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How to Stop a Bra from Being Pointy

how to stop a bra from being pointy

Do you know how to stop a bra from being pointy? If you don’t, this easy-to-follow guide is for you.

If your bra is pointy, you can make some alterations to it so that it looks rounder. Fortunately, you don’t have to cut anywhere or anything. Moreover, you can undo the stitches without damaging the bra.

I would suggest trying this method on an old bra first, get to see the outcome and proceed if you like it. Also, a bra with smaller cups wouldn’t be ideal as the nature of this procedure takes a little space from them. Instead, go for a bra that fits perfectly or one that tends to run big.

However, you’ll only lose ¼ of the bra’s cup size unless you are wilding. The alteration will also not give you perfect results on a bra with mesh on the upper part and thin lace. Instead, it works well with fabrics thick enough to hold stitches or maybe just one.

How to Stop a Bra from Being Pointy

The concept of altering a pointy bra is quite basic. It’s more of the bra having a lot of cup depth as opposed to the width. To ensure the pointy bra gives you a rounder shape, you’ll need to reduce the fabric at the top part so that the cup has lesser depth than the width.

Take the fabric on the seam lying diagonally across on the cup. Technically speaking, you’ll need to pull the sections at the bottom over the top part then stitch them securely in place. When you’re done, the top part will look smaller while the bottom section remains the same.

Changing the shape of a bra is quite easy.

First, wear the pointed bra, grabbing the seam to be sewn. Pull it over the upper section to see how it appears on the side gauging how far you want to go in. When you get a better position, you can tape it in the middle of the bra’s seam then take it off. Don’t remove your bra before taping the right position. Taping allows you to get a rough idea of how the bra will fit before sewing.

Put the bra over your knee and tape the entire seam. The width will not be same all round. You’ll have to take in most of the fabric from the seam’s center then taper off very little towards the top and bottom. Remember, you can’t interfere with the underwire’s volume. You will therefore need to go back out around the regular seam before hitting the underwire. Those who often sew will find sense in this.

After tapering across the front seam, do the same on the inside as well, keeping the fold flat. The fabric should be in three layers when sewing with one being the seam and not a bundle of crumpled layers. Taping is a great option. You can also try pining but the former will be easier as it ensures the rounded shape is continuous on the alteration.

When using the tape, you’ll also need thimbles for the needle to go through the fabric and tape layers. Besides, you can invent your own thimble using the tape layers to get the needle through the bra’s fabric, and use tweezers to pull it all the way up. Don’t pull the needle with your teeth.

At this point, you can now start sewing.

Put your mind to task as the process is quite involving. You can begin at the lower part of the seam, close to the bra’s underwire as you work your way upwards to where the strap is usually attached. You’ll have to break along the way to rearrange your tape on the fold to ensure it stays neat.

When you are done sewing the entire seam, rip off the tape on the stitches. If the tape layer is thick, hold down the stiches during the process so you don’t distort them.

This is how the final result looks like:

Here is the bra side view before the alteration:

And here it is after the alteration:

This alteration won’t significantly change the bra cup size. When you do the sewing,  you are going to lose some volume in the cup. Therefore, keep this in mind if the bra you’re working on is already a tight squeeze. However, you should be able to get a good idea of how it will fit from the way you tape it before you start sewing.

And that is how to stop a bra from being pointy and make it rounder.

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