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Which is the Best Bra for Sagging Breasts?

Do you have saggy breasts? If so, you may be looking for the best bra for sagging breasts. In this guide, we review some bras you should consider for saggy melons.

Most women are concerned about sagging breasts. As we age, the melons tend to start sagging and this can greatly affect our self-esteem.

The once uplifted breasts can now seem like nothing but a lump of skin with sagging tissue.

While true beauty is more than our physical appearance, sagging breasts can make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. For some women, sagging melons can make them lose their self-esteem.

So, what makes breasts sag? Are sagging breasts normal? What can we do to prevent the breasts from sagging? And what are the best bras for sagging breasts?

In this guide, we’ll answer all these questions and many more.

sagging breast

What Are the Causes of Sagging Breasts?

There are various reasons why the breasts may sag. In fact, if you are a woman, you should expect the breasts to sag at some point. There is even a medical term for breast sagging – breast ptosis.

Breasts are made from fibrous and fatty tissues. Over time, these tissues are affected by gravity and as they are pulled down, they start loosening and putting tension on the overlying skin. As a result, the skin stretches and this makes the breasts sag.

Breasts can also sag due to involution. This is a process that involves the shrinking of the milk-making system in the breast tissues. The system can shrink when it is no longer needed, for example, after you stop breastfeeding. When the system shrinks, the skin surrounding the breast tissue does not shrink. As a result, the breasts will become deflated and sag.

Multiple pregnancies can also make the breasts to sag. When your hormones change during pregnancy, the milk ducts shrink and expand rapidly, making the tissues to sag.

Generally, women with large breasts tend to suffer from sagging breasts than those with small busts. The more the mass of your breasts, the greater the pull of gravity on them.

Moreover, aging is also a huge factor when it comes to sagging breasts. As we age, the skin becomes less elastic and this makes the breasts to sag.

Finally, smoking has also been known to cause sagging of the breasts. Smoking makes us age faster by destroying elastin, the protein that helps to keep the skin supple as we age.

Other known causes of breast sagging include:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Menopause
  • High body mass index (BMI)
  • Deficiency of estrogen
  • Collagen deficiency

Myths About Breast Sagging

There are many myths surrounding the sagging of the breasts. Fortunately, most of the myths have been debunked.

Let’s look at some of the myths.


Breastfeeding is the most common myth regarding the cause of breasts sagging.

Breastfeeding does not stretch the breast tissue and, therefore, does not cause sagging. Generally, people think that breastfeeding causes sagging because they associate it with breast involution.

So, what is breast involution?

Like we’ve said above, breast involution refers to the shrinking of the milk-making tissues when they are not needed anymore. When the tissues shrink, the breasts end up looking empty and, therefore, tend to sag.

From this explanation, it is clear that breastfeeding does not cause breasts to sag. Rather, it is breast involution that is responsible for the sagging.

Not Wearing Bras

Some people claim that not wearing bras makes the breasts to sag. There are also claims that wearing ill-fitting bras make the breasts sag.

These assertions are just claims. There is no proof that they actually lead to sagging of the breasts.

Best Bras for Sagging Breasts

Since the breasts are likely to sag as we age, it is important to address the situation when it happens. How do we do this?

One of the best ways of preventing breasts from sagging is by wearing the right bra. There are specific bras that have been designed to support sagging breasts. Watch the video below to know of the recommended bras for sagging breasts.

Now that we are done with the video, here are the best bras for sagging melons that provide excellent lift.

#1. ForAllApparel Anti-Sagging Wireless Bra

The Anti-sagging wireless bra has soft cups. Therefore, you won’t feel uncomfortable even when you are standing in the checkout line. The soft cups give your chest a naturally attractive feel. Moreover, this bra is wireless. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sagging or itching.

The peek-a-boo design and criss-cross pattern of this bra are super-cute. This means no more wearing old-fashioned bras with lace and satin to look sexy. The bra also has anti-slip straps, which guarantee no more embarrassing slips at the wrong time.

Most women complain about getting red marks from their bras. This bra is the solution you have been waiting for. Not only is the bra super-soft but also give your chest the much-needed push to turn many eyeballs around.

Available On Inspire Uplift

#2. Bali Double Support Wire-Free Bra (Best Double Support Bra for Sagging Breasts)

bali double

Available Sizes: Cup sizes B – DDD and band sizes 34 – 48

Colors: White, warm steel, sheer latte, sexy animal print, nude, beige, light, ivory, chic lace print, blushing pink, blue cobalt, and black.

The Bali Double Wire Free Bra is perfect for every day wear. The bra is comfortable and features Bali’s M-frame. The bra comes with two-ply cups that offer excellent support.

This bra for large breasts has adjustable straps that make it easy to fit. Its Comfort-U design ensures that the bands stay in place all the time. Moreover, you can be sure the bra will stay in place thanks to the hook and eye closure.

The Bali bra offers excellent support for D and DD cups thanks to its supportive side boning.

Available on Amazon

#3. Vanity Fair Body Caress Full Coverage Wirefree Bra (Best Bra with Two-Way Straps for Sagging Boobs)

vanity fair

Sizes: Cup sizes B – DD and DD, and band sizes 34 to 42

Colors: White, nude, ivory, and black

Wearing the Vanity Fair Wirefree bra will guarantee your comfort and confidence the whole day. This bra features two straps that can be converted into a criss-cross design.

The bra can be adjusted with a two-row, three-column metal hook and eye closure. Depending on the size of the bra, there are two to four hooks, which means you can be sure of a customized fit.

I love this bra because it is ultra-soft to the skin. If you have sensitive skin like me, you won’t have a problem with the Vanity Fair wirefree bra. This is one of the best bras for sensitive skin.

Apart from being soft, the bra offers excellent support to keep the breasts up. When worn, it disappears under the clothing, ensuring there are no awkward visible lines.

The straps and top of the cups are lined with a decorative satin that gives the bra a sophisticated appeal.

Available on Amazon

#4. Elomi Caitlyn Side Support Bra (Best Underwire Bra for Sagging Breasts)

elomi womens

Sizes: Cup sizes DD – k and band sizes 34 to 46.

Colors: Rouge, raspberry, pearl, peacock, nude, ink, camelia, and black.

The Elomi Caitlyn Side Support bra features a bandless design. Therefore, it is suitable for those with a short waist. The bra is sheer and its top cup panel is embroidered, making it breathable. The garment’s center panel is arched, which makes it comfortable for those with high tummies.

The Elomi is a full cup underwire bra that will lift and shape your melons appropriately. More support is provided by its inner slings and firm wings. On the back, the bra is fastened by leotard straps that keep it in place when worn. Depending on the size of the bra, the hooks and eye closure has two to three hooks.

The Elomi is made from a shimmering microfiber blend that makes it comfortable and will ensure you are confident every time you are wearing it.

Available on Amazon

#4. Maidenform Push Up and In Underwire Bra (Best Push Up Bra for Sagging Breasts)


Sizes: Cup sizes A – D and band sizes 32 to 38

Colors: Wild Strawberry With Peach Lace, White With Paris Nude Lace, Rising Smoke With Gentle Peach, Navy/Black, Evening Blush With Rose Petal, Embark With Black, Deep Cerise With Galactic Red, White/Blue Whimsy, Venture Pink With Rising Smoke, Raspberry Icing/New Vanda Orchid, Latte Lift With Black, Black/Body Beige Lace, Black With Gentle Peach Lace, Black With Body Beige.

The Maidenform Push Up Bra uses Wonderbra technology to support your breasts provide comfort. The bra has an underwire but still offers unrivaled support. You can even wear it with a plunging neckline to reveal your sexy side.

The side shape and push-in cup make the Maidenform look sophisticated. Its natural lift will give your cleavage a natural look to project the sexy silhouette you always want.

The Maidenform Push Up bra does not go out of style. On the back, it features criss-cross straps that are at the side of the bust area. The straps are adjustable and convertible, allowing you to choose how you want to wear them.

The bra will fit you properly thanks to the hook and eye closure.

Available on Amazon

#5. Wacoal Basic Beauty Full Figure Seamless Underwire Bra (Best Bra for Full-Figured Women with Sagging Breasts)


Sizes: Cup sizes C – H and band sizes 32 to 44

Colors: Sand, Ivory, and Black

Finding the best bra for full figured women is tricky, most of the time. However, this does not have to be the case thanks to the Wacoal Basic Full Figure Underwire Bra.

This bra is made of an ultrasoft bodysuede fabric and seamless underwire cups that will make you look sexy. The bra has a wide center gore for separation and a hidden inner sling in the cups that provide extra support. Moreover, its sides and bands are made to minimize and smooth your bulge.

The Wacoal bra has adjustable black straps that are set closely together. The straps ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Available on Amazon

#6. Panache Tango Balconette Bra (Best Stylish Bra for Sagging Breasts)


Sizes: Cup sizes D – K and band sizes 30 to 44

Colors: Tutti Frutti, Nude, Blush, and Black

If you are looking for a supportive bra that will lift your breasts, get the Panache Tango Balconette Bra. The undergarment has power mesh wings that provide firm and comfortable support. You will love the delicate satin bow and embordered leaf pattern that makes the bra stylish.

The Panache Tango bra has a hook and eye closure that gives it an easy fit. Wearing the bra will make you feel confident and boost your self-esteem.

Available on Amazon

#7. Glamorise MagicLift Full Figure Support Bra (Best Bra with Padded Straps for Sagging Breasts)


Sizes: Cups size B – J and band size 36 to 56

Colors: White, Violet, Silver, Burgundy, Blue, Beige, and Black

The Glamorise MagicLift features a cushioned inner bust band that will lift your breasts properly. This bra provides adequate support without making you uncomfortable. Moreover, it is stylish thanks to its upper cup lace. The bra’s design will make you look sexy!

The MagicLift bra has wide, cushioned straps that pamper your shoulders. These adjustable straps make it fitting and provide additional support together with the wide bottom band, and hook and eye closure.

Available on Amazon

#8. Timpa Duet Lace Underwire Demi Bra (Best Small Cup Bra for Sagging Breasts)


Sizes: Cup sizes A – C and band sizes 32 to 38

Colors: Wine, White, Red, Navy, Lilac, Emerald, Beige, and Black

The Timpa Underwire Bra has a soft, lightweight crochet lace that lays flat on your clothing. Therefore, you can be sure that it will not show on the outside.

The back and sides of the bra are made of a stretchy, silky, and soft microfiber that make it comfortable.

The Timpa Bra is the best small cup bra for sagging breasts. This bra will lift your melons and give them a sexy shape without any padding.

Available on Amazon

#9. Elila Jacquard Softcup Bra with Cushioned Straps (Best Bra for Plus-Sized Women with Sagging Breasts)


Sizes: Cup sizes E – N and band sizes 34 to 52

Colors: White, Red, Nude, Mocha, Lilac, Cobalt Blue, and Black

Wearing the Elila Jacquard Bra will lift up your breasts without straining your shoulders and the back. The bra achieves this by surrounding and distributing the breast tissue evenly on the chest. The bra has lightly padded full inner support slings, and power mesh sides and back that provide additional lift to the breasts.

The full coverage soft cup bra has non-stretchy cups that will give your breasts a sexy shape. These cups have been designed to lift the breasts of full-figured women as well as plus size ones.

The Elila bra is soft and durable; you can expect it to last for years to come. The bra can be worn every day thanks to its wireless design and stable bottom. Moreover, it looks stylish with its center panel satin bow and leaf-partnered fabric. You will feel luxurious and sexy wearing the Elila bra.

The Elila has non-stretchy straps that have a sliding pad. You can position the straps any way you want or remove them.

The bra also has a hook and eye closure for a secure fit. The bras for cup sizes F to K feature a jewel-lock metal buckle at the front strap base that can be adjusted to prevent the straps from slipping. There is also a buckle on cup sizes L to N that prevent pinching.

Available on Amazon

#10. Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Wire Bra (Best Bra for Sagging Boobs)

prima donna

Available Sizes: Cup sizes C- I and band sizes 30 to 46

Available Colors: Winter gray, white, submarine, Persian red, natural, caffee latte, black

The Prima Donna Full Cup Wire Bra has a superior fit and offers a light look. The bra’s upper cups are finished with a glossy embroidery that extends into the straps. The bra has fine, bright ribbons that make it look youthful. Wearing this garment will make you feel sexier than ever before.

Designed particularly for saggy melons, the padded bra does not have an underwire. Therefore, if you prefer wire-free bras, you might want to give this a shot.

The Prima Donna can also fit all breast sizes, thanks to its elastic lining at the top of the cups. The bra’s close-set, adjustable bras also contribute to a comfortable fit.

The bra for saggy breasts has a hook and eye closure with two rows and three columns, which makes it easy to customize.

Available on Amazon

Choosing the Best Bra for Saggy Deflated Breasts

To find the best bra for sagging breasts, you should consider the lift and contouring that the garments provide. With the many plus size bras on the market, how can you determine which one will be perfect for your saggy melons?

Well, finding the right bra all comes down to the featurse. Consider the features below when evaluating different bras for sagging breasts:

  • Wide underband
  • Non-stretch fabric
  • Full coverage design
  • Boned sides

Majority of the best bras for saggy melons will have all these four features. If the bra you want to buy does not have these features, then you want to check its support.

Which is the Best Bra for Sagging Breasts?

What You Should Buy
When wearing a bra designed for lifting sagging breasts, your self-esteem will improve. From our bra reviews, the best choice is the Prima Donna Deauville Wire Bra. This bra will lift up your melons without being too obvious. Moreover, it comes in a wide range of sizes and colors that give it a youthful look.

prima donna Full Cup Wire Bra

The Prima Donna bra has a soft pad and has a nickel-free underwire. The bra is comfortable since the underwire is padded. This is the best bra for large breasts lift.


You should be able to find the best bra for sagging breasts, no matter your breast size, from the list above.


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