Roza Nefretete Soft Cup Bra

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3 reviews for Roza Nefretete Soft Cup Bra

  1. Brenda (verified owner)

    Omg I love this bra!!! It’s completely what I’ve wanted. To me a bra should fit like someone is holding your boobs in place, softly, but firmly and this does it. The band under the boobs is tight, but you can buy bra extenders to help with this part until the bad stretches out. The cups fit perfect and feel actually soft. It’s such a nice quality and shape. I attached a photo of what real boobs look like in this bra, my opinion great!

  2. Marie Reid (verified owner)

    Really pleased with this. Fits well, very comfortable, and looks good too. I found the fit to be the same as the normal brands of bras that I buy. First time I’ve ordered something from this brand and it has turned out to be good quality and good value.

  3. Diana Stoller (verified owner)

    The back size fits as expected, but the cup size comes up small. I like that you can clip the straps together at the back because this places the straps closer to the neck which places the weight of the breasts more on the muscular part of the shoulders, making it more comfortable than traditional bra straps. It seems well made and a good quality product.

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