Here is How to CORRECTLY Measure Your Bra Band Size

How to CORRECTLY Measure Your Bra Band Size

Here is How to CORRECTLY Measure Your Bra Band Size

Learn how to measure bra band correctly in this guide.

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If you are unhappy about the fit of your bra, it would be prudent to check the underbust. The underbust will help you get the right bra size. You should always decide the band size of your best bra first. It, therefore, means that you should how to measure bra band size.

image of an ill-fitting bra with the band too tight

Maybe your bra band doesn’t feel comfortable anymore, or the cup size. Anyway, when a bra is ill-fitting, you will feel it throughout the day:

  • You will keep pulling the straps and the cups to make the bra stay in place
  • Trying to make the bra comfortably stay in place firmly yet beautifully around the underbust, while the breasts nicely fit into the cups

How to Measure Bra Band Correctly

The first step is usually to measure bra band size as it helps you get an accurate bra size. You can begin by taking your underbust measurement then pick the band size that falls closer. After which you can get a cup size that matches it. A bra’s band size should be firm and not fit too snugly.

  • When measuring your bra size, always be precise.
  • Measure underneath the breasts and around the body
  • Note down the centimeters and inches
  • Check the bra sizing chart for your band size
  • Remember to check all sizing charts including those with smaller sizes, which means AA and A cups
  • Measure the size of your breasts

Most of the times, women choose to keep their current bra size since they are accustomed to it and how the bra fits. However, it is wrong to stick to a bra because of such reasons since it can result in breast health issues.

Also, any slight changes in the measurements can result in a new bra size. Wearing a properly fitting bra not only makes you feel comfortable but will also boost your confidence. Besides, your outfits will look better if the bra fits right.

Should the Bra Band Be Tight?

The bra band should feel a little tight yet firm. But it shouldn’t fit too snugly. When it gets warmer, the bra’s elastic fiber tends to relax. Therefore, when you wear the bra, it usually feels firmer for the first ten minutes. After a while, the bra’s fabric will slowly respond to your body’s warmth.

wearing a well-fitting bra with the band showing

Sometimes, women get that they can fit perfectly well in two different band sizes. It happens especially to women who fall in between sizes. But some will ask, what about the cup size?

Does Cup Size Change When the Band Size Changes?

The cup volume usually changes if you either go up or down a band size. For instance, a bra in size 36B has a different cup size in bra size 38B. If you want a prominent band size without changing the cup size, you would need to change from 36B to 38A.

Another example is when you wear bra size 36A. You feel the bra cups are okay but want a smaller band size. In such cases, you’ll need to go for 34B to retain the original cup size.

Let’s take yet another example of a woman who wears bra size 34AA. You want a similar cup volume but a larger band size, say 36. You would need a 36AAA bra size to retain the initial cup volume.

Additionally, if you have been wearing band size 34 as per the bra sizing chart, you will notice that it also falls closer to size 36. For women who wear bra size 34AA and change to 36AAA, you will see that the bra cups look a bit more natural. Besides, 34AA and 36AAA bra cups are of the same size but are usually positioned a little wider. You should, therefore, know how to measure bra brand size.

Now you know how to measure bra band correctly.

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