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What Are the Problems of Wearing a Front Closure Bra?

Looking to buy a front closure bra and are not sure whether to proceed? Read this article on front closure bra problems to know what to expect before buying.

The common fear we all have is ordering a bra that will be uncomfortable, irritating, and at times embarrassing. We’ve all heard about the bra fit issues that afflict women all over the world, forcing us to yank our bras off in frustration when we come home at the end of the day.

The range from straps that slip off your shoulders, bands that ride up, hurting underwires – the list goes on and on! Almost all bra fit issues and pain are most likely the result of incorrect size and fit.

I have therefore dedicated this article to front closure bra problems.

5 Problems Of Wearing A Front Closure Bra

1.     Straps Digging In

When putting on a front closure bra, the weight of the breasts pulls down the straps, making them dig into the shoulders and cause redness, discomfort, and deep grooves that are more prone to experience headaches and nerve problems in the shoulder on around the neck.

Straps Digging In

2.     Lack Of Adjustability

One of the major front closure bra problems is the lack of ability to adjust its straps, thus making it much more difficult to acquire a proper fit because there’s just one clasp in the front. Because bras stretch out with time from use and washing, the lifespan of a front-closing bra is often shorter because it can’t be adjusted.

3.     Back Band Riding Up

The one clasp of the front closure bras makes it tight to provide your breasts with up to 80% support the need. This creates one of the front closure bra problems where the bra slowly creeps your back, causing uncomfortable sensations.

Back Band Riding Up

However, the best front closure bras with back support do not have this problem.

4.     Quadboob

Another front closure bra problem is the quad boob. This occurs if you wear a front closure bra pre-formed or foam-lined with cups that do not mold to your shape. As a result, the cup’s hard edges are sliced into your breast tissue, resulting in a visible line beneath fitting apparel.

This problem is common with front closure bras for large breasts.

Quad Boob

If you have soft breast tissue, look for a Spacer foam front closure Bra or a type with enough stretch in the cup that will mold to your shape.

5.     Pinching Underwire

Pinching under-wires are nearly often caused by wearing the wrong front closure bra size. Granted, some models have a firmer underwire for added support and a better fit. Most underwire front closure bras, on the other hand, are comfortable when worn in the proper size.


Front closure bra problems arose when you chose a front closure bra with the wrong cups, uncomfortable fabric, and straps. To avoid the problems above, go for the best front closure bras on the market.

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