bras for wide set breasts

These Bras for Wide Set Breasts REALLY Bring the Cleavage!

Do you have wide set breasts and are looking for a fitting bra? You should know the kind of bra that would work for you. In this guide, you’ll find the best bra for wide set breasts that you can buy.

best bra for wide set breasts

Are your breasts 1-2 finger-widths apart? If so, the world of bras is your oyster.

On the other hand, if your breasts are touching, there are only a limited number of bras that will work for you.

Things are even more difficult if you have wide set breasts.

What Are Wide Set Breasts?

If you can fit three or more fingers between your breast roots, then you have wide set breasts.

Women with wide set breasts face various challenges when looking for fitting bras. The biggest challenge is that the breasts tend to go outside towards the edge of the cup.

Most bra cups are designed to keep the breasts at the center. Therefore, they work best for boobs that are close together. If you have wide set breasts, you will have issues such as spillage on the outer part of the cups and gapping in the center part of the cup. You will have to swoop and scoop to ensure the breasts are well contained between the underwires.

Choosing a Bra for Wide Set Breasts

There are various factors to keep in mind when looking for bras for wide set breasts. These include:

Wide Gore

wide gore

Search for bras with a wide gore (a wide separation between the cups). If you don’t know what a gore is, learn the parts of a bra here.

Some brands, such as Cleo, have bras whose gores are wider than average You want bras from these brands.

If you can make them work, get a bra with a corded gore or a front opening bra. These bras are perfect for wide set breasts.

Side Support

If your breasts go towards the sides naturally, you want a bra that can keep them together. In such a case, the best bras to buy will be those with inner slings for side support.

You also want bras with wide bands along the sides as this will help to keep your breasts together.


Get a bra that will give you the kind of cleavage you prefer. Whether you are looking for that Christina Hendricks cleavage or some other form, you will have to put some effort to find the bra that will deliver what you want.

For cleavage purposes, you should look for plunge-style bras. These bras have short gores and, therefore, hold the breasts closely together. A bra with a low gore and decent side support will ensure the breasts are close to give you some lift and cleavage.

Another option is to choose a push-up bra. You will not easily find push up bras past D+ cups. However, they really exist.


There’s more you can do if you want a dramatic cleavage. For example, you can wear a bra that is one- or two-sizes too small, push up cookies/pads, J-hooks and racerback clips, and more. All these options will help to hold your boobs closer together.

I’ve outlined all the options of achieving a great cleavage in this push-up bras article.

For everyday casual cleavage, you can wear a wireless bra. However, most people don’t like the bra since it creates a uniboob.

If you have wide set breasts and find a wireless bra that you like, wear it. The uniboob effect is likely not to be pronounced on you as on women with other breast shapes.

11 Best Bras for Wide Set Breasts

Below are my top picks of the best bras that you can wear if you have wide set breasts.

  • Cleo Koko Plunge

Cleo Koko Plunge

Available on Amazon

Cleo by Panache bras come in different styles and elements that make them suitable for women with wide set breasts. There are dozens of J-hooks and short gores, both corded and not, in their line. Cleo bras also typically have wider-than-average gores.

The cups of the Koko Plunge are a little bit high on the sides. However, the sides are not reinforced. This is a good example of a corded gore, which you can wear if you have wide set breasts.

There’s also the Cleo Neve, which is an excellent option even if you have full on top breasts. This bra does not require immediate projection near the bottom of the cup.

Cleo Neve

Available on Amazon

The Cleo Mimi is another bra you should check if you have wide set breast. The bra has about ½ to 2/3 coverage and comes with a 3-part cup for extra support. However, the side coverage is quite lacking.

Cleo Mimi

Available on Amazon

  • Freya Deco Spotlight

Freya Deco Spotlight

Available on Amazon

Freya Deco makes many good types of bras. The Deco Spotlight is one of the brand top bras for wide set breasts. The bra is based on a plunge cup and, therefore, will be perfect for many applications.

Like is the case with the Cleo Koko, the Deco Spotlight has J-hooks and a wide gore. Moreover, you won’t fail to notice the excellent side support, which will push your breasts to the front and center.

Finally, there’s the Freya Deco Molded Soft Cup Bra. The shape of this bra will give your breasts cleavage as the cups are virtually together and the sides offer excellent support.

Freya Deco Molded Soft Cup Bra

Available on Amazon

  • Elomi Cate – Side Support

Elomi Cate – Side Support

Available on Amazon

The Elomi Cate Side Support bra stands out for its excellent side support. The bra has winds that come up high along the side. Wearing the bra will ensure your breasts are at the center and pointing forward.

The Elomi Cate has a slightly wide gore. Therefore, it is a great bra for someone with wide set breasts. Since it’s a full cup bra, its gores are quite high (like is the case with most Elomi bras). For this reason, you are not going to get a perfect cleavage from wearing the bra.

If you do not like the high height on the sides but are still big on side support, the Elomi Morgan is an alternative you can check.

Elomi Morgan

Available on Amazon

There’s also the Elomi Asia, which has quite a wide gore. However, this bra has a large underwire.

  • Rosa Faia Scarlett Spacer by Anita

Rosa Faia Scarlett Spacer by Anita

Available on Amazon

The Scarlett Spacer is a simple but beautiful bra. The bra has a smooth cup and is, therefore, excellent for wearing under t-shirts. I love this bra as it’s got some bit of volume to ensure modesty.

The cups of the Scarlett Spacer gore are widely-spaced. Therefore, the bra is excellent for everyday wear for women with wide set breasts.

  • Curvy Kate Tease Padded Balconette – Something Ornate

Curvy Kate Tease Padded Balconette – Something Ornate

Available on Amazon

If you want a frilly bra, you should check the Curvy Kate Tease. This balconette is a solid option for women with wide set breasts looking to balance cleavage coverage/support. The center panel of the bra is a little bit wider and has excellent side support provided by powermesh wings. The bra is also sexy and offers a bit of control.

  • Fantasie Alex Underwire Bra with Side Support

Fantasie Alex Underwire Bra with Side Support

Available on Amazon

If you love the Fantasie bra, the Alex bra is the best bra for wide set boobs. The bra has excellent side support and its cup are a winner for wide set breasts. The Alex bra has wide underwires, which make it attractive for anyone with wide breast roots.

  • Lacy Plunge – Lepel Fiore

Lacy Plunge – Lepel Fiore

Available on Amazon

Lepel’s Fiore plunge bra is a plunge bra with a sewn cup that is worth mentioning on this list. While the bra has a small band, its cups come up somewhat high on the sides. Moreover, it has a wide gore.

  • Ulla Women’s Alice Full Figure Bra – Aspirational Bra

Ulla Women’s Alice Full Figure Bra – Aspirational Bra

Available on Amazon

Final on our list is the gorgeous Alice Full Figure bra. Most of the time, if a bra cup is not designed well, it will end up having a duck-bill shape. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about this problem with the Alice Full Figure Bra.

The bra for wide set breasts looks beautiful and will give you a nice rounded shape. The sides of the bra have been reinforced and its gore is wider than average.

While the Alice bra won’t give you the cleavage you want, it is comfortable and will make you feel like a million bucks.

The above are the best bras for wide set breasts.



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