Best Bra Brands in India

Best Bra Brands in India

Best Bra Brands in India

The human breast is an extraordinary organ in the body. The chest is a crucial element contributing to the beauty of the women. The bras, therefore are essential in the beauty of a girl. The best bra is one that is well-fitting, full of the necessary support and above all, very comfortable. The bra should be able to give your breasts in the best shape.

Before buying a bra, you must always ensure that you have the best and correct size. A bra that is not of the right size will change your breast shape and size and may also have adverse health effects. Go for a bra fitting to find the best fitting bra that is the best for that shape. Get the best bra fitter to guide you through discovering your cup size. They should also guide you on the best bra depending on the shape and size of your breasts. After being getting the knowledge of the bra size, you can now purchase a bra of your choice.

Indian women have an obsession with how they look. They are in great need

The days when women would not talk of the undergarments that they have are long gone. The new generation of women gets confidence from the different bra styles in the market. The women make use of the bra to get an enhancement to the body shapes and the breast sizes. The designs and demands are the most significant contributors to the now flooding bra brands in the market.

Many of the brands are taking care of the women’s desires by ensuring their designs are the best when it comes to fitting and comfort. Different bras are available to fit the various occasions that exist in the world of a woman.  The women blessed with large breasts minimizers will be the right choice if they need to make their breasts to look smaller.

The petite types have push-up bras and padded bras that enhance their breast sizes. Cleavage increasing bras create the best shape for seduction, while sports bras are essential for additional support to the breasts during workouts.

16 Best Bra Brands in India

The list below gives a variety of bra brands that will be a perfect fit for Indian women.

#1.  Triumph


Available on Zivame

The headquarters of the Triumph is in Switzerland, a company that is originally a German-based. The lingerie is one of the brands that are on the top of the Indian market. The bra is available online, in retail markets and international stores.

The store has a variety of designs. The bras include deep V, non-wired, wired, push-up, non-padded, and padded. The Triumph also has other brands such as Essence that has an elegant lace detail, delicate embroidery, and intricate finishing. The design has modern basics and is very comfortable for everyday wear.

#2.  Jockey


Available on JockeyIndia

The Jockey is an American manufacturer. The Jockey manufactures and distributes the bra brands to various retail stores. The brands with the manufacturer include sportswear, sleepwear, and underwear that best for women and children.

The Jockey has a fantastic range of bra products such as adhesive bras, backless bras, and minimizers. The bras will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

The brand is the best and is famous for its sports design and is a very comfortable lingerie. The brand is the first love for every girl. The bra design comes with sweat absorbing material that will keep your breasts of sweating. It has cotton that makes it be a very soft bra that is available on the market today.

If you are looking for a soft and comfortable bra, then the Jockey is the best for you.

#3.  Pretty Secrets

Pretty Secrets

Available on

Pretty secrets feature several designs inclusive of nightwear, swimwear, and day to day wear bra. The beautiful secrets have very comfortable brands that are affordable and stylish, and this will be a great addition to your lingerie drawer. The bra has the best colors and prints that are very attractive. It also comes in several shapes and sizes that take care of all body sizes.

The offers from the pretty secrets are very tempting, and you can easily find them in standalone stores. You will also be lucky to get them in retail stores and online websites that deal in the bras.

The perfect bra is the unlined lace bra. It is an excellent choice for excellent comfort and sexy appearance. The soft lace that provides coverage is the best in support. For a fuller shape, it comes with a removable silicone insert.

#4.  Marks and Spencer’s

Marks and Spencer’s

Available on Amazon

Mark and Spencer are a British multinational retailer. It has the headquarter in the city of the west minister in London. Many people identify it as M&S as they love the selection of the lingerie that they offer. The range of bra products that they have are very stylish and of high quality. The color prints are a representation of the British. The best bra is the Polka Dot Underwire bra that is a love of many people.

#5.  Clovia


Available on Clovia

Clovia is the best brand that is very comfortable and very stylish. It is available in the online market where it is very fashionable. The bra feels very soft and is like a second skin to your body. The undergarments from Clovia have the best fitting test that they go through; thus, they will be the best fit for you. Design is best for Indian women who have flatter body types. The model has a variety of fabric, cuts, and styles that will give you the best to choose from any time. With the bra brand, you are sure of getting the best at any time for all.

#6.  Amante


Available on AmanteLingerie

The brand is general wear that is fully intimate. From the brand, you will get the best comfort and a style that will keep you all through fashionable. Amante boasts of 25 years of excellence in the manufacture of intimate wears. It has outlets in India that are over 1500.

The network of the Amante is pervasive. The best fact is that they are with the focus of getting their customers the best shopping experience.

They have bras that fit everyone inclusive of the bras for the bridal wear. They also have sports bras, everyday bras, and those that are best for fashion. The bras are available in a wide variety of lace options, prints, and colors. With Amante, you will get the best shopping experience as they take care of all your needs.

The Amante Satin edge, lightly padded underwire bra is the best bra brand that they have. They also have padded bras, non-wired bras, wired bras, demi cup bras, push up bras, and full coverage bras.

#7.  Loveable


Available on Zivame

Loveable is the lead company in India when it comes to the manufacture of innerwear. The products that they have include sleepwear products, foundation garments, shapewear, home wear, slips/ camisoles, panties, and brassieres.

The brand is best and is in the top three according to the rating by the Indian women. The wide range of bras that they have are very conservative but still get your breasts the best support and will fit all the shapes and body types correctly.

The bra is the best type for women who need support and comfort. The strapless lightly padded by the Loveable is the best of them all will get you the best breast support.

#8.  Enamor


Available on Amazon

The brand of bras is the best when it comes to taking care of the needs of a woman who is fabulous, successful, confident, and independent. Enamor was a creation of adventure that came from the Gokaldas Image Private Limited. The Enamor came to launch in 2003 to take care of a wide range of lingerie that was specific for the Indian women.

#9.  La Senza

La Senza

Available on LaSenza

La Senza is a Canadian retailer that deals in fashion and take part in the selling of lingerie.  These are the best place to get underwear, panties, and bras that are sensual and sexy. The brand is the best for women who have different personalities.

The collection in the brand includes Body Kiss, Diva, So Free, Hello Sugar, Obsession, and Beyond Sexy. They also have a backless, full-coverage bra and multi-way bras. Once you get yourself this bra, be sure to have the best of the self-love and confidence.

If you are going for any special occasion, consider getting yourself the Lacy push-up bra that is a unique design from La Senza.

#10.   Juliet


Available on Amazon

Many Indian women have high trust in the Juliet brand. The brand is available in most of the local lingerie stores. Since the establishment in 1976, the focus of Juliet is to give the best fitting bras and those that are essential for ultimate comfort.

The cotton bras from Juliet is on the list of favorite bras for the Indian women. You will be lucky to have it. The Juliet also has a wide range of lightly padded bras and those that have fancy prints. The bra is polyamide design and will be an excellent design for you.

#11.   B*witch


Available on Amazon

The brand is best for the youth who are always in need of a perfect style for seduction. The brand is fashionable and the best fit for a modern-day Indian woman. It comes with a variety of styles that fit every mood. You will be able to meet methods that will be best for every thought and occasion. The bras are the best in the accentuation of your shape and form. Many people, such they Bwitch as it is the best.

The styles from the brand include cleavage-enhancing bras, enduring, athletic sports bras, push-up padded bras best for Petites and minimizers. Get yourself a Bwitch Pink Underwire Non-Padded Full Coverage Enhancing Bras for the best seduction fit.

#12.   Zivame


Available on Zivame

The best online bra brand in India is the Zivame. There are a wide variety of bras, including molded bras, wired, strapless, nursing, non-padded, maternity, sports, push up, plunge, and camisole. The material that makes the bra is fine nylon; thus, it is durable and supportive. The bra brands are available in several beautiful colors that will prove very enticing. The bras at the Zivame are very comfortable for everyday wear.

The Zivame have their stores in Bangalore India. You can also get the on the websites,,

The best bra types in the Zivame include non-wired bras, wired bras, post-surgical bras, and impact bras.

#13.  Daisy Dee

Daisy Dee

Available on Amazon

The bra has a wide range of bras that are in use in India. You will find it a perfect match for bridal bras, dew, college-style bras, and shape up bras. The bras available are also the invisible type that is an ideal match with your off-shoulder dress.

#14.   Floret Bra

Floret Bra

Available on Amazon

The brand, Floret, an international type that is best for the stylish Indian women. The brand features an underwire bra, regular bra, full coverage bra, feeding bras, T-shirt bras, padded bras, and sports bra. The Floret is a very versatile brand that will give you the best confidence, self-obsession, and passion in addition to personal spirit.

The Floret bras are comfortable and will give your breasts the best of the support. They are available in several cuts, patterns, and styles.

#15.   Hanes


Available on Hanes

The Hanes is the perfect bra brands. They have wire-free bras, convertible bras, and racerback bras. You can never lack the best bra for you. The bras are durable as the last longer. Many women have the bra brand as their best. The shape from it is precise, especially for the ones who have an unusual size of the breasts.

#16.   Tweens


Available on Amazon

The brand is the best for the girls that are new teens. Especially those who are struggling to find the right fitting bras. The bras have a printing of floral underwires that is essential for the provision of the best support. The bras are the best for daily use as they are very comfortable. They also add glamour and style to your dressing. For the teens, the bra is the best in maintaining confidence.

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