Roza Ambre Soft Cup Bra

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3 reviews for Roza Ambre Soft Cup Bra

  1. Jennifer Wimmer (verified owner)

    This bra is so pretty I immediately bought another one!!! I’m returning this one only because it’s too big. I bought a 38DD based on my measurements and their chart, but the cup gaped at the side (pictured). I ordered a 38D so we’ll see if it fits right. There’s no padding so you get such a beautiful, natural shape in this bra, but it’s not see through. Awesome!

  2. Terri G. Bynum (verified owner)

    Lets be honest, After kids, or just being large chested, tits are floppy, and it seems like they make grandma bras for this issue, but not cute, I” still want to turn my husband on bras”, but not flop out of them every time I bend over. It’s AWFUL bra shopping for over priced things while you feel totally humilated at your less than perfect and perky tits. This bra gives lift, shape, while still keeping them INSIDE the bra. I can bend over, lift, bounce my teething 9mo old on my hip without having to adjust myself. Thank you Roza for making something sexy and functional

  3. Sharon Wilson (verified owner)

    Best bra I have EVER owned in my 30 years of life. First, I hate lace. It’s too scratchy. Not this. You can’t even feel the lace and it’s true, The tag says “seductive comfort ” and couldn’t have said it better then that. Second, the comfort is unreal. I’ve always had a padded lining and have always been large (34dd/34ddd recently) and they’ve always felt big and bulky and can’t wait to take it off at the end of the day. I never want to take this off again. It feels so natural, so lightweight, so barely there ! Im still in shock. God bless the makers of this miracle!

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