how to wear a caged bra

How to Wear a Caged Bra

Nude-colored lingerie have been replaced by bright strappy bras in our wardrobes. Some caged bras look like swimsuits as theyoffer less coverage compared to other lingerie sets. In the past, bras were just mere undergarments but they are currently climbing the sartorial priority list which means you can show them off.

Plain t-shirts and simple tank tops don’t have to be boring when you can add a little flare to them by throwing in some accessories. However, what you wear underneath is equally important as it can make or break your entire outfit. This is where cage bras come in.

Some women don’t see the need of investing in cage bras as they are deemed impractical. Fortunately, peeking bras are no longer tacky but stylish. This trend was first hinted when models graced the red carpet with sheer wraps, tops and dresses. Promises of flirty and sultry ideas bore fruits with the onset of summer.

How to Wear a Caged Bra

Here’s how to wear a caged bra:

1. Take it low

It’s the sundress season, and there’s a wide variety of colourful strappy bras in the market to pair with each dress. You can pair a low-back dress with a complementary coloured bra like a bright pink dress and a turquoise bra. Pop a lacy back bra underneath a colourful shirt. If you looking to show off your style, go for a low-scoop neck top that will keep the straps visible or wear it under a see-through bodysuit.

2. Sheer Tops

Pulling off this style is quite easy. Instead of wearing a modest camisole under your sweater or blouse, throw in that caged bra. It’s as simple as wearing a brightly coloured bra underneath a white V-neck or mesh top with stylish shoes to the club.

3. Wear It as a Crop Top

Crop tops are currently a fashion trend, so why not take it a notch higher? Most caged bras have longcuts as compared to regular bras. This technically means that caged bras are crop tops with in-built support.

4. Make Your Tank Top Lively

Some caged bras feature decorative detailing or knotting at the back that can be impractical, especially underneath regular shirts. However, a caged bra looks great underneath a summer tank top, show it off lil’ mama.

5. Try a Caged Bra with a Sultry Strap

Caged bras with sultry straps are quite sexy and gives badass vibes from both sides of the spectrum. Women with large breasts can start out with a simple strapped bra. To instantly transform your entire outfit, wear a caged bra under a low-cut dress or top. A thin-strapped caged bra will come in handy if you want subtle appeal. A ring harness is the ultimate badass if you are going full plunge.

Here are some examples of caged bras:

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