What is a Plunge Bra?

What is a Plunge Bra

What is a Plunge Bra?

We all tend to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions when it comes to outfits with low-cut necklines, especially date nights. Besides, the strapless bras in your collection do very little for your décolletage. So, what other alternatives are there? And this is where the plunge bra comes in. A plunge bra is an answer to deep necklines, pendulous breasts nightmares, and unflattering lingerie.

Plunge bras are underwire bras whose angled cups are always at the center of the deep V gore, and most of the time have padding. The angled push-up design of this bra leaves the middle of the chest open, and this ensures it’s not visible underneath clothes that have plunging necklines.

The bra tends to create an illusion of bigger breasts since it does push them close together. And this draws a deep line of cleavage at the middle, for sexy, sultry yet natural appearance which is perfect for several occasions.

The bra also features an extensive set of straps for additional support, so brace yourself to pull that deep V-neck and try out this beautiful bra.

Most women have a t-shirt and push-up bras which work for their entire wardrobe, so at first, the plunge bra might not look different from the rest of your bra’s collection. But the plunge bra provides several significant benefits that make it stand out.

The Natori Women’s Convertible Light Contour Plunge Bra is the best. The cups of this bra have a light lining. The bra itself is made using a stretchy, soft mesh with a seamless underwire, which makes it super comfortable. It’s also quite flexible and can convert to a halter or crisscross design quickly.

Unique Qualities

First, plunge bras can let you wear outfits with low-cut necklines without making the lingerie visible. Secondly, they offer a perfect lift to accentuate the breasts naturally.

Unique Qualities

Work with Necklines with a Low Cut

The days when we thought nipple petals or boob tapes wouldn’t be visible underneath low-cut necklines are long gone. Plunge bras can sit securely under low necklines, and this makes it ideal for those dresses you only get to wear on special occasions or night rendezvous out of the town.

While the plunge bra works perfectly well when it comes to outfits with low-cut necklines, it’s more than just a trick pony. The bra was made to sit comfortably on the skin, preventing any strap digging ad gaping cups. It also does work well under typical necklines, and it can come off as super comfortable as compared to other bras.

The Bra Helps Accentuate the Bust

The plunge bra tends to cater to women of all breast’s sizes and shapes from the way the bra is set to highlight the cleavage. For those with smaller breasts, this bra provides lift while maintaining their natural appearance. Imagine how your breasts would look when you push them close – that’s what happens when you wear a plunge bra!

For their counterparts with bigger breasts, cups size C and beyond, this bra tends to offer shape with no spillage. And since the plunge bra has angled cups, the outer part of the bust will still have some cover and support. Plunge bras do lift the breasts without actually pushing them upwards. It lets the breasts do the talking.

Deep V-Bra Features

The plunge bra has several vital features. The features are quite handy when it comes to highlighting the cleavage while hiding underneath necklines. It, therefore, is the perfect undergarment for many occasions.

Deep Middle Gore

The deeply cut gore at the center is what makes the plunge bra unique. The gore is the middle part of the bra where the cups join. And when it comes to these bras, the connection is lower on the chest. The plunge bra has a steep drop down towards the middle, instead of a gentle slope at the top of any regular bra.

The middle part takes a U or V shape, with some designs plunging a bit lower compared to others. The breasts go between the U or V lines, just like you would wish in low-cut tops. Different gore shapes make it simple to get plunge bras which would work with your style so that it appears flattering underneath your outfit.

The Straps are Widely Set

Any girl out there would fall in love with the V-neck design! A plunge bra needs not to be visible, and so do the straps. The straps sit towards the outer edge of the collarbone fall near the shoulders as compared to a regular bra. The straps are close to the side of the joints. They tend to sit snugly but does not dig into the arms. The straps don’t slip off. It, therefore, means that you won’t have to worry about having to readjust them continually.

Angled Cups

When we hear of the word plunge, most of the time we assume any bra in this design has less to offer in terms of coverage, especially when to compare it to your standard bra. You will have trouble with the plunge bra if you have big breasts since the coverage will not be impressive. There’s an upside though, the bra offers more coverage from the U or V shape design and also from the angled cups.

Angled Cups

Additionally, the angled cuts will allow the breasts to get full support without any spills at the top. The extensive coverage at the bottom and the bra’s band keeps everything in position without any cut-offs or giving you unpleasant bulges. You can choose to see it as a gentle lift as opposed to a substantial padded push.

Minimal Padding

Plunge bras are different from push-up bras since the plunge has less padding. It features natural breasts with a unique support structure, which is the gore, angled cups, and wide-set straps. The bra will give you some lift, and this makes it an ideal bra for people who hate the push-up bra’s large bump.

For people with small breasts and require some lift, get a plunge bra with push-up padding for added shape and contour. A plunge bra with padding is just a push-up bra on steroids – more padding and minimum coverage at the front of the neckline.

Benefits of Plunge Bras

Some people would be asking why they need a bra that plunges in addition to those in their collection. Well, plunge bras have several benefits to wearing and owning. And, with time, you might realize that plunge bras do work better than your regular bras.

Natural Lift

Kelly Dunmore, a lingerie stylist, says that wearing a plunge bra feels like putting your hands on the side of the breasts and pushing them close together.

Most women try this and have that wishful thought of achieving that gorgeous cleavage in reality. Walking in public while holding the breasts will get you some attention, but not the kind you would wish to have. The plunge bra is ideal in this case.

Plunge bras tend to push the breasts close to each other – you wouldn’t need your hands for that. They offer a gentle squeeze and a perfect lift, which gives you a younger appearance and perkier breasts. It practically lifts with no surgeries, and this will boost your confidence since its all-natural.

Pretty Outfits Without Any Hassle

You can experience some difficulties in moving around when you wear some outfits. When you tape to achieve the ideal nipple coverage, nipple petals, getting to wear a strapless bra to prevent the straps from showing or slipping off.  Backless bras may cover the breasts, but what’s the cost? You will get quite uncomfortable dancing around for fear of exposing yourself, and if you tape your melons, it might slip off when you start sweating!

Sexy Outfits without the Hassle

Plunge bras are secure options that will help you achieve a great cleavage without stuffing, taping, or having to reposition your bust. Most designs have straps and clasps that majority of us are familiar with, and the plunge bras are quite supportive. Spending time worrying about an outfit can be extremely annoying. Get a plunge bra and let the gear do the work instead.

Comfortable for Wearing Throughout the Day

In all honesty, most bras in our collection suck sometimes. Currently, women have a reason for ditching push-up bra for those without padding. Strapless bras are also uncomfortable, and we spend the entire day just waiting to take them off immediately we get home.

Plunge bras feel more like a t-shirt bra that you love. You find it as comfortable to wear it all day long, and it also offers a perfect night visual appeal. Several bra designs feature mesh, lace, and different feminine details, which makes it feel as good as it appears.

Another advantage of a plunge bra is the shorter underwires. The short underwires mean fewer pokes, minimal adjusting, and less discomfort as compared to a regular bra. Plunge bras provide support from the underwires without the usual awful feeling of the wire. You should be happy about it!

Who Should Have Plunge Bras?

It is beneficial for women to have plunge bras in their collection. The plunge bra works well depending on the different breast sizes, especially with deep V bras. We also have several distinguishing factors that will help to determine who should own this type of bras.

Different Breast Sizes

Women with small breasts may find this design enticing for that lift which accentuates the breasts and presses them together gently without any giant push from a typical push-up bra. The plunge bra tends to push it from the sides, and not the bottom. Check out the best push-up plunge bra on Amazon.

Women with more massive breasts may go for plunge bras since they offer coverage and high-level support with no pain from the underwires. Plunge bras are quite comfortable, flattering, versatile, and also supportive. You can wear the bra with any outfit in your closet from the ones with deep V-necks to t-shirts with a thin fabric.

The Difference Between Deep V-Plunging Bras and Other Bras

We already know the defining features of a plunge bra.  Let’s now look at different items that people compare to the deep V bra. You will see what you want for the outfit you wear.

Plunge Bras vs. Contour Bras

As you can guess from the name, contour bras work to give the breasts an ideal rounder shape. Most of the times the bra has full coverage cups for lift and even support throughout your chest.

While the contour and plunge bras offer a sexy appearance, which is perfect underneath tops, contour bras majorly push the breasts up while plunge bras tend to push the breasts together. Plunge bras get their definition from the style of the angled cups while you can distinguish it from the contour bras which has a straight, thick band, and an additional plush padding.

Contour Bra
  • Lifts breasts
  • Full coverage cups
  • Broad bra band
Plunge Bra
  • Thin bra band
  • Pushes the melons together
  • Angled cups

Balconette Bra vs. Plunge Bra

When you are trying to get a balconette bra, you should always look for the horizontal line or the cup edges which fall across the chest. Most of the time the cups have a low cut and even hardly cover the nipple. The bra features demi cups and an extensive set of straps that are quite similar to plunge bras but not the same.

Both balconette and plunge bras employ a similar shape but in very different ways. For plunge bras, the cups angle to the middle gore which is in between the breasts. A balconette bra begins where the cups and straps join, ending at a point in which the cups meet in the middle of the band.

Balconette Bra
  • The gore takes a triangular shape
  • The cups feature a horizontal line
  • Ideal for any round necks
Plunge Bra
  • Ideal for V-necks
  • The gore takes an open V-shape
  • The cups have an angled line

T-shirt Bra vs. Plunge Bra

A T-shirt bra is a molded cup type of bra that offers comfort. The bra’s defining factors are the seamless cups that are invisible underneath outfits and smooth fabric. The bra also has padding, which aids in giving the breast shape and an underwire offering support. None of these characteristics are requirements for any t-shirt bras.

T-shirt Bra vs. Plunge Bra

The only difference between these two bras is the purpose. A t-shirt bra is meant for comfortable wear with any outfit, while a plunge bra does plunge tops. Besides, the cup design of a t-shirt bra ranges from full coverage to demi, while plunge bras have one only. A key feature that was also found common in t-shirt bras is its softness and lack of underwires. The bra also has thin padding.

T-shirt Bras
  • Doesn’t require wire or padding
  • Ranges from full coverage to demi
  • Has a soft molded cup
Plunge Bra
  • Has a demi-cup only
  • Should have an underwire
  • Has wired cups and is more structured

Demi Bra vs. Plunge Bra

Demi bras only cover three-quarters of the breasts since it has angled cups. The bra also has padding and an underwire, the reason why most people mistake it for a push-up bra.

When you compare it to the plunge bra, demi bras have a low cut, and the angled cups tend to span through the breast line, while plunge bras angle only towards the middle. The characteristics are similar to a push-up bra in terms of its structure and the underwire. However, demi bras have light padding, and this makes them look a bit more natural.

Demi Bra
  • Quite natural and simple
  • Ideal for both round and V necks
  • The entire bra has angled cups
Plunge Bra
  • You cannot wear it every day
  • Ideal for deep necklines
  • Angled cups at the center

Why You Should Wear Plunge Bras

There are only three primary reasons why you should wear plunge bras:

  • To give the breasts more lift
  • To avoid showing straps and pesky lines on the cups
  • Wear it underneath outfits with low-cut necklines to prevent the lingerie from showing

Wear with outfits that have low-cut necklines

What is the best outfit to wear under a plunge bra? It’s ideal for jumpsuits, blouses, t-shirts, or dresses. You can wear one underneath a scoop-neck, V-neck or any outfit with a low-cut neckline. A plunge bra does come in handy if you want to keep the lingerie invisible.

If you need a useful tip for finding the appropriate plunge bra, you can carry about two tops to the store and keep trying them over those tops. And this way you will find the best one for the outfits you intend to wear.

Wear the bra to boost

Plunge bras are not only for plunging necklines and evening wears. It does provide high-level support and a high lift underneath the outfit. Pick this design for anything you want to wear for that youthful appearance of full breasts.

Try wearing a plunge bra underneath a shirt with buttons going up, or a t-shirt that doesn’t fit properly with a bra with dense padding. The design can generally serve as a comfortable option to push- up bras or those with bulky wires. An ideal push-up bra which will increase the size of the breast is the only method people trust. Getting a push push-up plunge bra is better.

Wear the bra to boost

Wear it to prevent bra lines

A plunge bra might be of help in reducing the outline of the bra that shows right under a top. The angled cups sit just like skin so you won’t experience any cup gaping. The cups will also not be visible through sheer fabrics.

The plunge bra has an extensive set of straps that perform different tasks and not just for deep v-necklines. Tops with boat necks, shirts that have cut-outs on the shoulders, tank tops, can utilize the versatility and invisibility of these type of bra.

Wear with other outfit designs

  • Plunge tops – Women who love to wear outfits with low necklines can take advantage of these bras. Besides being invisible underneath, the bra works perfectly well in complementing the tops since they tend to accentuate the features just like the tops.
  • Dresses with deep V-necklines – Plunge bras provide an ideal type of support and lift which can make the breasts appear rounder and fuller.
  • Wrap dresses – You can wear the plunge bra with other robes as well. You can use it for casual or wrap dresses which you can wear everywhere. The plunge bra offers additional support and appeal while still looking natural underneath the clothes.
  • Underneath cover-ups – A plunge bra is the perfect alternative if you are thinking of wearing a sultry outfit, a button-down top, or an oversized blazer. The plunge bra will push the breasts together to give you that sexy cleavage which will be enough to support your look.


Ultimately, plunge bras are a great piece of clothing that every woman out there ought to buy. You can try wearing one and trust its secretive support and invisibility as you step out for that party. It will also help in boosting your confidence. Don’t shy from giving recommendations in case any compliments come your way.

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