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9 Types of Bras that Are Best for Daily Use

9 Types of Bras that Are Good for Daily Use

Wondering which type of bra is best for daily use? Read our guide to find out.

Every woman must invest in good bras regularly. Wearing the right size bra will ensure you are comfortable, and this can boost your self-confidence. We all have some favorite bras in our closet. However, not all bras are suitable for everyday wear. You should know the different types of bras that go with particular outfits.

Apart from this, you should know the right bras you can wear everyday. With that said, which type of bra is best for daily use?

Which Type of Bra is Best for Daily Use?

Here are eight types of bras that you can wear regularly. These are the bras you should have in your collection.

A T-shirt bra is a popular type of bra that features a minimalist design and tends to focus more on comfort. This is probably the type of bra that you wear frequently.

T-shirt bras offer a smooth, seamless look underneath snug-fitting tops. These bras do not have a lot of bells and whistles, such as lacy features. However, the bras are usually made of smooth fabric such as cotton, polyamide, lycra, silk, and nylon.

One of the T-shirt bras for everyday wear that we recommend is the Wacoal Women’s Basic Contour Bra.

Wacoal Women’s Basic Beauty Contour T-shirt Bra


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Balconette bras are sexy everyday wear that lift the breasts naturally and enhance cleavage. The bras have wide-set straps, which create an open neckline, and can be worn with low-cut outfits.

For everyday wear, we recommend the Dobreva Balconette Sheer Bra.

Dobreva Women’s Sexy Lace Unlined Underwire Balconette See-Through Sheer Bra


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Bralettes are comfortable bras that bring out your silhouette better than bandeaus and enhance your sex appeal than sports bras. These underthings are also know as fashion bras since they help in flaunting your chest.

Bralettes are a great option for making a fashion statement when going for a date. The trending wear is available for both small and large busts.

One of the best bralettes for everyday wear is the Mae Women’s High Neck Lace Bralette.

Mae Women’s High Neck Lace Bralette


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Plunge bras are known for their deep V-necklines. The gore at the centre of the bras is lowered or slimmed, which make them ideal for wearing with low-cut dresses and tops while staying virtually invisible underneath. The narrow centre gore and angled cups of a plunge bra create an illusion of enhanced cleavage.

Generally, plunge bras do not have heavily padded cups. The angled-cups of the bras also have an underwire that remains hidden under dresses and tops with plunging necklines.

If you are looking for a plunge bra for everyday wear, we recommend you check out the Wonderbra Women’s Ultimate Bra.

Wonderbra Women’s Ultimate Plunge Underwire Bra


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The “perfect cleavage” is subjective and elusive at best. However, as women, we still try to get the perfect cleavage, and are succeeding to some extent thanks to push-up bras.

Push-up bras have underwire and extra padding on the bottom and sides of the cups to create a push-up effect. The resulting instant cleavage can be an increased cup size, depending on the bra’s construction, brand, and style.

When looking for a push up bra, choose one that offers a smooth transition from the bra cups to the breasts at the top so that you don’t develop the dreaded uni-boob. Get a push up bra that will increase your cup size between one to three sizes, for  subtle or drastic size changes of the breasts.

The best push up bra for everyday wear is Meliwoo Women’s Seamless Push-Up Bra.

Meliwoo Women’s Seamless Push-Up Bra


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Bandeau bras are ideal for women with small breasts and those who don’t like regular bras. These bras are typically a band of material. Wearing a bandeau bra can be quite challenging if you are a C cup and above since they offer less in terms of support and shape.

Some bandeau bras have in-built support in the form of cups and side boning. However, majority of the bras are merely fabric such as mesh or lace. The bras are excellent to wear on a lazy weekend and are excellent for women who like to keep their breasts a bit snug, especially at night.

For an everyday bandeau bra, we recommend Maidenform Women’s Bandeau Bra.

Maidenform Women’s The Dream Collection Contour Bandeau Bra


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Whether or not you frequently workout, you need a sports bra in your arsenal. We recommend racerback design sports bras since they  stay in place and keep you super comfortable when working out.

Choose sports bras that offer proper support for your intended exercises, i.e.,  low-, medium-, or high-impact activities. For example, low-impact sports bras are great for walking and yoga while running will require a high-impact sports bra.

One of the best sports bras for everyday wear is the Mirity Racerback Sports Bra.

Mirity Women’s Racerback High Impact Sports Bra


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Strapless bras are the genesis of all women’s problems. While it may take a lot of work to get a fitting strapless bra, you definitely need a couple of the bras in your collection.

Go for a strapless bra with an elastic band and broader back. Such a bra will help to keep the sisters in place all through the day. Most strapless bras have underwires, padding, and boning for additional support since they lack straps.

When you find a strapless bra with a great fit, buy it in two different colors: nude and black. Remember, the purpose of this bra is to remain invisible underneath clothing.

One of the best strapless bras on the market is the Vanity Fair Back Smoothing Strapless Bra.

Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra


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Convertible bras, also known as multi-way bras, come in several styles. The bras have detachable straps that can be rearrange in different ways by typically hooking them on the slots at the front or back. This way, you can have one bra that can be worn with a variety of outfits.

For example, you can convert the bra to cross-back design and pair it up with a spaghetti strap top, a line skirt and a pair of sneakers.

The best convertible bra for everyday wear is the Parfait Convertible Full Coverage Bra.

Parfait Elissa Women’s Full Figure Convertible Full Coverage Strapless Bra


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Lace bras are among the most sensuous lingerie pieces. Made of delicate lace, these bras come in different styles and colors.

Lace bras are ideal for the bedroom and regular wear too. The bras are available in demi cups, full-coverage cups, push-up styles among other variations.

The best lace bra for everyday wear is the Dorina Non-Padded Underwire Lace Bra.

Dorina Angie Women’s ¾ Cup Non-Padded Underwire Lace Bra


From the above reviews, you now know which type of bra is best for daily use. Depending on your tastes and preferences, get a bra that is both supportive and comfortable.

For other specific everyday bras that we recommend, check the video below:

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