Best Sports Bra for Nursing Moms

Best Sports Bra for Nursing Moms

Currently, there are a variety of sports bras in the market that will support the breasts without compressing them.

What Are Nursing Sports Bras?

Nursing sports bras resemble the everyday nursing bra since it either has Velcro straps or clips which you can comfortably unclasp for easy nursing access.

Additionally, these nursing sports bras generally offer high-level support, compression, and broad straps.

A nursing sports bra allows women to exercise and also lets you feed the baby before taking on the exercises. You can also breastfeed after or even during your workout session. Any mom would know that babies have their schedule and, in some cases, might require you to cut short your workout to feed them.

Why You Need A Nursing Sports Bra

Usually, when moms are breastfeeding, they tend to be well-endowed and more engorged than in normal circumstances. Besides, all women need ultimate support when taking on high-impact activities. However, nursing moms require more support, as this will help prevent them from feeling uncomfortable during the session. Or make them feel super comfortable when they go to the gym.

It’s not unsafe to work out in your regular bra, but working out in a sports bra would feel more comfortable. Any breastfeeding mom can tell you how sports bras feel secure and help you move around confidently, and this will also help in boosting your confidence.

When you feel great during your workout sessions, you are more likely to keep up with the fitness routine and goals.

What to Look for In a Nursing Sports Bra

When you are breastfeeding, the production of milk makes the breasts fuller and heavier compared to normal breasts. And this especially happens between three to four months of nursing. You will, therefore, need more support during this period.

Running could be uncomfortable for the first few months, but a supportive bra and clothing that fits well will help you through. You should consider these things when shopping for a nursing sports bra:

a)       Support

When working out, a nursing mom shouldn’t wear regular bras since they need more support. It has to be high-level. The bra’s band should also have a snug fit. The straps have to be durable and broad enough. The front panel should be significant to come up high on the chest and hold the breasts securely in place. The cups shouldn’t run over during the workout.

b)      Coverage

The front panel of the bra should come up high compared to your regular bra. If you go for a nursing sports bra with cups, they should be full and not dig down. When working out, cleavage isn’t necessary.

c)       Easy to use

Any nursing sports bra should allow you to feed the baby at all times. Straps come in different designs, and you can either get Velcro or clip down. You will also come across nursing sports bras with hook and loop closures; this may be ideal for older babies since they can be a bit patient. If they are still very young, you should always go for bras that can unclasp easily and fast.

How Should the Bra Should Fit?

The bra must have a snug fit to support the breasts properly when you are working out.

Besides, women’s rib cage tends to expand with pregnancy to give an expansion room for the uterus and lungs. However, after getting the baby, the rib cage will return to its standard size.

You should, therefore, take into account a larger rib cage when shopping for a nursing sports bra. You can go for a bra with thicker bands after delivery to ensure it fits snugly but also not too tight. Since nursing sports bras have a tight fit than the regular bras, the milk ducts are likely to clog due to compression. It’s highly recommended not to wear these bras for long.

What Kind of Exercise You Can Take on These Bras

Most active moms are trying to find the perfect nursing sports bras for high-impact workouts. Some of these activities include:

  • High-Intensity aerobic exercises
  • Jumping/ Plyometrics
  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
  • Boot Camp workout and classes
  • Running
  • CrossFit

However, they still need to keep the breasts secure even when taking on low-impact exercises. For such activities, you can consider coming up with your own nursing sports bra.

Best Sports Bras for Nursing Moms

Here’s a list of the best sports bra for nursing moms:

#1.  Syrokan Women’s Front Adjustable Sports Bra

Syrokan Women's Front Adjustable Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

Syrokan is an ideal nursing sports bra since you can use it when breastfeeding and also after.

Key Features

  • Comes in different attractive colors
  • The bra is available in both cup and band sizes from 32B up to 42E
  • Both the shoulder straps and the back closure are adjustable
  • For easy nursing access and customized fit, the bra features durable Velcro straps
  • It offers high-level support even on high impact activities
  • The bra’s fabric is super comfortable, and it doesn’t rub or chafe against the skin
  • You can use the bra even after you are through with nursing
  • You can machine wash the bra then hang it to dry


  • Comes in different colors
  • Offers ultimate support even for women with large breasts
  • The bra is modest since it has light padding
  • It’s made well hence long-lasting
  • Ideal for nursing moms
  • The bra is super comfortable
  • It also has a flattering shape
  • The bra features a racerback design which works perfectly well with workout attire
  • It has durable Velcro straps which are also adjustable for a customized fit
  • You can get the bra in traditional cup sizes


  • The bra has no separation cups
  • Unlike some other bra alternatives, this bra might not allow for nursing with one hand

#2.  Boob Maternity Nursing Fast Food Sports Bra

Boob Maternity Nursing Fast Food Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

Key Features

  • The bra has a moisture-wicking fabric
  • Features a more extensive racerback design
  • Allows access to nursing by one hand
  • The shoulder straps have padding
  • Its inner cups are made of a mesh that’s soft and also dries quickly
  • The bra doesn’t fit snugly but offers ultimate support
  • The bra’s fabric is super comfortable and flexible as well


  • Allows nursing with one hand
  • Offers support, but not high-level
  • The bra has a comfortable moisture-wicking fabric
  • The straps are padded for additional comfort and support
  • Comes in minimalist, clean colors


  • Some women may not like this bra since it has no padding, save for the straps
  • It’s quite pricey and comes in limited sizes

#3.  Hotmilk Activate Flexwire Sports Nursing Bra

Hotmilk Activate Flexwire Sports Nursing Bra

Available on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Allows access to one-handed nursing
  • Ideal for an expanding rib cage since it has six hook and eye closures
  • For individual support, the bra features flex wire cups
  • The band is thick enough for comfort and support
  • Ideal for exercises like Pilates and Yoga since it’s supportive but doesn’t restrict


  • The bra’s underwire is flexible
  • The hook and eye closures does change with any changes in the body
  • Allows one-handed nursing access
  • Offers ultimate support without restricting
  • The chest band is thick enough and lays flat for support and comfort


  • The bra straps tend to dig into the shoulders
  • Not quite supportive when taking on high-impact exercises. Ideal for Pilates and Yoga

#4.  Glamorise Double Layer Custom Control Sports Bra

Glamorise Double Layer Custom Control Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

Key Features:

  • You can get the bra in traditional cup sizes
  • Features hook and eye closure at the back
  • Allows for one-handed nursing access
  • For lift and separation, the bra has bust bands on the inside
  • To minimize irritation, it has a tag on the outside below, just at the bra’s front
  • Four alternatives front fit adjustable closures


  • Allows one-handed nursing access
  • Available in traditional cup sizes
  • Offers a customized fit since it has four adjustable closures at the front
  • The bra provides high-level support for any activity from low to high-impact


  • Some women find this bra tight since they aren’t used to compression bras
  • The bra’s fabric is quite thin, but this is only a drawback depending on your preference (there are women who love it that way)

#5.  Cake Maternity Zest High-Impact Nursing Sports Bra

Cake Maternity Zest High-Impact Nursing Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

Key Features:

  • The bra has an optional racerback fit design
  • Allows for one-handed nursing access
  • It has a customizable fit because it’s available in traditional cup sizes
  • Six hook and eye closures for an expanding rib cage
  • An ideal alternative for women with smaller frames and big melons


  • Allows nursing with one hand
  • The bra’s fabric is soft and equally breathable
  • Comes in traditional cup sizes
  • The bra’s back features six hook and eye closures
  • The bra is ideal for women with smaller frames and massive breasts


  • Perfect for every day/ low-impact activities
  • Some women might find the fabric at the center of the bra frustrating

#6.  La Leche League Nursing Sports Bra

La Leche League Nursing Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Allows for nursing with one hand
  • The bra has a super comfortable fabric blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex
  • Offers ultimate support and great coverage
  • The racerback design is quite broad
  • The bra is affordable


  • Available in beautiful colors
  • It was made by nursing experts
  • The bra is very soft
  • Offers medium support
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy one-handed nursing access


  • Ideal for low-impact exercises
  • When giving their reviews, some say that the fabric does dig in the armpit area

#7.  Enell Sports Bra

Enell Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

Key Features:

  • Unparalleled support and compression
  • Offers no cleavage since it provides full coverage both at the front and back
  • Full, durable shoulder straps
  • Available in traditional cup sizes
  • It has a front hook and loop closure
  • The bra also has a broad padded band at the bottom for support and comfort around the rib area


  • Technically, this isn’t a nursing bra, but it’s ideal for breastfeeding since it has access at the front
  • Full coverage both at the front and back
  • Available in traditional cup sizes
  • No movement when wearing this bra, it helps control bounce
  • Unmatched support and compression for moms who work out and are still breastfeeding


  • Likely to chafe the skin at the middle front
  • Nursing moms might experience some milk duct clogs since the bra does enormously compress. You, therefore, should wear the bra for a shorter period


For active moms even before getting babies, it’s vital to regain a sense of self postpartum. The above nursing sports bras will always let you have the best of both worlds, which is working on your fitness and health while breastfeeding the baby usually.

Getting at least two nursing sports bras of high quality in your collection will make working out easy and enjoyable as well. Some of these bras will still serve you perfectly well, even after you are through nursing the baby. Don’t hesitate to give reviews after trying any of the bras on our list.


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