What a Uniboob is and How to Avoid It

What a Uniboob Is and How to Avoid It

What a Uniboob is and How to Avoid It

Most of us have at one time felt that something doesn’t feel right with how the breasts appear when wearing sports bras. For instance, you tend to think that they resemble one massive breast! Fortunately, this is the right place for you as this article will highlight the cause of this problem and also insights on how to avoid it.

What is a Uniboob?

A uniboob is a condition whereby the breasts fail to separate in bras, making them look like one massive bust. Sports bras are responsible for this issue most of the times. A sports bra doesn’t have the structure of a traditional bra since it neither has cups or breasts separation of any kind. Additionally, if the bra is quite small for the breasts, a uniboob is likely to be present. And, many women who experience this are those with more massive breasts.

However, symmastia is more severe and problematic. Although it’s quite rare, you can inherit or acquire after undergoing breast surgery.

What’s Wrong with Having a Uniboob?

Let’s look at comfort. First, the breasts are two, and both would need separate space. But, if the breasts tend to squeeze every time, it will always cause some inconvenience.

Secondly, a uniboob makes sweating even worse. Of course, taking on any exercise would mean that you are likely going to sweat. However, if the breasts tend to be continuously pushed together, then sweating a lot would affect you. Nobody would like that to happen.

Research shows that you can acquire yeast infection from having a uniboob. The reason is quite simple – the bra is not offering ultimate support to the breasts as it should. Too much moisture and sweat around the bust are said to be the primary cause of yeast infection. And it can also happen because of a uniboob. Besides, they also tend to cause rashes. During your workout sessions, breasts always bounce around most of the times. So, with all the movement and the breasts being unseparated may lead to scarring.

Another reason why women uncomfortable wearing a bra is the uniboob effect. Nothing is attractive about the breasts looking like one and massive for that matter. Luckily, you can get some alternatives to prevent a uniboob.

Solutions to The Uniboob Problem

Currently, you will get a variety of bra designs to choose from, that provide both comfort and support even during workout sessions. You, therefore, have no excuse for dealing with discomfort.

Let’s first look at the features of an ideal sports bra which don’t have the uniboob effect.

Bras that offer any separation will come in handy. There are different kinds of separation – encapsulated, contour, and cupped bras.

Bras that you wear over the head are likely to give you a uniboob. You can always go for bras with closure as they help avoid the uniboob.

Most of us think that a sports bra with closure wouldn’t be comfortable at the back. But with the changing times, companies are coming up with supportive front and back closures. Closure helps to regulate the size of the breasts. The struggles most women have is due to the size of the bra. If the bra is too small, then it can create a uniboob.

To avoid having a uniboob, you shouldn’t wear minimizer bras. When working out, this type of bra will make you feel uncomfortable. Breasts tend to bounce and touch the entire time, making you have a uniboob! It will also make you sweat profusely and can cause rashes.

Another feature is the bra’s V-neck structure, although it’s less critical. It does come in handy since it is contoured. However, other women would prefer to go for full coverage cups.

Besides, compression bras are also ideal. They are highly recommendable for women who have undergone breast surgery. However, compression bras will cause you no harm when you use them as sports bras.

Best Bras for Uniboob

#1.  Glamorise Full Figure No Bounce Sports Bra

Glamorise Full Figure No Bounce Sports Bra

[wps_icon icon=”shopping-cart” background=”#d63b2c” color=”#fff” size=”18″ padding=”10″ radius=”5″] Available on Amazon

Glamorise Full-Figure Sports Bra helps in bounce control – and this will allow you to work out without any restrictions. The bra has a back closure which ensures the bra fits perfectly well. The bra straps are quite soft and thick so they won’t bother you or even slip off the shoulders.

Glamorise offers full coverage, and this makes it ideal for women with big breasts.

#2.  Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

[wps_icon icon=”shopping-cart” background=”#d63b2c” color=”#fff” size=”18″ padding=”10″ radius=”5″] Available on Amazon

The bra that has cups helps separate the breasts. The bra features a back closure, broad straps, and supportive back wings. Wacoal Underwire sports bra doesn’t offer full coverage. The bra also has a V neck structure. Any woman who has bought this bra swears that it prevents a uniboob.

#3.  Playtex Play Outgoer Wire-Free Full-Coverage Bra

Playtex Play Outgoer Wire-Free Full-Coverage Bra

[wps_icon icon=”shopping-cart” background=”#d63b2c” color=”#fff” size=”18″ padding=”10″ radius=”5″] Available on Amazon

Playtex Play Outgoer Full Coverage Bra does feature a V neck structure that is known to prevent a uniboob. The bra also has cups and a back closure. It offers ultimate support with the soft elastic straps and broad back wings. The bra has some light padding.

However, the bra has sizing issues. Therefore, you should always ensure you get the right size.

#4.  Panache Underwire Sports Bra

Panache Underwire Sports Bra

[wps_icon icon=”shopping-cart” background=”#d63b2c” color=”#fff” size=”18″ padding=”10″ radius=”5″] Available on Amazon

Panache Underwire Sports Bra doesn’t have cups but is an encapsulated bra. For women who don’t like sports bras but wouldn’t equally love a uniboob, then this bra would be ideal. The bra offers comfort, separates them, and helps the breasts stay in place.

You can wear the bra daily as it’s also suitable for other exercises.


Symmastia is a more severe problem. It’s not only has a uniboob effect but also reshapes the breasts to one. If you are thinking of getting some boob job, you might find these ideas useful.

Symmastia is mainly a condition when the breasts tend to grow together with little or no gap between them. The disease has different stages – sometimes you won’t notice and other times it’s easily noticeable. You can acquire symmastia, and it can also be congenital.

However, it’s quite rare to get people born with symmastia. Most women dealing with this condition did acquire through some breast reconstruction procedures. Symmastia happens when the breasts implants sit close together. The other reason could be medical mistreatment, especially during the implantation.

However, the truth is, symmastia that you inherit doesn’t necessarily raise severe complications on your health. But having a uniboob is uncomfortable, a reason why some women consider getting a boob job.

Charlotte Crosby, a reality T.V. star has this condition since birth. She reveals that it sometimes makes you feel insecure. Recently, she underwent surgery to rectify the condition.

How to Fight this Condition

It’s so unfortunate that you can’t solve the problem without involving surgery. Even though there are many operation types, you can, therefore, find one that suits you. For instance, you can effectively treat congenital symmastia, combining liposuction, postoperative intermammary compression, and sternum skin fixation.

Since a uniboob can be a result of an incorrectly done boob job, be sure to get a professional to do the procedure. A surgeon with experience should do it.

You shouldn’t do anything while the breasts are still growing. Meanwhile, try to get fitting bras. Most importantly, ensure your health and body can accommodate that type of surgery.

Post-surgery, you might need a compression bra for some time. The bras are also ideal for women with no symmastia since they are super comfortable. Here’s are two of the best recommendations of compression bras: Wanayou Zip-Front Sports Bras and Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sports Bra.

The two bras are similar in every way, save for the closures. The Wanayou bra has a front closure while Glamorise has a back closure.

The bras are ideal for any workout session that is perfect for plus size women. Glamorise bra also helps control bounce. The breathable and adjustable mesh at the front panel features four different bounce control levels. The adjustable straps help ease any neck pains. Besides, the Wanayou bra has removable pads.

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