Best Sports Bra for Pregnancy

Best Sports Bra for Pregnancy

Several questions surround the sports bra for the nursing moms or those who are expectant. When you are pregnant, you may always find yourself wearing any sports bra, an aspect that is not the best. The guide below gives you the best sports bra for pregnancy. The bras will also serve you when in your nursing moments.

Which are the Best Sports Bras for Pregnancy?

#1.  Brooks Running Juno

Brooks Running Juno

Available on Amazon

The bra is cute since it is one of the best sports bras for pregnancy. It is a functional bra and will give you all the necessary support. The bra will provide excellent support to your breasts while you are taking part in the body build exercises. The bra has the best sweat-wicking fabric. It is breathable as it has mesh ventilation enabling you to remain fresh and dry all the time that you are working out.

The bra is an excellent choice as a nursing bra as it comes with adjustable straps at the front. The adjustable straps are straightforward to remove when it comes to nursing.

#2.  Brooks Running Fiona

Brooks Running Fiona

Available on Amazon

The Brooks Running Fiona is a design of a sports bra that is best for medium-impact activities. The cushioning defers from that in the Juno bra and is still the best sports bra for pregnancy and nursing. The design comes with minimal molded cups. The cups have moderate stretch That enables them to have a great natural shape. The bra is comfortable to take off and on courtesy of the open back. For easy nursing, the bra has adjustable straps at the front. With the bra, you will not have to struggle while nursing.

For the lovers of colors, you won’t lack what is best for you. The bra come in 11 different colors.

#3.  Love and Fit Athena Nursing Sports Bra

Love and Fit Athena Nursing Sports Bra

Available on

If you have had time to read through pregnancy recaps, you must be in the knowledge that the Athena Nursing Sports bra is the best sports bra for pregnancy. The products from the Athena are quality. You will love the lovely design plus the fact that it is very supportive.

The bra has adjustable straps plus a back that enables easy adjustment for both high and low impact activities. It provides you with top support and the best coverage to the breasts as you take part in both high impact and low-impact exercises.

When it comes to nursing, the design has easy access to nursing clips. Besides, the bra has removable cups that could provide room for easy insertion of nursing pads to take care of milk leakage.

#4.  Mum Active Sweetheart Nursing Sports Bra

Mum Active Sweetheart Nursing Sports Bra

Available on

The bra is a design that supports your breasts when you take part in high impact sports activities. The neckline of the bra has a very sexy sweetheart design, and you will love it on first sight. The fabric is a blend of polyester and spandex, enabling it to stick in position all the time. It also comes with moisture-wicking ability to cut off the accumulation of moisture as you are working out. For easy nursing, the bra has clips that enable you to unclip it easily.

#5.  Brooks Running Fast Forward Zip

Brooks Running Fast Forward Zip

Available on Amazon

The bra is the newest in the market today and is exceedingly functional. It will get you the experiences in your pregnancy and nursing period.

The design has a zip at the front in addition to the j hook closure on the inside part. The bra is thus, straightforward to take off and wear. You will also have an easy time when it comes to nursing.

The bra also has the best option for shape and comfort as it has removable cups. The Fast Forward bra is a medium impact bra that is best for individuals with smaller chests.

#6.  Senita Athletics Speed Feed Nursing Sports Bra

Senita Athletics Speed Feed Nursing Sports Bra

Available on SenitaAthletics

The Senita bra was part of me in my late pregnancy moments. The bra was the best type that gave the best support to my breasts. You will love the bra once you try it. The bra is the right sports bra that will serve you to its best in medium sports activities. The fit can be comfortable adjust to the shape and size that you desire. While you are taking part in the workouts, the bra will keep your breasts in a good position, keeping you all through comfortable and provide enough support.

The shoulder straps are adjustable, and you can the raver back design. The double hook and eye closure also make the bra to provide the best support to the breasts. You will find the bra in different colors, including nautical, bloom, black and blush.

#7.  Senita Athletics Perfect Latch Nursing Sports Bra

Senita Athletics Perfect Latch Nursing Sports Bra

Available on

The latch is a medium impact sports bra. The design has the best support as it has a supportive shelf. The back is open and very beautiful.  It also has removable cups and double hook and eye closure. The bra is available in dirty rose, lotus, and ponderosa.

How to Choose the Right Pregnancy Sports Bra?

Pregnancy brings about the growth of the body. The breasts as such also change thus may lead to change in the size bra that you are wearing. The cup size may go up or down.

The first step to choosing an appropriate sports bra is to go for a bra fitting. Bra fitting will enable you to get to know the proper size that fits you. A right fitting bra will ensure that you are comfortable as you are working out. You must avoid tight bras as they are likely to cause health problems such as the blocking of the milk duct, thus affect the nursing period. You can also do the measuring on your own. If you need to measure on your own, consider the following steps.

Find Out your Band size

Getting the measure of the band size is very simple. Find a tape measure. Using the tape, measure around your body at the lower part of the armpit above the chest. Note down the measurement you get. If it is a fraction ensure round it to the next nearest whole number. You can also measure the ribcage to get the size of the band. Measure under your breast. Once you get the measurement to add at least 2 inches to get your exact band size.

Get the Cup Size Measurement

Do the same measurement but this time focus on the area where you have a fuller bust. The number you get, a fraction round it off to the next whole number.

Make sure the tape is well around your body as you are taking the measurement. To get the correct cup size, subtract the band size from the analysis of the fuller bust area.

Assuming the cup size is 40, and the band size is 36 the difference which is 4 is the cup size. The cup sizes include A, B, C, D, etc.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Sports Bra

a)       A well-fitting bra

For the best experience in your pregnancy, go for a sports bra that is well-fitting. A sports bra that is fitting is not very tight or very loose. It should be very comfortable for the breasts that are very sensitive in the pregnancy period.

b)      The Fabric Should be Light

The fabric of the bra must be very light to reduce the weight that you carry. It will also keep you very comfortable. It must be designed with cotton as it is very soft. The models with lace and synthetic should be out of your choice at all costs.  The fabric should also be breathable so that you are.

c)       The Straps Should be Wider

The wider straps in the bra are essential for the provision of the best support. It must have adjustable back fastenings to cater to the continually changing breast size. Besides, it should also have support panels that will give you the best support as you are taking part. Wider straps also ensure that there is no digging into your shoulder.

d)      Best Coverage

During pregnancy, your breast should always be fully in cover. A right sports bra should, therefore, provide the breasts with excellent coverage. There should be no bulges when you wear the bra.

e)      Comfort

The best sports bra is always comfortable all the time that you are wearing it. The straps of the bra should not be digging into your shoulders. The digging is a cause of pain and discomfort, especially in the nursing period.

The right sports bra should have straps that are wide enough. Wide straps will not as such dig into your shoulders as you are sporting.  The straps should also sit in position and not slip off the shoulder all the time as this is a source of discomfort.

Follow the guideline and ensure that you select the best sports bra that is functional, comfortable, and supportive. Once you get these, you will not need to worry about anything as you go to the workouts to keep fit.


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