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Types of Breasts and Their Meaning

Types of Breasts

Do you know the types of breasts and their meaning? We have you covered in this guide.

Breasts vary from one person to the other. Not every breast is equal in terms of creation, and you will find different kinds out there. But today, let’s look at the type of breasts that people with big chests have.

6 Types of Breasts and their Meaning

Remember, not every category is mutually exclusive. You can find someone with both pendulous, asymmetric, and narrowly set type of breasts. Let’s get straight into it:

1.    Asymmetric

Having asymmetric breasts means that one boob is slightly bigger than the other. You might notice some asymmetry in other body parts as well. It could be the shoulders or the feet. Breasts too are different when it comes to size. For some people, you can quickly notice the difference.

Best Bras for You

You can choose a molded bra or a balcony-type bra. The idea is going for a bra with some lining. If you would want to notice a huge difference, you can choose to insert padding. You should size your bra depending on the bigger boob.

2.    Pendulous

Here, the breasts lie lower on the chest. Pendulous breasts mostly come about if you have been experiencing some weight loss on the whole body, it can be just on the breasts alone, or if you have been breastfeeding. Most of the time, you’ll notice the nipples pointing downwards, and the breasts might not be as firm. (Could be as soft as a pillow)

Best Bras for You

A molded cup bra or a balconette bra. Get a bra with a great structure and good coverage at the bottom. Bras that stretch a little would also be ideal for this type of breasts since it will fit perfectly well on the form smoothly with no highlights of the lost fullness.

3.    Full (Round)

Just like the name suggests, people with this type of breasts have them rounder both at the top and bottom in equal measures. And most of the time, they wear a cup size more significant than a D. People who fall in this category can either be having natural or augmented breasts.

Best Bras for You

A supportive bra, but you should try on getting a balance between support and having that natural look. Soft cup bras can be perfect for this chest type. However, you can always bet on a balcony bra. The bra should have deep cups.

4.    Narrow Set

These are breasts with very little space between them. It means you will find trouble getting a bra that would lie flat on the sternum.

Best Bra for You

You would need a full coverage bra. A bra that would offer plenty of support, and also has a strong underwire. You can try out plunge and balcony bras.

5.    Wide Set (Side Set)

These melons happen to have a lot of space between them. A natural spacing of the breasts fall between an inch or half, and therefore if the space between your breasts is anything more of that, then you fall in the broad set category. A bra with an underwire might come off as too restrictive as to encompass the breasts comfortably.

Best Bras for You

The primary feature to consider in any bra you choose should be the underwire. Find bras with wide set underwire.

6.    Teardrop

When it comes to bras, you are the lucky ones if you fall on this category. The breasts are round and quite firm, although they might not be full at the top compared to the fuller breasts.

Best Bras for You

As said earlier, you are the lucky ones! You can wear any bra as long as the breasts are firm. If your breasts are not that firm, then you can choose a bra with a little stretch.

7.   Athletic Breast Shape

Athletic breast shapes are broad, muscular and have fewer tissues. Since the breasts lack volume at the top, women with athletic breasts tend to experience cup gaping.

Best Bra for You

The best bra for athletic breasts is a T-shirt bra like the 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra. The bra comfortably helps lift the breasts. It’s available in cup sizes A to I, and this includes the half-cup sizes. The bra’s material is a combination of nylon and spandex. The bra also uses micro jersey fabric and is quite soft for durability. Besides, the straps have a soft lining, which prevents it from slipping off the shoulders and for maximum comfort. The bra additionally has hook and eye closure at the back, offering a more customized fit.

8.   East-West Breast Shape

East-West breast shape means the nipples tend to point outward in different directions. And just like the name suggests, the east-west shape is usually characterized by wider set breasts gravitating away from the middle of the chest. Women with this type of breasts find it difficult to attain cleavage with some tops.

Best Bras for You

Full coverage bras will help bring your breasts closer together. The 24/7 Perfect Coverage Bra is one of the bras we recommend. The bra comes in cup sizes D to H and band sizes 32 to 48. It has foam straps to prevent them from slipping off the shoulders. The bra features a double layer ballet at the back with a hidden elastic to smooth your silhouette. It has a pleated detail in the middle with flexible nickel-free wires.

9.   Relaxed Breast Shape

With relaxed shape, the breasts have lax tissue, and the nipples point downwards. Women with this shape have longer breasts that tend to sag. Balconette bras work perfectly well for this type of shape.

Best Bra for You

Go for a balconette bra with a smaller cup to attain fullness at the top, such as the Artisan Lace Balconette Bra. This balconette comes in cup sizes A to I, and this includes the half cups and band sizes 30 to 44. It features molded memory foam cups that help enhance the shape of the breasts and also lift them. The bra has nickel-free wires for ultimate support. It additionally comes with multi-way straps with hooks for a more customized fit. The band has some lace detailing, which adds a feminine touch to the bra.

10.   Slender Breast Shape

In this case, the breasts are quite thin, and the nipples tend to point downwards. A slender shape is typically small in size with slightly longer breasts compared to how wide they are.

Best Bra for You

If you want to enhance cleavage, go for uplift plunge bras for more lift and support. The 24/7 Lace Contour Plunge Bra is a great choice.

The bra is available in cup sizes AA to I and is effortlessly sexy. The thin memory foam cups comfortably form to the body allowing a natural lift. For more versatility, the bra comes with removable padded inserts. The exquisite lace detailing overlay does hug your curves, eliminating any cup gaps.

Key Takeaways

Some people will notice that the shape of their breasts falls in more than one category of the ones on the list. Now that you have enough information check the bras in your collection.

Naturally, your choice of bras might be just right. For others, you will notice that you have several of them but tend to wear a couple on the regular since you only find some comfortable enough.

Remember, this guide is general – you can make some exceptions to these rules. Use the guide to help you get an appropriate bra to suit the shape of your breasts.

The above is an overview of the types of breasts and their meaning.

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