The Ultimate Guide to Shallow Breasts

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The Ultimate Guide to Shallow Breasts

What are shallow breasts? Did you know that these melons are not necessarily small? By the end of reading this guide, you will know what the melons are and the best types of bras for them.

If you have read our guide to breast shapes, you already know about shallow breasts. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into shallow shape breasts and highlight the best bras for them.

Overview of Shallow Breasts

Shallow breasts appear flat since they spread out on the chest. The breasts do not have a lot of depth and are the opposite of projected breasts, which protrude forward or pop out.

If your melons are closer to and start a little higher on the chest, they are most likely shallow breasts.

When you view shallow melons from the side, they appear near the torso. Moreover, since they are more spread out, they look like they are starting upper on the chest.

Shallow breast

Most women with shallow breasts feel that they do not have to wear a bra.

What Are Shallow Shape Breast Sizes?

Generally, shallow sisters fit smaller cup sizes (usually A through E). However, you may have a big bust but still have shallow breasts.

Keep in mind that shallow does not mean “small breasts”. When talking about shallowness, we are referring to the shape but not the size of the melons.

Most ladies with shallow breasts feel that they should wear smaller bra sizes than their true sizes. This is because the tissue of a shallow boob is more spread out, and this is why it looks small.

Find the Right Bra for Shallow Breasts

Most women do not understand shallow melons. As a result, they end up buying bras that don’t fit.

Well, finding a bra for shallow melons can be a bit tricky, even after measuring your breast size properly. Most of the time, every bra will seem too big since the melons do not fill the entire cup.

The best way to find the right bra size for shallow breasts is to know your true size. You can use our bra size calculator to find out your true cup size. Alternatively, if you know of any professional bra fitters in your area, consult them for a physical fit.

With that said, there are a number of tips you should keep in mind when shopping to find a bra that fits.

  • The ideal bras for shallow breasts do not have horizontal seams. Bras with horizontal seams have more projection. Shallow breasts may not fill the cups entirely.
  • Generally, you can get away with wearing balconettes
  • The best bras for shallow breasts are those with open tops. With these bras, the cup won’t squeeze into your breast to leave you with a quad boob.
  • Look for bras with tall, shallow cups.
  • Padded bras work for some women.  The padding fills the areas of the cup where the breasts can’t reach. Try to see whether these bras will be right for you.
  • Avoid plunge bras if they shape your melons in a weird shape
  • Since the breast tissue starts high on the chest, wearing push up bras will make the melons look unnatural. So, avoid push up bras.

Which are the Best Bras for Shallow Breasts?

There are various shapes of shallow breasts. Therefore, not all bras we’ve recommended below will fit you. The best way to determine the right bra to buy is by following the guide we’ve presented above.

The following bras have been recommended by majority of women with shallow shape breasts for their excellent fit.

#1    Natori Feathers Bra

Ciao Bella by B Tempt’d

The Feathers Contour Plunge bra is a great option for if you have shallow breasts and don’t like a balconette bra. This bra may work for you because it has high cups with no horizontal seams. The bra also has wide underwires and is, therefore, good for people with wide roots.

The bra is available in sizes 30-38 (A – DDD)

Available on 

#2    Juna by Cleo

Juna by Cleo

The Juna balconette is sturdy, has vertical seams and lacks horizontal seams. However, it lacks padding.

The bra is only available in cup sizes D and up and, therefore, will only fit women with big busts.

The bra comes in sizes 28 – 38 (D – H)

Available on 

#3    Ciao Bella by B Tempt’d

Juna by Cleo

The Ciao Bella by B Tempt’d follows the rules we’ve laid above to the latter. This bra is a balconette shape, has no horizontal seams, and has an open top.

The bra is slightly padded and has wide wires, which works best with wide roots.

The bra is available in sizes 30-38 (A – DDD)

Available on 

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