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Seniors Say These Velcro Bras Are Comfortable and Easy to Wear

velcro bras for seniors

Seniors need bras that are comfortable and easy to wear. With their hand strength failing or suffering from pain due to various ailments, the last thing they want is a bra with a hook-and-eye closure. Instead, they need velcro bras. Which are the best Velcro bras for seniors? Read on to find out.

Just like women with large breasts, seniors can have a difficult time getting the right bras. This is because most bras on the market have a hook-and-eye closure, which can be difficult to open or close for seniors.

Most elderly women have fragile hands or may be suffering from painful illnesses such as arthritis. As such, they need bras that are easy to open and close. They need velcro bras.

The best velcro bras for seniors are those that can be closed at the front. These bras should be comfortable to hold sagging breasts in place. Apart from this, the bras should not have tight bands or underwires.

Front closure bras are an excellent choice for elderly women since they are easy to put on or remove.

How to Choose the Best Bra for the Elderly

When looking for the best bras for seniors, there are several things you should keep in mind. These are:

a)       Bra Design

Elderly women need bras that are convenient to wear. Therefore, check the design of the bra you want to buy. The bra should not only be easy to wear but also designed beautifully to lift up the spirit of seniors.

b)      Size

Tightly-fitting bras are a big NO for seniors. Bra bands that are too tight can make elderly women uncomfortable. The best bras for the elderly are those which when worn, make them feel relaxed.

c)       Quality

Choose a bra that is made from high-quality materials. The bra should be durable.

d)      Material

Elderly women have very sensitive skin. Therefore, ensure that the bra you select is made from materials that do not irritate the skin.

Why Use Velcro Bras for Seniors

Velcro bras are the best options for seniors. These bras have the best characteristics you would want in a bra for the elderly.  The bras are beautiful, comfortable for all-day wear and sleeping in, and provide a great deal of support.

5 Best Velcro Bras for Seniors

From our reasearch, the best bras for the elderly are:

Fresh Comfort is one of the best bras for seniors with a Velcro front closure. The bra is available in small sizes up to XXL.

This bra has smooth broad straps for comfort. Moreover, it has no plastic or metal. Therefore, you can be sure it won’t irritate your skin.

The bra’s pads are removable and made with 100% polyurethane, while the foam lining is 100% polyester.

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The Underworks Arthritis Bra is made of a combination of cotton and spandex fabric. This is an easy on-and-off bra, even for women with limited dexterity, since it has a Velcro front closure.

The bra is mainly designed for women with mobility limitations due to fibromyalgia, arthritis, torn rotator cuff, and other conditions. This bra offers a flattering fit and is super comfortable.

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Anita Women’s First Care Bra is made of cotton and elastane fabric and has a button closure at the front. The bra has pockets on both sides and is for sports, post-operative wear, leisure, and sleeping in.

The Velcro closure lies flat on the chest, making the bra easy to wear and take off. The bra has discreet cups and feels soft against the skin.

This bra has soft edge bands on the underbust and around the armholes to prevent chafing and constriction.

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The Gentle Touch Surg-Ease Bra features a hook-and-eye closure at the front and comes in sizes S to XXXL in white. The bra offers comfortable soft support and a compression fit for post-surgery patients. The plush elastic and natural cotton material is soft and doesn’t irritate the skin.

The bra’s Velcro shoulder straps are detachable, allowing easy dressing while the front closure is either Velcro or a hook-and-eye. Both closures make it easy for you to change the bra or open it to inspect your surgical sites.

The bra is also designed to hold drain pouches, which you can purchase separately.

However, this bra tends to run small. Therefore, go up a cup for a perfect fit.

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The Undercover Soft Cotton bra is quite easy to fasten thanks to its hook-and-eye closure. The bra’s material is a combination of cotton and elastane and feels great against the skin.

The bra comes in cup sizes B to DD in white. It has minimal padding, its thickness similar to that of a camisole, and is super comfortable.

However, since the bra tens to run small, go up a cup size for the perfect fit.

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For other non-velcro bras for seniors, watch the video below.


Seniors have a challenging time when looking for bras that will fit comfortably and give them the best support. The bras above are very easy to use, especially for the elderly. The bras are comfortable, provide the best support, and are easy to wear or remove thanks to their velcro closure.

When looking for the best velcro bra for elderly women, get those that are comfortable and fit well.

The above are the best Velcro bras for seniors.

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