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How to Keep a Sticky Bra on When Sweating

how to keep a sticky bra on when sweating

Do you know how to keep a sticky bra on when sweating? Read our guide to find out.

Just as the name suggests, a sticky bra does exactly that. Stick! No one wants to deal with the embarrassment that comes with having to frequently adjust the bra as it keeps slipping down.

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Fortunately, sticky bras are not as tacky as they were several years back. This means that the adhesive cups can stick on the chest for longer even when sweating. In this case, you can always go for silicone sticky bras since they are sturdy and more durable.

By now, we are all familiar with sticky bras also known as adhesive bras, silicone bras, NuBra or stick-on bras. They usually have an adhesive layer lining in the bra cups that helps it stick on the chest. A sticky bra is an effective option for breast support if you are looking for something that stays virtually invisible underneath clothing.

How to Keep a Sticky Bra on When Sweating

Sticky bras are seamless, invisible and problem solvers, like literally! But, how do you keep a sticky bra on when sweating? Wearing the right fit and doing it correctly plays a significant role in keeping a sticky bra on even when you break a sweat.

Sticky bras were typically designed for daring women who are ready to embrace life. Those who dance their hearts out, love travelling to all these exotic places and want to live their life in the fast lane. The idea of fun in this case involves breaking sweat that’s why your sticky bra needs to weather the storm. This means that it has to be made of a strong glue for durability purposes.

When shopping for sticky bras, avoid cheap alternatives as they usually use inferior adhesives that tend to lose stickiness quite fast. Besides, they can’t stay in place when you sweat. Going for premium quality saves you the worries even though they are relatively expensive. What’s more you can also sweat proof your sticky bra by not wearing oils, perfumes, lotion, creams, powder, balms, after suns and bronzer. You get the drift. Ensure the chest area is moisture free.

If you wear the sticky cups on an oily skin, it will slip off even when you are not sweaty. Sticky bras adhere and suction to dry surfaces better since moisturizers tend to interfere with the stickiness. Ensure you wear the right firm to prevent it from slipping when you sweat.

Extra Tip: Wash your sticky bra right after you take it off as it helps restore and regenerate the cup stickiness.

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