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These Are the Best Cooling Bras for Menopause that Relieve Hot Flush Symptoms

Looking for the best cooling bras for menopause? Read this guide to find out which bras can help to prevent those severe hot flushes.

Hot flushes are unpleasant. Unfortunately, they occur quite frequently during menopause.

The flashes are not only harsh but also uncomfortable.

If you have reached menopause, you must be familiar with the blazing feeling on the face and neck, which usually leaves you sweating heavily and your heart pounding.

Hot flashes can make you very uncomfortable during the day, and make it difficult to fall asleep at night. The symptoms can take a toll on you very fast. Often, you may feel like the torture will never end.

Can you get relief from hot flush symptoms fast?

Yes, you can.

Using cooling products, such as cooling bras for menopause, is one of the best ways of reducing hot flashes. Such products reduce the duration and severity of the symptoms.

When you experience hot flushes, heat usually seems like it’s at the center of the body (around the breasts). Therefore, it is only fitting to wear a cooling bra to reduce the heat.

It is not easy to find cooling bras that have been specifically designed for hot flushes relief.

However, there are a few bras for menopause that can help. Moreover, we’ve included a few alternatives that you can consider to reduce hot flush symptoms.

Best Cooling Bras for Menopause

Another option for relieving hot flashes is wearing a menopause cooling bra. This is a bra that is designed to keep you cool and comfortable during the day.

Cooling bras for menopause are a great addition to your bra collection. This is especially if you lead an active lifestyle or are dealing with heat intolerance.

Below are some of the best cooling bras for relieving hot flashes:

Vanity Fair Women’s Cooling Touch Wirefree Bra

Available on Amazon

The Vanity Fair Women’s Cooling Bra comes in different colors; beige, black, white, pink, lavender, light green and champagne. The wireless bra is made from a combination of spandex (14%) and nylon (86%). The breathable, lightweight design will ensure you are comfortable.

This is the best menopause bra for large cup sizes.

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Playtex Women’s Secrets Breathable Cooling Shaping Bra

Available on Amazon

The Playtex Women’s Secrets Breathable Cooling Shaping Bra is another cooling bra for menopause that you should check. The bra comes in different colors, including white, beige, black, aqua blue, dark blue and pale iris.

This bra is made from a blend of polyester, nylon and spandex. It is breathable, lightweight, and its thin foam cups help to wick away sweat.

Curvation Women’s Comfort Essentials Cooling Bra

Available on Amazon

The Curvation Women’s Comfort Essentials Cooling Bra is quite affordable. The bra is made of a blend of spandex and nylon, which help to wick away moisture. This stretchy bra will not make you feel constricted during the day.

Olga Women’s Play It Cool Wirefree Bra

Available on Amazon

The Olga Women’s Play It Cool Wirefree Bra comes in different colors, including light purple, white, dark grey and “toasted almond”. The bra is made of a blend of spandex, polyester and nylon.

The bra has Chill FX™ lining on the cups that wicks moisture, making you cool down. While the bra is wirefree, it offers excellent support, even for people with larger or fuller cup sizes.

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Watch the video below for other bras for fuller cup size seniors:

Playtex Women’s Active Lifestyle Bra

Available on Amazon

The Playtex Women’s Active Lifestyle Bra comes in different colors, such as white, beige, black, lilac, nude and periwinkle. The back is made of a mix of spandex and polyester, while the sling, cups and straps are made of polyester.

This sports bra is comfortable and has excellent sweat-wicking properties to keep you dry, especially when you are working out.

If you’re not experiencing severe hot flashes, you can still wear a moisture-wicking bra to ensure you don’t sweat excessively during the day.

If you’re still experiencing heat and sweat after wearing one of these cooling bras, try pairing it with a cooling insert or a bra liner.

Best Cooling Bra Inserts

Cooling inserts are usually designed for use with bras. Here are some of the best cooling bra inserts:

FOMI Hot/Cold Breast Gel Pack

FOMI hot/cold breast gel pack


The FOMI Hot/Cold Breast Gel pads are self-cooling and don’t require refrigeration. Therefore, you can carry them in your purse for use whenever you experience hot flushes.

Each breast insert offers cooling comfort for at least six hours. The pads are microwave- and refrigerator-safe, and are made from non-toxic PVC.

Polar Products Bra Coolers

polar products bra coolers

Polar Bra Cooler inserts can cool your breasts up to 58° F for up to an hour. The inserts comprise a pair of cotton covers and 2 sets of cooling packs. These bra coolers also don’t have to be cooled down in a refrigerator or freezer. The inserts are also reusable.

On Amazon, there are other types of bra inserts that are similar to Polar Bra Cooler. However, there are many complaints about them, such as:

  • Performance: They don’t provide cooling as advertised.
  • Inconvenience: Some need to be activated while others (disposable ones) have to replaced regularly.
  • Fit: They are quite uncomfortable; they slide around after being inserted and causing chafing.

It’s important to read customer reviews to find the best cooling bra inserts for you. Most inserts come in multiple sizes and are quite cheap.

If you discover that an insert chafes, you can try a different product, such as a cooling bra liner or a menopause bra.

General Purpose Cold Inserts

Don’t want to use cooling bra inserts? If so, there are several other options available. The products may work, even though they have not been specifically designed to be used for relieving menopause hot flush symptoms.

For instance, you can try Icewraps gel. These general-purpose cold inserts can be used for migraines, hot flashes, exercise, heat tolerance, and so on.

icewrap gels

Each Icewrap gel insert is reusable and can stay cold for up to 12 hours. To clean the insert, you’ll need to use a little mild soap and a damp cloth.

Icerwrap gel inserts come with a carrying case that remains dry. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about leaking. This carrying case comes handy when you want to carry the inserts in your purse, alongside your smartphone.

Most general-purpose cooling products work just as well as those specially designed for menopause hot flushes

If you prefer an all-purpose cold pack, check that the product will keep a low profile while you’re wearing it outdoors.

Menopause Bra Liners

Bra liners can also help you deal with hot flashes.

Basically, a bra liner is a cotton liner that can be worn under a bra. The liner wicks sweat from the skin, thereby helping to prevent hot flushes.

You can buy either disposable or reusable bra liners.

Generally, a bra liner will not cool your skin as a cold pack would. However, it can help to prevent you from swearing a lot. This, in turn, will help you to stay comfortable and dry.

The following are the best bra liners for menopause.

Ultra Soft Bamboo & Cotton Bra Liner

Set of 3 Bra Liners

Available on Amazon

The Soft Bamboo & Cotton Bra Liner is an affordable bra liner. The product is made from 100% cotton, wicks sweat well, and prevents chafing.

Before ordering these liners, confirm your breast size to ensure you’ll get a set that will fit you properly.

Wick’em Sensitive Skin Bra Liner

Wick’em Sensitive Skin Bra LinerWick’em Sensitive Skin Bra Liner

Available on Amazon

The Wick’em Sensitive Skin Bra Liner product is affordable and highly-rated. The bra liner is made from natural stretch bamboo with 100% cotton fill, is dye-free, and very comfortable. This is the best bra liner for sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for a great low-profile solution for hot flushes as a result of menopause, bra liners will do the job. Moreover, when necessary, you can wear them together with cooling packs.

If you’re experiencing intense hot flashes and want to stop excessive sweat, a good bra liner will make a great difference.

Other Cooling Products for Menopause

You may not find one perfect solution for stopping severe hot flashes during menopause. Most women combine some of the products to find relief.

But, what if that isn’t enough?

There are a couple of other useful cooling products you can try for menopause:

  • A cooling towels
  • A cooling pillow for the bed
  • A mattress pad designed to maintain its coolness throughout the night
  • A cooling scarf or bandana that can be worn on the go
  • A moisture-wicking nightgown

There are other great products that fall into this category.

If you find bra cooling inserts uncomfortable, consider wearing a moisture-wicking bra and a cooling bandana or scarf. This way, you will not have to deal with the chafing and slipping that often occurs when wearing an ill-fitting bra insert.

Don’t Give Up–You Can Cool Down!

Finding the right cooling bras for menopause can be quite a discouraging process. Most of the time, you will have to try different products to find a winning combination.

Don’t give up the search for menopause cooling products. You can even use herbal supplements meant for menopause. These supplements help to balance your hormones and,  as a result, your hot flashes will reduce.


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