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Learn How to Wear the Bralette the Grown-Up Way

how to wear a bralette the grown-up way

We all believe that bras are meant to be worn underneath clothing. However, amidst preoccupation with a woman’s private dressing, undergarments are becoming impossible to keep invisible. Besides, the idea of not keeping them under wraps is not new. Think Madonna’s cone-shaped bra and Coco Chanel’s silk pajamas. The trend needs to be seen this season.

The new way of wearing the boudoir trend is with a visible, yet grown-up bralette and not subtle peeks. It’s not about sporty and stretchy crop tops. The bralette this time round is about showy prints, delicate lace, and silks that will make a fashion statement.

Prada arguably offered a convincing take on the bra top trend worn over shirts. They all came in different styles, some in black plaid, red, plain, and other sprouted feathers.

Alexander Wang also tried with ballet-Esque wrap around styles while Altuzarra provided a retro feel with ruffle trims and cherry prints. However, Alexander McQueen gave the most unexpected approach as models wore Victorian gothic bralettes made of leather on top of floral dresses.

If you are a beginner on all this boudoir dressing concept, allow your bralette to peek out underneath the shirt slightly. You will be able to comfortably add some details to your outfit without completely exposing your body. If you are bold enough, don’t be afraid to make the bralette a focal point of your entire look.

You can also wear the bralette underneath a jacket suit paired up with high waisted trousers or skirt to show a little bit of skin.

Plus, you can take it up a notch higher by borrowing a cue from the runway and wear the bralette over a button-up shirt instead of under. It would help if you also remembered that a full skirt is a better bra accompaniment than a short tight one.

When winter sets in, you can wear your bralette over a polo-neck.

For summer, pair it up with a boho skirt.

You can also borrow a leaf from the trouser suit trend and in a modern and stylish three-piece suit.

Bralettes can be a great Christmas party ensemble when worn right.

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