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Pepper Bra Review

pepper bra review

The wrong bra tends to killconfidenceespecially if you have small breasts. Gapping and sagging bra cups usually make those tangerines appear flatter. Small-breasted women also deserve well-fitting bras just like their voluptuous counterparts. All women should have options when it comes to bras regardless of their breast size.

Pepper is a lingerie brand known to design empowering yet stylish bras that specifically cater to women with small breasts. The bras feature unique no-gapping cups with the ability to scoop and also lift breasts to make them look flattering. The brand sells different accessories to promote sustainability, confidence and comfort.

Pepper was featured in Hello Giggles, Huffington Post, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, PopSugar, Glamour, Shape and Allure. The brand has made a reputation over the years and has a huge following on Instagram. This Pepper bra review provides a detailed insight on the brand including what customers opinions, promotions, best-selling products among others to help you make an informed decision when shopping.

Pepper was founded by two friends who felt that women shouldn’t be judged based on the size of their breasts. The brand was established by Lia Winograd and Jaclyn Fu in 2017 using the $10,000 Kick Starter fund. They attained their goal 10 hours into their live campaign.

The brand designs their lingerie in Columbia as the country is known to be manufacturing giants when it comes to bras. Pepper’s facility also creates employment for women who are breadwinners especially single mothers. The brand focuses on sustainable and ethical approach towards textiles and manufacturing and also works to reduce their carbon footprint.

Pepper is a firm believer in confidence – every woman deserves to feel good in their own skin. Most of their bras are usually made of high-qualitypolyester/spandex blend fabric. The cups are uniquely designed to scoop, lift and shape small breasts to make them look flattering. Pepper carries three styles –Laidback Lace Bra, Limitless Wire Free Bra and All You Bra.

Pepper Bra Review

Here are some of the pros and cons of this brand according to the Pepper bra review;



The bras and accessories from this brand are flirty, flattering and fun. Pepper creates smartly designed products that builds a woman’s confidence. Just like Penny bras are made for women with large breasts, Pepper does the same for their small-breasted counterparts.

Finding a comfortable and flattering bra in small band and cup sizes is literally an uphill task. This is where Pepper bras come in. They are specially designed to fit and flatter those tangerines and boost your confidence while at it. These bras eliminate the common gapping issue that most women with small breasts usually deal with when wearing regular bras. In this review, we will highlight the three bra designs that the brand offers;

1. Pepper Limitless Wire Free Bra

Pepper Limitless Wire Free Bra is made with an incredibly soft fabric that helps lift the breasts naturally without making them look like pancakes. It fits snugly around the chest and provides excellent coverage for different activities. According to Pepper bra review, it’s more of a yoga bra and accentuates your curves as in the way yoga pants do to your bottom.

This bra features a hook and eye closure at the back. The brand has a Pepper fit survey on their website that will help you find a perfect fit. It additionally features an elastic underbust band for support althoughit’s not a typical sports bra. It almost resembles a bralette but has a better fit. Pepper Limitless Wire Free Bra looks amazing underneath clothes and is equally comfortable, ideal for everyday wear.

Pepper Limitless Wire Free Bra comes in different colors including neutral options and stylish desert themes like red clay and dune reminiscence. Check out this comfortable and versatile bra in colors Cocoa, black, sienna rose, Coral cloud and Tuscan.

2. Pepper All You Bra

Pepper All You Bra is the brand’s best-selling bra in the market. It features underwire cups for natural shaping and support letting you enjoy them in their true element. Pepper aims to kill all the negative vibes associated with small breasts and femininity. This will help women feel confident in their own skin.

Pepper All You Bra features an underwire but you will not have the dreaded gapping and push-up padding. The bra is crafted with the brand’s famous lift design to accentuate your curves, creating a beautiful silhouette underneath clothing. It comes in seven different colors for wardrobe versatility and styling.

The sleek design you allow you to wear the bra under almost every outfit. It’s super comfortable and supportive ideal for everyday wear. Plus, it’s relatively cheap.

3. Pepper Laidback Lace Bra

Pepper Laidback Lace Bra is the ultimate in comfort and support as per the Pepper bra review. It’s equally stylish and sexy as it was designed to bring out a woman’s beauty. It’s extremely comfortable which makes it perfect for lounging and running errands. It’s also elegant enough to wear to a romantic date night and show it off a little.

Pepper Laidback Lace Bra features shallow cups to prevent gapping as it lays flat against the chest to accommodate the entire breast tissue. The elastic underbust band provides support and helps prevent the bra from riding up. This bra saves you the embarrassment that comes with tugging.

This bra is designed with the brand’s signature lift. Pepper Laidback Lace Bra is available in different colors including Blush crush, beige, black, coral cloud and sienna rose. It’s simple, elegant and affordable.

A Review on Pepper Cotton Underwear

Just like the bras, the underwear are also thoughtfully designed. They are thin, soft and feel like a second skin. Every woman needs these underwear in their wardrobe. It features slight hemming on the edge that helps keep it in place all day long. The cotton underwear comes in a pack of three in red, black and beige.

Pepper Cotton Underwear is made of pure cotton which means it feels incredibly soft against the skin. You might have to size down since the panty tends to run big since it stretches. They are super comfortable that you can wear everyday and are relatively affordable. You must however note that once sold they are non-refundable.

A Review on Pepper Cozy Cotton Socks

A comfortable pair of socks can make your day. You can throw on a slightly long cardigan and boy shorts when lounging around the house. Pepper Cozy Socks are made of pure cotton and comes in multiway colors -yellow heels, purple toes and black tops in pink.

These mid-calf long pair of socks can be worn under boots to give you that comfortable and stylish effect. Pepper Cozy Socks are too cute to be kept under wraps all day. They are affordable and only come in one size.

Pepper Accessories

Pepper accessories are designed with functionality in mind just like the bras. We all know that good looks need a few secret tools for the ensemble to be complete. The brand got you covered whether you are looking for a laundry bag, scrunchies or masks. Here’s the Pepper bra review details:

Pepper Scrunchies

Pepper Scrunchies usually come in a multi-colored set of three. Men and women have had their fair share of defective hair ties. Pepper bra review appreciates brands that understand the assignment. It’s quite annoying when you get all psyched up and purchase a new product at a fair price only to realize that it’s not as efficient or effective as it was hyped. We are not talking of the scrunchies.

Pepper Scrunchies set features an elastic similar to those crafted on their bras. These stylish scrunchies usually stay in place throughout the day unlike other brand’s hair accessories. They are made with a velvet like fabric that takes you down memory lane to the 70’s pop culture. According to Pepper Bra Review, these scrunchies are functional and trendy.

Pepper Mask

Looks like masks will be here for a long time so you need to get a comfortable option. Pepper Masks are made of cotton. You can increase positivity by wearing bright colored masks or those with fun prints. Wearing these masks promote the release of the feel-good hormone in the body known as serotonin.

Pepper Cotton Mask features ear loops that you can adjust to customize fit and is only available in one size. The mask additionally features a speckled funky design pattern design in Pepper’s signature color. Plus, it’s durable. Don’t throw it directly into the washing machine when cleaning. This is where the laundry bag comes in handy.

What are you waiting for, spice things up with this unique Pepper Cotton Mask!

Pepper Laundry Bag

The Pepper Laundry Bag is quite handy when cleaning up your intimates. The laundry bag features a pouch in a cosmetics design and comes with an elastic tab that secures the zipper. The secured zipper ensures that the laundry bag doesn’t tumble in the washing machine. The bag’s design is carefully thought out.

Here are some tips to follow to protect your intimates and avoid damaging the fabric:

Ensuring the zipper is tucked into the elastic tab helps prevent it from opening during the cycle. The brand also advises that you lay the bras flat to dry or hang them on the rack. Avoid the dryer by all means as it tends to deform the bras and also cause wrinkles.

Pepper Laundry Bag retails at $5. For such a small price, you can invest in this bag as it guarantees to make a difference.

Pepper Baggu Tote

Pepper in association with Baggu brings the Pepper Baggu Tote that asserts no baggage. The bag is foldable, scrunchable and rollable for ease of transportation. This tote bag folds flat to a small pouch ideal for those who like their things tidy and neat. It’s deceivingly big as it carries about three bags with groceries and is equally reusable.

Pepper Baggu Tote Bag is sturdy which means you can carry heavy items for a long time before it gives in. The bag is available in red and is made of recycled ripstop nylon. It cannot be returned once bought. However, it’s quite useful that you won’t even think of returning it.

Pepper Bra Review – Customer Feedback

Pepper Bra Review covers all the customers feedback from Reddit, Instagram and Pepper website. This review highlights the brand’s operations and what their bras really feel like on the body.

Pepper bras have a lot of positive reviews on their website and Instagram account.All the three designs are doing quite well in the market. Most customers are raving about the bra’s fit and comfort level. Women who hate underwire are finally talking about how they fell in love with bra from this brand. The bras not only feel but also look great.

You can get to learn more about this lingerie company from the available Reddit threads. One user loved how the bras accentuated her curves with a number talking of ultimate comfort and perfect fit. Those who tried the Pepper Laidback Lace and Limitless Wire Free Bras wrote about the barely-there feel that they almost forgot they has the bra on. Talk of maximum comfort!

OtherReddit Pepper Bra Reviews showed that the bras were as expensive as they were flattering.Not all the bras from this brand are affordable. All You Bras are designed with the scoop and lift design to help flatter your tangerines!  – one user exclaimed. The same person noted that the bras were equally pricey and show through clothes.

Another buyer on the Pepper Bra Review on Reddit wrote that she didn’t experience gapping and her breasts appeared rounder owing to the bra cups. However, she was unhappy with the lack of assistance when it came to sizing. In addition to that, she noted that the lingerie brand is somewhat lackluster since the entire line lacks patterns, strapless and lace options.

Is the Brand Worth?

As per the Pepper Bra Review, a lot of customers have a problem with the brand’s sizing measurements. Most of them have trouble finding the right size and fit. However, this is not the case for each one of them. Women who find their correct sizes cannot stop talking ofhow these bras flatter their small breasts.

Pepper bras lay flat against the chest which means no gapping and are equally comfortable. The two aspects are crucial when it comes to what bras should offer. Pepper is a renowned company that appreciatesbrandsthat challenge what the society views as beauty norms and standards. This is because they want people to look at small breasts from a different angle and wash away all the negativity.

In addition, the brand’s manufacturer uses sustainable and ethical practices that give women the first priority and also offer single mothers job opportunities. The prices are not a given even though they are a bit expensive compared to those in departmental storessince the workers are paid fair wages.

Pepper bras are worth the price! Currently, the brand only offers three bra designs but have the potential to expand their lingerie line in the coming years.

Pepper Discounts and Promotions

You can subscribe to the brand’s newsletter to get notified in case of any discounts and promotions. Currently, there are no discounts codes on Pepper bras. Check their website as well for product sale offers in November.

Where Can I Buy Pepper Products?

Pepper accessories, underwear, bras, masks and socks are available on their website –

Pepper’s Shipping and Return Policies

Pepper only ships to the United States of America. Processing orders takes 1 to 3 working days. You’ll receive an email confirmation once the company ships your order. The information in the email includes tracking details through the carrier’s system.

Pepper offers free shipping on all orders above $70. Standard shipments are delivered within 7 to 10 working days. However, according to Pepper bra review it may take longer to deliver orders to Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska.

Pepper has different return policies for different products. The brand offers a return or exchange within 30 days for bras. The returned bras should have the original tags attached. They should also be undamaged, unwashed and unworn. All the other products are usually final sale.

The refund amount is typically the figure you paid after the discount and not the item’s actual price. This method is used on purchases made with the discount code. Pepper doesn’t supply free return labels for FPO and APO addresses. Check their website to begin the return or exchange process and enter the zip code on your shipment followed by the order number. Starting a return or exchange is just a click away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatmaterials does the brand use and are the bras ethical?

Pepper bras are usually made with high-quality polyester/spandex fabric blend. However, they are currently making new designs and are planning on using cotton. These bras are ethical. They are made in Medellin, Columbia and more than 70% of the employees are women.

These women are breadwinners in their households or single mothers. The workers are paid fair wages plus benefits.

What bra sizes do they offer?

The brand carries bras in different cup sizes ranging from AA to B and band sizes 30 to 38.

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