Syrokan Sports Bra Reviews

Syrokan Sports Bra Reviews

Some retail therapy comes in handy when you want back to the game, and you haven’t entirely been exercising on a regular. Sometimes when you get yourself anything new for the workouts either sneakers, pants, headphones, or a new bra, it raises your spirits. Most plus size women are on the hunt for the perfect sports bra.

Syrokan Sports Bra Review: An Affordable Plus Size Sports Bra

Sykoran is not a well-known brand. The price tag will surely catch your attention, not the brand itself. If you are searching for a plus size sports bra for your workouts, then you need to try out the Syrokan bra. The bar claims to be a high- impact, why not give it a shot to find out by yourself? It’s also a racerback which might come off as a big deal when it comes to large breasts.

Plus Size Sports Bras Syrokan Full Coverage front

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How to Choose a Plus Size Sports Bra

The first thing you should check is whether or not the bra can minimize bounce. Then you can check if it’s comfortable enough. How cohesive the gym outfits look shouldn’t bother you as much. Therefore, aesthetics is not a concern. You can focus on the bra’s functionality.


The straps of the bra are vast and broad; this combination, in addition to the racerback style, screams an equal distribution and high-level support. With this style, you can be sure of no shoulder digs, even for people with large breasts.

However, the straps are not fully adjustable. The designer made it such a way to allow minimal adjustments on the straps, which is a downside since it makes it hard to find the right fit, particularly if you have a petite frame.


Take note! The cups run big. It is recommendable to go down your usual cup size, especially if your breasts are not fuller. If you choose a big bra, the bottom part of the bra will fit a bit too loose, thereby providing less or no support at all. The bra is underwire free, so it depends on a proper lining to offer support at the bottom. It means, if your breasts don’t fully fit in the cup, it will not perform its task well.

When it comes to compression bras, you would want them to have a snug fit to give the breasts lift. However, this may result in a side boob. But if you are all about comfort, this is something you can choose to overlook.

Plus Size Sports Bras Syrokan Full Coverage back

Just like the Glamorise, this bra also shows no cleavage. It comes up a bit high. If you ever thought what it’s like to wear breastplates, then this bra will give you that experience. You need not worry about things popping out since it has a high neckline.

The bra has padding at the front. If you have prominent nipples, then this feature does come in handy.

The Back and Band

The bra has a racerback design at the back which offers high-level support and helps in keeping the breasts snug on the chest. But since this is a sports bra for women with large breasts, and has a combination of racerback and some elasticity, it is not simple to wear. You will need to come up with your way of putting it on.

Plus Size Sports Bras Syrokan Full Coverage hook

Additionally, this bra comes with a unique clasp, which you need to slide into it.  Sykoran is visionary when it comes to exercise bras for the plus size women as is evident on this bra. The slide-in clasps are unique in the market. The fasteners are in a row of three knobs that you slide right into the plastic holder. You may experience some complications at first, but after a while, you’ll get to learn.

The band appears true to size and is relatively comfy though it may sometimes run low on the chest. It will not be ideal if your primary concern is getting some lift of the breasts from this bra.

Overall Feel and Fit

The bra is lightweight and cool besides having a lining. Most people love Freya epic crop top, it has it all, but its fabric isn’t breathable, which is a significant factor to consider when taking on high impact exercises or when the temperature is warm.

When it comes to exercise bras for the plus size, there are a few things that you will always experience. The first one is a uniboob. Compression on a bra which is underwire free won’t give you that perfect shape, but it does its job perfectly well, which is reducing bounce. Even though the bra is a little snug, it feels incredibly comfortable, and you can wear it all day for those long workouts.

Can I take on Box Jumps When Putting on This Bra?

Of course! You will experience a little bounce, but nothing will pop out.

Ideal For:

Low to medium impact exercises, although people with small chests can find it ideal for high impact workouts.


On a scale of five, this bra would get a 4. This bra has the does compress perfectly, minimizes bounce, and the racerback offers high-level support. The clasps are not that good since no one would love to learn how to do the clasping but save for that, this bra would give you a run for your money. And it’s decently priced.

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