  • Measure your bust. Place the tape at the area where there is a full bust. Note down the measurement.
  • Your cup size is the difference between the band and the bust size. Check your band size and cup size on this bra size chart to know your true bra size.

If you are wearing the wrong bra size, several things will show. For example, the bra straps may be falling time and again. Also, the underwire may dig into your breasts, making you uncomfortable. In such cases, you should get a sister size for comfort.

Read our guide on sister sizes here. Also, we’ve gone into detail on how to find your bra size in our article: How to Measure Your Bra Size.

2. Check the Band Size

Check the Band Size

The best support of the bra comes from the band. The band supports the underbust weight.

A good bra should fit perfectly and lift your underbust. The band should lie flat across your back and should not be shifting from side to side.

When wearing a bra, wear it on the loosest hook. The loose hook will keep you very comfortable. Women with large busts should get bras with broad bands. The broad bands provide good support to the big breasts.

3. Know the Feeling for The Best Bra

someone feeling bra

When choosing a bra for big bust, comfort is key. Check that the bra cups are comfortable and cover the breasts properly. The cups should also be smooth to the skin. If the breasts are bulging your bra cups or the straps are too tight.

The gore should lie flat on the chest. If you don’t know what the gore is, refer to our article on the parts of a bra.

The underwire should lie parallel to the breast tissues. Ensure the bra straps are not slipping from the shoulder. To check whether the straps fit properly,  insert two of your fingers under the gore. If the fingers can fit, that means the bra will fit properly. If the fingers are too loose, that means the bra cups are too large. If the fingers cannot fit, then it means the bra is too tight.

3. Swap Your Bras Regularly

Swap Your Bras Regularly

Bras, just like any other clothing, are subject to wear and tear. If you have large busts, your bra will wear out faster.

To reduce the wearing out, get several bras so that you do not strain a single one. After wearing a bra several times, it will not fit perfectly like it did when you bought it.

A regular bra, after frequent use, will stretch and wear out. Bra experts recommend that you should change your bra after at least six months of wearing it. The other option would be to alternate the bra several times.

To know how and when to change the bra, check for the following:

  • Check for slipping straps
  • Check whether the underwires are exposed
  • The lift from the bra could be lower than when you got it first

4. Check the Shape of Your Breasts

Check the Shape of Your Breasts

When shopping for a bra, consider your bust size and breast shape. There are several breast shapes, and different types of bras are suitable for them. For instance, the best bra for teardrop shape is a balconette bra.

Go for a design that will support the size of your bust. The most comfortable bras for large busts are unlined bras. These bras flatten and give your breasts a round shape.

5. Consider the Bra Fabric

bra showing its fabric

When it comes to buying bras for full figured women,  a common belief is that heavy bras offer the best support. However, it is designs such as lace and mesh options that provide the best support. The designs also don’t compromise on comfort.

Ensure that the bra you are buying has adequate wing support. The side paneling should support the bust well. Also, check that the bra has a comfortable underwire.

Finally, you can also go for bras with padded cups. The pads provide good support while the cups shape the breasts nicely.

With the right bra for big bust, your breasts will be well supported and rounded nicely, making you look sexy as you move around.

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