32C Bra Size Example

32C Bra Size Example

Looking for 32C bra size examples? Check the photos below of women wearing 32C bras.

32C Bra Size Examples

Here are some examples of women with 32C breast size in some popular bras:

Now that we have seen what some examples of 32C bra sizes, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Is 32C Bra Size Big?

While 32C is not really big, it is still bigger than 28C and 30C. On the other hand, the size is smaller than 34C and 36C. You can know how big a bra size is in relation to others by checking the alphabet naming convention.

How Big is a 32C Breast Size?

If you wear a 32C bra size, this means that your underbust measures 28-30 inches while the overbust measures 34-35 inches. In terms of centimeters, the measurements are 71-76 cm for the underbust and 86-89 cm for the overbust.

Check the 32C bra size chart below for the measurements.

Bra Size Underbust (IN) Overbust (IN) Underbust (CM) Overbust (CM)
32C 28-30 in 34-3 in 71-76 cm 86-89 cm

Is a 32C a Small or Medium?

32C is not considered a small breast size like AA, A  or B cups. However, it is also not really big. C cups are considered average breast sizes in the US. Therefore, you can think of 32C as medium average.

Is a 34B same as 32C?

A 34B and a 32C are the same cup size. However, they have different band sizes. A 34B has a bigger band size than a 32C.

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