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Learn How to Fix a Tight Sports Bra

Learn How to Fix a Tight Sports Bra

Want to learn how to fix a tight sports bra? This easy DIY guide will ensure you have a fitting sports bra that is not only supportive but also comfortable.

Sports bras should have a tighter fit than regular bras. Some athletic bras are quite small but can fit properly if adjusted. With these bras, the only option is stretching them out.

Workout bras can be small in different ways. For example, the band might be smaller while unadjustable straps makes the band sit a bit high. Some bras are also made of materials that are  more prone to stretching than others. However, all bras tend to lose elasticity over time, regardless of the type of material used to make them.

woman wearing tight sports bra

It is not advisable to repeatedly wear a sports bra that fits tightly so as to stretch it out. Instead, there are various things you can do to stretch the bra.

How to Fix a Tight Sports Bra

Let’s look at how to fix a tight sports bra made of cotton and polyester.

Stretching Out a Cotton Sports Bra

A cotton sports bra will typically shrink after several washes. This is especially the case if it wasn’t shrunk during production. Also, you cannot undo the shrinking once done.

However, you can try loosening up the fibers to stretch out the sports bra to a comfortable size to suit your needs and do the same for one with a smaller fit.

Follow these simple steps to fix a tight sports bra made of cotton:

How to Fix a Tight Polyester Sports Bra

Stretching out a polyester sports bra is quite easy, depending on the how strong it is on the fabric or elastic. Polyester is mostly used in sports bras since its very stiff. On the other hand, elastics are usually made to naturally rebound with each stretch. Some sports bras designed for high impact activities use a little stretch fabric.

When it comes to stretching out a polyester sports bra, you’ll need to enlarge it or try weakening the spandex. However, this will compromise the bra’s quality. These tips typically allow the occurrence of the two in different dimensions:


When fixing a tight sports bra, you can use your body to get a perfect fit. Simply wear the bra after washing while it’s still wet and carry on with whatever you are doing until it dries. However, if this it too much trouble, take it to the dry cleaner to stretch it out for you.

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