What Bra to Wear During Pregnancy

What Bra to Wear During Pregnancy

Nursing and pregnant women need bras that are comfortable and supportive as well. Most women find trouble getting maternity and nursing bras during this period since the breasts tend to change in size. But this guide will help you through the entire process without a hassle.

How Breasts Change When Pregnant

Fuller breasts are the first signs of early pregnancy. Women’s bodies vary, but the majority of them go up one to three cup sizes when they are pregnant. Since the belly is expanding, you will need to wear a band size larger.

Some days after delivery, the breasts will start producing milk. The process is known as engorgement – a point where the breasts are biggest.

When you are nursing for the first time, the size of the breasts tends to change daily. Once you start nursing the baby regularly overtime, your bra size will be constant. Most women get back to their band size before pregnancy and go up their cup sizes before they get pregnant.

Due to all the changes, remeasuring yourself is vital, and you should also get to wear quality maternity and nursing bras.

Maternity Bras

Maternity bras are bras that are suitable for pregnant women. You can wear most of these bras only during pregnancy. Some standard bras that have the appropriate features can act as maternity bras. Here’s what to look for in these kinds of bras:

  • The maternity bra has to fit perfectly well on the tightest hook to give room as the chest expands
  • Women carrying high should always go for wireless bras
  • On the third trimester, you should also get underwire-free bras since they are quite ideal
  • Maternity bra must be super comfortable and supportive to avoid any back pains

If you don’t want to use a considerable amount of money on buying maternity bras, you can always wear nursing bras in the eighth month. Most nursing bras feature comfort details that you would want in a maternity bra and will come in handy after getting the baby.

Why You Should Wear A Maternity Bra

An ideal maternity bra makes you super comfortable even as the breasts grow. Wearing a quality maternity bra will help support the breasts, thus preventing any back pains and also tends to reduce stretch marks.

When you are pregnant and nursing the breasts are quite heavy, it’s, therefore, essential to find a bra with a perfect fit. The designers use a fabric that is free from any allergic reactions and toxins on making maternity bras to cater to women with sensitive skin.

Why You Should Buy A Nursing Bra

It’s highly recommendable to buy a nursing bra at 30 to 32 weeks. After the engorgement period comes to an end, most women remain at a similar bra size as they were at 30 weeks. It would be the perfect time to measure for a nursing bra. The first breastfeeding bra should have soft cups. Underwire-free bras provide room for the growing breasts, especially during engorgement.

The size is also flexible, and this will help you stay comfortable when nursing for the first few weeks. Ensure you get at least two nursing bras with soft cups to alternate putting on during this period. When you go down a cup size, the bras will be perfect for sleep nursing.

Once you get the baby to breastfeed on a daily schedule, you can even expand your nursing collection. You can get modern nursing bras in different styles and colors. However, some women can comfortably wear bras with an underwire during this time.

Nursing bras with an underwire tend to provide high-level support, especially when it comes to massive breasts. But you must get a bra in the correct size. If the cup size is right, the underwire will sit comfortably under the boobs and will not interfere with the production of milk in any way.

Best Maternity Bras to Buy

Here’s a list of the best maternity bras in the market;

#1.  Elila Cotton Soft Cup Nursing Bra 1613

Elila Cotton Soft Cup Nursing Bra 1613

Available on Amazon

  • The cups of the bra have seams and are wire-free
  • The bra features drop-down cups with a breathable cotton material
  • Offers full coverage and a full sling on the inner part for perfect support

#2.  Gratlin Racerback Support Seamless Maternity Bra

Gratlin Racerback Support Seamless Maternity Bra

Available on Amazon

Gratlin Racerback Seamless Maternity Bra might not have the looks, but it’s the best when it comes to shape and comfort. You will need a bra you can depend on to keep the breasts up comfortably. The racerback bra features three hooks and adjustable straps. It also offers full coverage hence no spillage. You can also unhook at the front for easy nursing. The bra is pretty comfortable, and its price is reasonable. You can get to wear this bra throughout the pregnancy and also after delivery when nursing.

However, the bra does run on the smaller side and doesn’t also offer high-level support since it doesn’t have an underwire.

#3.  Bravado Designs Maternity Bra

Bravado Designs Maternity Bra

Available on Amazon

The bra has a seamless design, removable foam inserts, and a four-way stretch fabric. The bra features drop down lines and a thick band which comes in handy during the nursing period. It also has a hook and closer at the back with a little spandex which gives room for the growing breasts. The bra is available in different colors. When it comes to comfort, the bra tends to disappear underneath the shirt while keeping the breasts in line. Additionally, the bra has an attachment, which makes pumping milk quite easy. However, women with big breasts might need to go up a cup size for additional support.

Bravado Designs Maternity Bra

Available on Amazon

#4.  Kindred Bravely Maternity Bra

Kindred Bravely Maternity Bra

Available on Amazon

Kindred Bravely Bra does offer women with big breasts support even when they lounge in their sweats. The bra has a typical design with a nude color, but you can also get to choose from the available colors. The cups of the bra tend to drop down, and its thick band at the band adds extra support even without an underwire. The bra has padding which offers nipple discretion. It’s quite comfortable, and the in-built separation helps prevent a uniboob but instead grows with the pregnancy.

The bra is available in a range of sizes, making it ideal for both pregnancy and nursing.

However, you might need to go up a cup size, especially as the pregnancy grows.

#5.  Motherhood Maternity Plus Size Bra

Motherhood Maternity Plus Size Bra

Available on Amazon

Plus size women can enjoy Motherhood Maternity bra for the plus-size since its super comfortable and also offers wireless support throughout the pregnancy and while nursing. The bra doesn’t provide full coverage, but it does give a gorgeous cleavage while keeping the nipples invisible even on outfits with a thin layer. The bra gives the breasts a precise definition, unlike other bras. It features drop-down cups with hook closures at the back.

The absence of an underwire allows the breasts to relax with neither pokes nor prods. It’s available from sizes 40D to 46G.

However, since the made is made using spandex, it tends to sag after using and nursing.

#6.  Gratlin Maternity Nursing Sleep Bra

Gratlin Maternity Nursing Sleep Bra

Available on Amazon

The bra features quite a simple racerback and cross over design, which offers high-level support and comfort throughout the pregnancy. It also features broad straps that lead to full coverage at the back. The band of the bra is wire-free ideal for relaxation and comes in several colors. The cups can also move sideways for easy nursing, especially during the night. The bra’s fabric is spandex, which allows growth, and the thick straps do make it the best maternity bra. It also offers maximum support and ease on those long nights.

The crisscross design makes nursing quite easy, but breasts that misbehave might pop out at the center, especially when you sleep on your side. After washing the bra severally, the spandex tends to sag, and this will make it lose shape.

#7.  Bravado Belle Maternity Bra

Bravado Belle Maternity Bra

Available on Amazon

The bra caters to more massive breasts while making you look stylish as well. It has an underwire with full drop-down cups and spandex which gives room for growth. The designer specially came up with the wires to move with mothers while supporting the breasts. It’s available in amethyst, beige, and black. If you are looking to keep the breasts up as opposed to the belly button, then underwire will be the least of your worries. The bra is available from sizes 32B to 42DDD.

However, you will need to try several bras before you get the right size. For denser breasts, the bra tends to give an elongated fit, or the breasts might spill out. Also, for some women, the underwire stabs around the armpit area. But you can use medical tape to fix it to achieve the comfort you desire. The designer could also make the straps a bit wider since the bra caters, mainly to plus size women.

#8.  Cake Lingerie Zest Flexi Wire Sports Maternity Bra

Cake Lingerie Zest Flexi Wire Sports Maternity Bra

Available on Amazon

Cake Lingerie Sports Maternity Bra features drop-down cups for full coverage and nursing to prevent any wayward cleavage escape. The bra has broad straps that you can hook together at the back for extra support. It also has hook closures and an additional fabric to keep it modest. The cups with a drop-down design allows first-time mothers to nurse their babies even at the gym. The underwire and the bra’s thick band provide support without getting to hit the chin!

However, the cups are quite shallow for compression purposes but might not be deep enough; hence, you will need to go up a cup size. The straps are also not fully adjustable, and the hooking produces some clicking noise. Besides, the bra is a bit pricey.

#9.  Hot Milk Luminous Maternity and Nursing Bra

Hot Milk Luminous Maternity and Nursing Bra

Available on Amazon

Hotmilk Luminous Bra is quite stylish and comfortable bra offering high-level support with no underwire. The breasts are cupped separately in this bra, and the band is broad enough for extra comfort. It also has adjustable straps, which are very beautiful, and drop-down cups that make nursing easier. The bra offers maximum support; hence, you won’t suffer any back pains. It has some lace and bow detailing adding on its beauty. It’s available from sizes 32C to 42D, but you can get them in bigger sizes, including 32H to 34GG thereby accommodating different shapes and sizes.

However, the bra isn’t an ideal fit for everyone, and the area around the armpit might be slightly uncomfortable. The bra sizes are also a bit off, so you have to try it on before washing.


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