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This is the Correct Way of Packing Bra When Traveling

how to pack bras for travel

Traveling soon? Then you need to know how to keep your intimates safe and secure. Read on to find out how to pack bras for travel to save space and still not damage them.

Ladies, you’ll definitely agree that most of us can’t go anywhere without wearing a bra. However, dealing with bras can be quite annoying, especially when you are set to travel. It’s even worse when you don’t know how many of them you need to pack.

However, bringing bras along when traveling is beneficial for several reasons. For example, you can be sure of keeping your girls in place when engaging in various physical activities. Apart from keeping the sisters in place, you can also use bra stashes to store your passport and other small items.

woman wearing bra while traveling

For the most part, packing bras is usually challenging because they might crush in the backpack or suitcase. However, can’t ditch wearing bras altogether even when traveling to humid areas like Southeast Asia.

In this guide, we’ll go through the art of packing bras when traveling to ensure they don’t get damaged. We’ll recommend some bra storage accessories that will ensure the delicates don’t get smashed.

Read on for tips on how to pack bras for travel.

Best Bra Storage Organizers

You can use various organizers to keep your delicates safe and in shape. These organizers include:

Cup Case

If you want your bras to maintain their original shape when traveling, store them in cup cases. These undergarments storage organizers are usually round with an outer shell and a zipper. This is a small protective case for keeping the intimates.

Cup Case


Bra Bag

You can also get a giant bag to store the bras flat rather than having to fold them. The bag can store several bras.

Bra Bag


Also, try bra wash bags, such as packing aids or a packing cube with protective material and room where the garmenets can lay flat. You can also use tube packing cubes and shoe bags too.

If you are a frequent traveler and have many bras, the above cases will come in handy for storage.

How Many Bras Do You Need When Travelling?

The length of your trip and the number of outfits will determine the number of bras you need.

However, it’s advisable to carry three bras of different designs: a seamless lounge bra, strapless and a classic lace racerback.

The racerback bra is for comfort and support. Moreover, you can show it off thanks to the beautiful lace design at the back.

Other Ways of Packing Bras for Travel

The above bra packing options are great. However, you likely won’t need more than two underwire bras for your trip. You can wear one and then pack the other.

If you carry too many bras, they may take up a lot of space. Moreover, some of them may not be flexible enough,  making it difficult to pack additional items. You are also likely to purchase other items during the course of your travel.

When packing, store the bras last to avoid crushing them. As you fill the suitcase, leave enough space for the bras to sit at the top comfortably. Also, pdon’t leave the bras hooked. Instead, nest the cups inside each other to keep them well-supported.

The first alternative is to fold the bra in half without necessarily crumpling it. You can forgo this option if the bra is fancy or has molded cups as it can distort their shape.

Watch the video below to learn how to fold a bra correctly.

How to Fold a Bra Properly to Save Space at Home or During Travel (Sports Bra, Crop Top Bra, etc.)

Secondly, use readily available items to pack your bras, such as a Ziploc bag. Gently place the bras in the bag, leaving some air to cushion them instead of flattening.

Ziploc Storage Bags


Another alternative is to pack your bras in the suitcase’s zippered lid. However, when traveling with a backpack, this option barely works.

Lastly, you can lay the bras flat on top of other items in the suitcase and place a pair of socks underneath them. Consider packing some sports bras as well since they can be folded easily.

Finally, don’t forget to pack items that will help you to keep the bras clean while on the road. We are talking about things like soap, sink stopper, and clothesline.

There you have it. That is how to pack bras properly for travel.

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