How to Choose Bra for a Big Bust

Individuals with large breasts always have a difficult time choosing the best bra that works for them. When you have a big bust, you need to get the best coverage for your breasts. You also need to get an excellent level of support.

There are various aspects that you have to consider. They include color, shape, and the size of the bra. You also need to check on the comfort that you get from the bra.

Guide for Choosing a Bra for Big Bust

The article helps you get the best guide in the making of choice for the purchase of the best bra if you have a big bust.

Get A Professional Bra Fitter

Bra Fitter

Before you start pilling bras into your lingerie wardrobe, you have to know the actual size that you should be wearing. The bra fitter will help recognize your bra band size and cup size. Many women wear the wrong size of the bra as they wear any bra that they find attractive. The wrong side of the bra will keep you uncomfortable and may lead to breast-related health issues. Finding out your bra size can also be easy if you do it on your own in the following steps.

  • Get at the front of a mirror and measure the bra band.
  • Using a tape measure, get the measurement of the area around your chest at the lower side of the arm. Ensure the tape is firm on your body. Note down the measurement. The amount you get is your band size. Round off to the next number if you get an odd number.
  • Measure your bust. Place the tape at the area where there is a full bust. Note down the measurement.
  • Your cup size is the difference of the band and the bust size. Check the number on the chart, and you are good to go.

If you are wearing the wrong bra size, several things will show. If the straps of the bra are falling time and again. Another sign is when the underwire digs into your boobs, keeping you uncomfortable. In such cases, you should get a sister size which will keep you comfortable.

Here is a guide on how to measure your bra size.

Check the Band Size

Check the Band Size

The best support of the bra comes from the band. The band is essential for the provision of the support to the underbust weight. The best bra should fit perfectly and ensure that your under bust has the best lift. The band of the bra should lie flat across your back and should not be shifting from side to side.

When you wear the bra, ensure that you wear on the loosest hook. The loose hook will keep you very comfortable. Women who have large busts should have the bras that have broad bands that will be essential for the best support to the big breasts.

Know the Feeling for The Best Bra

someone feeling bra

If you have the best bra, you are sure to get the best comfort. For women with big breasts, you must have cups that are best for your breasts. The cups should provide the best comfort and coverage of the breasts. The cups of the right bra should be very smooth to the skin. If the breasts are bulging you have small cups or the straps are too tight.

The material that makes the cup should be flat on the chest. The underwire should lie parallel to the tissues of the breasts. Ensure the straps of your bra are not slipping from the shoulder. To check the straps fitting, two of your fingers should comfortably fit under it.

Swap Your Bras Regularly

Swap Your Bras Regularly

Bras, just like any other clothing, is subject to wear and tear. If you have large busts, your bra will have a high rate of wearing out. To reduce the wearing out, get several bras so that you do not strain a single out. After several times wearing the bra, the fit will not be as perfect as the time when you bought it.

A regular bra, after frequent use, is subject to stretch and wear out. Bra experts recommend that you should change your bra after at least six months of wearing. The best thing to do could be alternate the bra several times. To know how and when to change the bra, check for the following aspects:

  • Check for the slipping straps
  • Underwires would expose
  • The lift that you get from the bra is low when you compare to the moment when you got it first.

Check the Shape of Your Breasts

Check the Shape of Your Breasts

When shopping for the bra, always consider your bust size. Other than the bust size, you also need to check your breast shape. There are several breast shapes. For instance, if your breasts are in the shape of a teardrop, the best bra that will work for you is the balconette bra.

Go for a design that will support the size of your bust. The most comfortable bras for individuals with large busts are the unlined bras. The unlined bras will give your breasts a round shape and get you a flattening effect.

Consider the Bra Fabric

bra showing its fabric

When it comes to the best comfort and support for big busts, there are many myths where it is a common belief that the best support comes from heavy bras. However, common brands such as the lace and mesh options are best in giving big bust the best support. The design is the best as they do not compromise the comfort that you get.

When buying a bra, ensure that it gets you the best wing support. The side paneling should be able to give your significant bust excellent support. Other things that you need to look for is the presence of underwire that is comfortable.

You can also check for padded cups that are essential for the support provision to the breasts. The cups are also necessary for shaping. It gets your breasts a good shape hence enabling you to remain very sexy as you move around.


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