wide strap bras for achy shoulders

Wide Strap Bras: 12 Options to Stop Achy Shoulders

For most people, the words “wide strap bras” immediately make them think of bulky support bras with wide straps that do not look fashionable at all. However, you are seriously mistaken if this is the image that’s in your mind.

I’ve come up with a list of wide strap bras that are both supportive and stylish for everyone. You can boldly rock these bras at home or work and have nothing to worry about support.


Why Wear Wide Strap Bras?

The support offered by a bra mainly depend on its band. About 80 to 90 percent of support is offered by the band while the straps only contributed between 10 to 20 percent of the support.

However, even if you have small breast, poorly-designed straps can leave you with a lot of pain. For example, the straps can dig into your shoulders and contribute to back pain. Moreover, they can slip off during the day. I’m sure you wouldn’t want this to happen.

Wide strap bras, also known as comfort strap bras, help to distribute the weight of your boobs over a large surface area. This means there will be less stress on any part of your shoulders. Apart from this, a comfort strap bra is likely to stay on your shoulders.

Read on for my top picks of the best wide strap bras.

Best Comfort Strap Bras

Elila Wireless Full-Coverage Jacquard  Rosa Faia by Anita Twin Underwire Bra Bali Women’s Satin Tracings Minimizer Underwire Bra Glamorise Wonderwire Front Close Bra Goddess Hannah Underwire Molded Side Support Bra Vanity Fair  Illumination Zoned In Bra
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Empreinte Melody Plunge Convertible Bra Ewa Michalak Bra FB Lilia Comexim’s Emotion Biustonosz Freya Women’s Hero Underwire  Bra Le Mystere Women’s Dream Tisha Bra Ashley Stewart Soft Cup Butterfly Bra
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Elila Jacquard Soft Cup – Pretty and Wirefree

Elila Jacquard Soft Cup Bra

This is a full coverage bra that is available in multiple beautiful colors. I love the jacquard fabric that gives the bra some feminine. The sweet bra has a three-part cup for support and offers adequate coverage along the sides and back.

The Elila bra has wide straps as well as an additional shoulder support pad. You can adjust the bra’s straps to move the pad to where you’d like it to be.

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Anita Rosa Faia Twin Seamless Comfort Bra – Simple and Seamless


You’ll love this Anita plain comfort bra with wide straps that reach the top of most shoulders. However, the bra is front-adjustable and, therefore, can be tricky to fit if your beats sit lower on your chest, you have a long torso, or are tall.

The Anita bra is cut for FOB gals searching for a smooth garment but cannot wear a molded-cup t-shirt bra.

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Bali Women’s Satin Tracings – Best Minimizer Underwire Bra

Bali Womens Satin Tracings Minimizer Underwire Bra

My experience with Bali bras has led to believe that they are the best in class in terms of minimization. The Satin Tracings minimizer bra lives to this expectation and offers up to 1 ¾ inches size reduction. If you are lost with the math, this is nearly about two cup sizes.

If you have read my post on minimizer bras, you understand the bras work in different ways. For example, some bras push the boobs forward towards each other or out on the sides, away from each other. Then, there are those that hold the breasts firmly against the breast wall.

The Bali Satin Tracings bra minimizes by pushing the boobs together a bit towards the wall of the chest. The bra has cushioned straps that will not hurt your shoulders, regardless of how heavy your boobs are. However, one thing I noticed is that the straps are generally short. Therefore, you will not have a lot of room to play with when you want to adjust the bra.

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Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Wonderwire – Best Front Opening Bra

Glamorise Womens Full Figure Wonderwire Front Close Bra

Glamorise bras are known for their comfortable straps that come in various styles. With the Wonderwire, you won’t fail to notice how pretty it is.

This bra comes with comfort straps and feature leotard band on the back. However, the band is a little too high such that it restricts the adjustability of the bra.

However, I have nothing but good things to say about the bra’s side support. Moreover, with Glamorise’s patented Wonderwire technology, which ensures the wired doesn’t touch the underboob, it is difficult not to love this bra. If you have a wide set of breasts, you will love the front-close clasp and side support.

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Goddess Women’s Hannah Underwire Bra – Best Molded Support Bra

Goddess Hannah

If you love Elomi and Goddess, you probably know the brands for their good side support. This wide strap bra has a lower gore and the most of the cup is made of a single panel. The gore is neither too high like the typical gores you’ll find on Elomi and Goddess bras nor too low than the gores you find in their plunge bras. Therefore, if you have an issue with the usual height of Goddess gores, this bra is for you.

Goddess usually manufactures bras with wide straps. However, with the Hannah bra, things have gone a step further. This bra also has a padded shoulder strap as well as an adjustable back strap.

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Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Underwire Bra – Best Budget Bra for Full Figure


The only issue I have with this bra is that it only goes up to cup DD. However, the bra is excellent for full figured women with small cup sizes. The bra is solidly constructed and has wide padded straps at the front. These straps are made of comfortable fabric and are adjustable.

The bra is excellent for women with wide set breasts thanks to the bandless front design and corded center panel, as well as the side support sling. Some people would wish that the side panels came higher.

This bra is usually on sale and if it fits, it would be perfect for everyday wear.

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Empreinte Melody Plunge Convertible Bra – Gorgeous Lace

Empreinte Melody Plunge Convertible Bra

You may not come across beautiful, seamless unpadded lace bras often. The Empreinte is one of the few available on the market. The bra has a thick lace such that your nipples won’t show if they are not too prominent. Therefore, if you are usually hesitant to wear a bra with an unlined cup, this fear will be unfounded if you get the Empreinte.

The full coverage bra is made of a light material and its straps are rigid, back adjustable and have a cushy fabric on the front. If you want more center pull or to wear the bra under a racerback top, you can since the straps are convertible.

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Ewa Michalak’s FB Lilia – Beauty and Brawn

Ewa Michalak Lilia

The Ewa Michalak’s FB Lilia is a beautiful bra that offers immediate projection. The bra stands out for excellent side support that will keep your boobs front and center. The four-part cup will shape your breasts and make them look sexy.

The FB Lilia bra is an excellent choice for women with large busts looking for supportive seamed bras. While the lace at the top of the bra makes it less gap, you may find that it still gaps a bit especially if you are FOB.

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Comexim’s Emotion Buistonosz – Best Bra for the Bedroom


If you want a sturdy wide strap bra, get the Comexim’s Emotion Buistonosz. This sexy thick strap bra has a lace panel that is lined from the underbust of each cup and goes over the shoulder to give your breasts a sexy shape.

I totally love this bra save for its strappy horizontal detail. Like is expected, the bra’s straps are back adjustable.

Available on Comexim

Freya Women’s Hero Underwire Bra – Best Supportive Plunge Bra


If you love unlined bras, get the Hero Underwire Bra by Freya. This bra is made of breathable sturdy material and has excellent side support. The material is also beautiful. You will not fail to notice the little silver accents and bows on the bra that highlight its sheer femininity without having too much going on.

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Le Mystere Women’s Dream Tisha Bra – Celebrity Endorsed

Le mystere

Orpah said something about The Dream Tisha Bra!

Engineering wise, The Dream Tisha can outperform Anita’s Twin Seamless bra. This bra features a unique design that keeps the cup invisible under your clothes. The bra’s straps get wider with size and its wide wings keep things controlled. Moreover, F, G, and H cups are padded for your comfort.

Women with busts that are center full may not want this bra because the cups are quite close together. However, for women with wide-set breasts looking to achieve a cleavage look, this bra could work well.

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Ashley Stewart’s Soft Cup Butterfly Bra – Gel Straps


Plus size and full-figured women should get the Soft Cup Butterfly bra. The bra has comfortable straps, offers adequate back support, and is designed to address the specific problems plus size women have with bras.

One of the features of the bra is a double back band on the back, which provides back support and unexpected adjustability.

The Soft Cup Butterfly Bra as a thick front strap that is filled with gel to ensure you are comfortable when wearing it.

Available on Ashely Stewart


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