How to Wear a Camisole Under a Shirt

How to Wear a Camisole Under a Shirt

Do you know how to wear a camisole under a shirt? If not, this simple guide has everything you need to know on how to rock these underthings.

Camisoles, sheer, and thin clothes have become more frequent, trendy and fashionable. A camisole is a timeless clothing piece that has made way under almost all dresses and tops. They typically save you from gaping eyes and help reduce transparency.

Back then, camisoles fell in the undergarment’s category only. Currently, with the growing trends in the fashion world, they can be worn separately or used for layering. You can keep your nipples virtually invisible when wearing a camisole underneath your blouse. This will make your outfit look more elegant and appropriate especially in a formal setting or other similar activities.

This article will help you:

  • Choose the right top/shirt/blouse
  • Choose the right type of camisole
  • Match the camisole and top

How to Wear a Camisole Under a Shirt

woman wearing a camisole

Women usually wear camisoles for different reasons including:

  • Increasing modesty
  • Enhancing shaping
  • Adding coverage especially when it comes to sheer outfits
  • Accentuating outfits with V-necks
  • Additional comfort under thin and see-through tops
  • Keeping the bra discreet on gaping button-down shirts
  • You can wear a camisole on its own when the temperatures run high
  • A camisole will keep you covered even when the buttons snap or in cases where you forget fastening them
  • You can comfortably take off your shirt when hiking or walking if you are wearing a camisole underneath.
  • Women who like going braless can go for camisoles with in-built bras
  • Camisoles are also ideal for wearing underneath for yoga and gym sessions
  • Camisoles can double up as bra alternatives
  • Camisoles with built-in bras usually look smooth under outfits
  • They offer additional support especially for women with larger breasts
  • They will help prevent your clothes from sticking onto the body
  • They help reduce cleavage especially in low-cut dresses and tops
  • Helps in wicking moisture away from the body
  • Keeps you super comfortable regardless of the top you are wearing

This is how to wear a camisole under a shirt:

Choose the Right Top or Shirt

Some shirts will never look good on you especially if they were not designed for your figure regardless of what you wear underneath them. Besides, camisoles also don’t go well with certain tops owing to their design. In such instances, you can use camis for layering.

Wide-armed sleeveless tops are not good as well. Ensure the camisole looks good if the shirt will keep it visible at the back, arms and breasts.

Don’t wear a nude camisole under a short top. It will look horrible especially when you lift your arms exposing your toned camisole.

Sheer tops – These tops usually expose the bra which can be very inappropriate in some settings. Go for a nude cami to match you skin shade when wearing a sheer top.

GRACE KARIN Long Sleeve Sheer Shirt


V-neck tops – A deep V-neck top should still keep the bra cups relatively invisible. Throwing in a camisole will not help if the outfit reveals too much.

SAMPEEL Basic V-Neck Top


Shirts with thin materials – Always check the fabric before buying an outfit even if its cheap. Your shirt seams can look appalling even when wearing a camisole.

Choose the Right Type of Camisole

Always choose a camisole that you can wear on its own. Not all camisoles will work well under every shirt. Keeping it exposed it just like showing off your bra. It’s therefore important to wear the right camisole underneath.

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for camisoles:

  • Seamless camisoles usually look great under different clothing pieces especially the form-fitting ones.
  • Thicker camisoles are ideal during winter but might feel a little bulky on different weather conditions
  • Tighter camisoles tend to ride up. Longer and looser ones are perfect
  • Wear a bra in the same shade as your cami if it has thinner straps
  • If you go for bold colors, ensure you are comfortable enough since it’ll be the main focus point especially when wearing a sheer top
  • Match your camisole and pants when wearing a sheer top
  • Your camisole and sheer top should be of different colors

Camisoles and Sheer Tops

A camisole will always be visible under a sheer top. Bright camis can be seen from afar while a nude one remains virtually invisible.

Wearing a camisole that matches your skin tone is ideal especially under a sheer top. You can go for other colors if you like experimenting. For darker shades, try a camisole in a solid color but in a different shade. Try ivory, black or white camisole for lighter tops. No need of matching the two – top and camisole.

For very transparent tops, go for camis in neutral colors. A slightly sheer top is typically easy to pair with a colored camisole.

Camisoles with built-in bras will come in handy for women who prefer to keep the straps discreet but still need some breast support. However, if you must wear a bra, it should be in the same color as your cami.

Should Camisoles Show Under Shirts?

A camisole is supposed to remain invisible under your shirt. However, with the current evolution in the fashion industry, they are not just underwear. Camisoles come in different materials, colors and styles. In some settings, wearing a camisole on its own is considered fashionable.

If the main focus point of your entire outfit is the camisole, ensure you can wear it on its own without layering.


It’s always advisable to accessorize when wearing a cami underneath a top or shirt. A choker or necklace would be great.

Camisoles with in-built molded cup bras will get you looking all glammed up as it saves you the trouble that comes with straps slipping off the shoulders. If you can’t go braless, a t-shirt or strapless bra would be ideal. You can also use a camisole for layering to augment your sense of style. A lot depends on comfortability, design and place.

Don’t get addicted to wearing camisoles all the time. It’s okay to wear a tank or cami under different outfits. However, shopping for clothes aimlessly just because you think you can throw in a cami to accentuate your look is not cool at all.

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