Lilyette Enchantment Minimizer Bra Review

Lilyette Endless Smooth Minimizer Bra

Lilyette Enchantment Minimizer Bra Review

Want to minimizer your breasts 2 inches or more? Then you need a minimizer bra. Read our Lilyete Enchantment Minimizer Bra review to find out why it is one of the best minimizer bras for plus size.

The Lilyette Enchantment Minimizer Bra is a plus size intimate that will get your interest for two reasons:

i) It is an affordable stylish bra – you’ll not easily come across this combination when it comes to larger cup brass.

ii) Its design is quite similar to the Freya Rio Balcony Bra. However, the Lilyette has some improved features compared to the Rio.

While the Rio is the perfect bra for plus size women, the perforated material that is used to make it is quite difficult to pair with other materials. On the flipside, the Lilyette is very smooth and is available in several different colors.

Lilyette Enchantment Minimizer Bra Review

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Lilyette Enchantment Minimizer Bra Review


The straps on the Lilyette are placed at a perfect distance from the shoulder, making it hard for spillage to occur. The straps are made from a comfortable, thick material and are adjustable. You won’t need to deal with dig marks on your shoulder even if you wear the bra all day long.

Cup and Gore

The bra has comfortable cups and runs true to size. If you can go down or up a cup size, you’d want to consider going down at least one size down with this bra.

The Lilyette has quite a prominent seam that runs along the center of the bra. Therefore, it is likely to be visible on lighter tops. This happens to be one of the most common problems with most minimizer bras. The bra might not be the perfect match for a skimpy summer outfit. However, you can wear it under your fall or winter clothing.

Looking at the gore, if your breasts are wide-spaced or ‘normally’ spaced, they are likely to lie flat on the chest if you get the wrong sizing. However, if the breasts are narrow-set, you might have an issue with the gore popping out.


Lilyette Enchantment Minimizer Bra Review

The Lilyette’s wide-winged straps on the back is one of the strongest features of the garment. This is a welcoming surprise for a bra design that is also affordable. The wide-winged straps provide a seamless smoothing effect without forming any back fat.

The bra comes with three rows of hooks for larger sizes. However, as you will discover over time, having a four-hook seam is better for maximum support.

The band offers a comfortable feel and stays in place the whole day without riding up.

The plus size minimizer bra does not have any boning at the side where it meets up with the cup. In such a situation, the best way to create support is by having a more substantial underwire, similar to the one on the Lilyette. However, this will result in less side support. Moreover, the lack of boning will mean that the bra will not shape the breasts as well as you may expect.


If you’re 5’7” with a wide chest of 38-40, the long underwire will not be a problem under the arms. This applies even after the bra has been adjusted to the tightest strap setting. However, women with a slightly narrow chest may experience some problems with the underwire.

The bra feels comfortable under the breasts. The underwire housing is thick enough that you won’t feel uncomfortable from the pressure caused by the underwire.


The plus size bra is well-made from a breathable and comfortable material. It is quite supportive and the lifting effect helps to prevent your shoulders from straining.

Overall Shape

The Lilyette offers a nice, rounded appearance. However, its seams don’t guarantee a slightly pointy feel for some breast shapes.

While the bra minimizes a little, it doesn’t minimize enough. The end result you’ll get is a natural look without excessive flattening. However, the bra distributes weight evenly on the sides.

Best For

Lounging, all-day wear.

Can an Affordable Bra Be Perfect?

The Lilyette Enchantment Minimizer bra is comfortable if you get the right sizing for it. You should re-measure yourself before buying it because the sizing in other bras isn’t similar to that of the Lilyette. Overall, this bra deserves a 4 out of 5-star rating.

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